Players of Elden Ring are at the moment of some opponents in PVP mode a bit annoyed. Namely, a particular build was discovered against which one is almost chanceless in direct duel. It is the so-called Deathblight Build , which is just about in the community. Every now and then it can even happen that you will be forced to end the game during the PVP fight.

What does the PVP build look like in Elden Ring?

The focus of the builds are two special objects. This includes the sword “Eclipse Shotel” and the summon “Death sin” . Decisive here are the skills of the two things. With the weapon art of the sword, your opponents can miss the condition “death” . As with a poisoning, an ad is always filling up here. If she is full, the affected character is eliminated immediately.

Actually, death sake summon should only set the player themselves and everything in the area. For unknown reasons, however, the sword also gets the advantages of the summon. In combination this build is thus quasi unstoppable . In videos players shared their experiences. Partly they are held in a duel for minutes without being able to move only once.

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What can you do against the Deathblight Build?

In another clip in the Reddit Forum, a user introduces a way to arrive against this stitch. For this you have to use the summon “inescapable frenzy” . But this should not be an option for you, do not stay too many possibilities currently. Developer from Software has not yet been expressed about the topic. So it is unclear whether something is done against this build in the near future.

From Dominik Zwingmann

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