It is today that the highly anticipated atomic heart is released, this Russian FPS from (almost) nowhere and which has aroused real interest since Games com 2022. If the game has not received the superb notes to which it was however
Devoted by based on the previews of last month, the title of Sunfish does not leave indifferent, proof with the many reactions and other threads of people shocked by the libertine tone of certain characters in the game. A beginning of controversy that created
‘Reverse effect: make people want not necessarily interested in the game of being tempted.

Anyway, Focus Entertainment, its publisher, has just published the final trailer (or launch as we say in our jargon) where we see that this Atomic Heart is clearly not in lace.
Nevertheless, the game has beautiful subtleties that we will exhibit in our test once we have finished the game. Note that it is available Day One on the Xbox Game Pass, and that is not nothing.