In the “ GTA Online ” implemented as an online element of “ Grand Ceft Auto V “, a new issue has occurred from the PC version to the past several weeks. It has been reported.

According to the overseas media GamesRadar +, the user who sent the invitation from a fake account while playing the same work is continuing. If you check the video of the user who was actually damaging, you can see that the game reads down and audio abnormalities are generated as soon as the “Ballstoture” account is received outside of the friend.

Although this user recommends adding these fake accounts to the block list, it is a situation that is pointed out that the invitation is sent even after addition in the video comments section.

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There is also a user who also provides tools to fix this problem in Github. This tool is solved by blocking Social Club notifications and can not be used without worrying about violation of terms of use as it does not make changes.

In addition to the spam of this invitation, a cheat for which players will be forced to watch other sessions, and early response from the formula will be awaited.