For the coming season, the English Premier League in a game up to five instead of three replacements are possible. This new scheme voted the clubs from the Football House on Thursday according to the release of the league.

From the Premier League there had always been criticism of English special way. “Only three changes in the most intense league in the world? That’s not right,” said about team manager Jürgen Klopp from FC Liverpool in December. Thomas Tuchel from FC Chelsea said: “Five changes were introduced for Corona, all over Europe has five changes, all over Europe has a winter break, but we play through.”

From 2022/23 now also applies on the island that in many other leagues already common format with three possible change-time points plus half-time break. This was introduced in the Bundesliga as part of the Corona Pandemic in May 2020 in order to take account of the increased burden on the professionals.

The Regional Houses of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) have several times pronounced for maintaining the exceptional yields with five permitted players in international football.

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