Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a very unique game with one of the most robust job systems that exist on the market, so you can change your style of play exactly as you want it.

Some jobs, however, are better than others at certain points in the game, and we are here today to give you the facts as you can put down your enemies in Stranger of Paradise and choose the best job for you at any time of the game!

Stranger of Paradise – Best Early, Middle and End Games Jobs

There are 28 different professions in Stranger of Paradise, but some take the cake on their ranking in a part of the game. When you start and get used to the unique combat system, you will find that certain jobs make the handling considerably easier, and these are the best jobs for Early, Mid and End Game.

At Early game You will want to put your time in the sinking FAUFFAILER JOB How to get the possibility interrupt attacks so you can interrupt your attack chain. With his mighty blows and explosive forces, you can easily defeat enemies. You could also put your time in magicians, sword fighters or marauder, too. Magician is a particularly good choice as you can perform powerful strokes from afar and exploit the weaknesses of your enemy. So hold Puglisit and Mage on their character will achieve great results.

MID-GAME Here it starts to be interesting and allows you to mix more of your strengths and to vote on each other, as they have made familiar with the game. The samurai offers enormous damage, a good range and a killer weapon with which you can cut and dice through enemies, and pair it with the white magician for the healing capabilities you are ready to get this Point of the game to put the toughest opponents and take it with the biggest bosses.

And finally we come to it End game , where you unlock your most powerful classes. This is if you want to break out Liberator Because you can use All weapons available With this class you have to sacrifice nothing to kill chaos. They also want the master Tyrann class, as they can attach any kind of elementary damage to their weapons Embellish ** PERFORMANCE. You do not have to think much at this point because they are overpowering.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin | The Definitive Review

Bring the pain into the chaos when you master these classes, and experiment them free. Have fun with all classes that are available to you because you have to edit and render you to unlock others!

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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