A short time ago the Internet went crazy, because the first long-term trailer for the The Last of Us , television show that is confirmed to reach the HBO chain was finally released. The best thing is that there are several references found that come from the video game, so we will tell you about the most notorious ones.

1.The first is Alone and Forsaken’s song that sounds in the video, the same melody that sounds when Ellie and Joel travel in the car in the game.

2.The symbol of the fireflies that are cleaning some civilians in the series appears, that is added the written phrase of when you are lost in the dark.

3.There is also the broken watch Joel has throughout the game, it was a birthday gift.

4.There is an approach to a certain person who has a chain on the foot, which can be reference to when Ellie was captured by a group of cannibals.

5.There is a scene where Ellie, Joel and Tess are crossing the pipes, similar to what we saw in the game.

6.Bill’s character appears for the first time.

7.The two deteriorated buildings of Boston are, which are inclined.

8.The first time the characters meet a click.

9.We have Marlene’s first glance, the actress is the same person who gives her voice in the game.

10.The first look at Riley, a DLC character of the first game.

11.You can see Joel carrying his daughter Sarah.

12.The tank appears that chases the characters in Pittsburgh.

13.The first look at Tommy, Joel’s brother.

14.The recreation of Ellie’s appearance after her fight with David.

15.The sunset appears when Ellie and Joel retire to the university where the fireflies are.

Remember that the series will reach HBO next year.

Via: IG