Imagine, you are looking forward to a game like Bolle, which is postponed indefinitely and you can still play for the contented release. Precisely this seems to happen to a player who pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch Exclusive Advance Wars 1 + 2 and had already downloaded Via Preload. What is behind the story and why we have slight doubts at their authenticity, you will learn here.

Advance Wars-Remakes played despite displacement

The two remakes to Advance Wars should originally appear on April 8, 2022, due to the current events in Ukraine and the war subject of the games, however, Nintendo decided to move the release to indefinite time – “Recent World Events” was the official justification.

On the Switch Lite still playable: On April 9, Advance Wars-Fan Rachael posted on Twitter that remakes are still playable for them. Previously, she had downloaded the resurances of the strategy classic to her Switch Lite and its normal Nintendo Switch via preload. However, how lucky persists, the start of re-boot camp was only possible on the Lite.

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On request and probably for verification of the message, in addition to a screenshot from the game, she also posted a good 30-second gameplay video in which a section of the tutorial can be seen. You can watch the video here:

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Nintendo reacts: The joy or the fun of Rachael, however, only last last. Already on April 10, @Killetheth, as it means on Twitter, again with a post office and stated that she received a mail from Nintendo. So she was informed that their pre-order is canceled and they get back their money.

Why we still have doubts about the authenticity despite evidence

So interesting the story is, a few question marks are still encountered in the search for the article.

A unique coincidence? So far we could not find a message of a second person who could already play the full version of Advance Wars and the authenticity has so verified. That it only meets pre-orderers in combination with the Switch Lite and a relatively small switch exclusive, the circle insists, but this is at least unusual in today’s Internet age.

No evidence of mail: Rachael could have put a final line under the verification by publishing concrete content from the Nintendo mail. However, the proof did not exist so far. Also on demand further Twitter users remained the proof. This results in the suspicion that no further gameplay content must be delivered here with the supposed withdrawal of the game license from Nintendo. The topic is completed.

However, apart from these two points, much of the authenticity of history speaks, too, because Nintendo such an error has already happened with Paper Mario: Color Splash and the material shown by Rachael has never been officially published (screenshot and tutorial gameplay).

Important info: In order to further verify the credibility of this exciting and curious story, we have asked Nintendo for a statement. As soon as new information reaches us, we keep you up to date.

How do you appreciate this truly curious story and have doubts about the authenticity?