Good news for the players who finished the Mario + Rabbis game Spark of Hope, because a new mode makes its appearance.
In fact, the extension The Tower of Doom is available for free and only for those who have obtained the season of the title.
They will therefore be able to have fun in a new playing mode focused on the fight.
This time, Mario, Rabbit Peach and their friends will have to explore a mysterious tower and meet her strange owner, Ms. Bwahstrella, who needs two to contain the curse minions, go to the top of the tower and release their old friend Spawn.
The goal is to reach the top of the tower by winning battles generated automatically.

You can start your quest with 4 heroes and sparks chosen randomly from the full list of characters.
It will be possible to improve your team throughout your progress in this tower.
In The Tower of Doom, the end is only the beginning.
Victorious players will unlock new expeditions to infinite replayability, growing difficulty and new cosmetic awards.
Designed for newcomers and tactics enthusiasts, this game mode mixes the tactical gameplay of the main game with an additional share of strategy.
Mario + Rabbis Sparks of Hope is available in two editions, or the standard edition and or the Gold.
The Tower of Doom is only accessible to holders of the seasonal pass via the main menu of the game. The seasonal pass is available via Edition Gold de Mario + Rabbis Sparks of Hope.


If you have not yet decided to get this game, know that Nintendo and Ubisoft have just made a 2-hour demo available that will allow you to enter this crazy universe.