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The Last of Us Part 1: Find all training books

In this collective guide to The Last of Us Part 1 you can find out:

  • How many training books there are
  • Where you can find all training books
  • Which trophy you get for all training books

Training books in the Last of Us Part 1 improve Joel’s skills and crafting objects . So that you fully spread your possibilities in the remake of the Playstation classic, we will show you all the locations in this guide.

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How many training books are there in The Last of Us Part 1?

In total, you can find twelve training books in the Last of Us Part 1 to improve Joel’s skills and the efficiency of the crafting objects. If you have sagged them all, the game with the silver trophy something for which it is worth fighting. All other rewards can be found in our Trophy Guide for The Last of Us Part 1 .

The Last of Us: All training books in Bills Stadt

Training book 1: Knife sharpening

You can find the first training book in Chapter 4 Bills Stadt. During the section Conclusion , Bill takes you to a safe bar , in which you will also find a few the last of US artifacts (Guide) . The training book is at the front of the counter.

The Last of Us: All training books in Pittsburgh

Training book 2: Medicine

In the chapter Pittsburgh you will find a whole swing training books. The first of four is in the Alone and Leave section. After the unfriendly reception, you enter a garage in which the Hunter store their collections . Go to the upper floor and there into the room with the mattresses. The training book is located in one of the shelves.

Training book 3: Messer

The next training book is hidden in the Hotellobby section and is located there in the hotel safe . The combination can be found in the Message to the workforce artifact. It is 22-10-56.

Training book 4: Melee

A Hunter surprises you on the upper floor of the hotel and tries to drown Joel in a video sequence. Then it continues through a conference hall, the dining room balcony and past the men’s toilets . Follow the hallway and you will find the training book after the elevators.

Training book 5: Molotowcocktail ****

The last training book in this chapter can be found in the section Leave the city. There you get to know Henry and Sam **. Browse the apartment and get the training book from the kitchen.

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The Last of Us: All training books in the suburbs

Training book 6: Bomb-container

In the chapter The suburbs it goes into the sewage system. There you will reach accommodation after a few confrontations. You will find the training book in the same room, in which you also get the new weapon Shorty **. It is located in one of the shelves.

Training book 7: Melee-techniques

The next training manual awaits you in the Vorstadt section. In the third open house along the street you come inside via a garage. Go up and open the loft hatch. Ellie brings you the training book.

The Last of Us: All training books in Tommy’s dam

Training book 8: Rauch-Chemistry

In the section Hydroelectric Damm you meet Tommy. Joels brother takes you through the facility. You met Buckley , stroke the dog and you will be rewarded with a trophy. Then go to the office with the workbench. The manual loves on one of the tables.

The Last of Us: All training books in the university

Training book 9: Health-Sterilize

The first of the two training books in the university can be found during the section Open, Big Horns. At the campus place you meet a few monkeys and then enter the Ding Hall. After a short balancing act along the windows, you will come to the next room via the canopy. The training book is located on a sideboard.

Training book 10: Molotow-Use

You can get the Molotow improvement in the Research Tract section. While you are looking for the building, your room 103 and then the Lecture Room. There is a locked door ** that you have to open with a knife. The training book awaits you behind it.

The Last of Us: All training books in the holiday resort am See

Training book 11: Rauch-shapes

If you have taken over the control of Joel again, you will pass past a car workshop . Cross the subsequent street and enter the building after the open truck. Run over the bathroom window outside and open the door with a knife to get to the training book.

The Last of Us: All training books in the bus depot

Training book 12: Bomb-Splitter

The last training book of the game awaits you in the chapter Bus depot.
In the Underground tunnel section, you have to cross this and past a lot of infected people.

In the section with the two bloaters there is a truck with a red devil.

The training book is on top.
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