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Fast & Furious X: Vin Diesel broadcasts a first video from Fast X

We recently learned the start of the Fast X project. The 10th episode of the saga looks more than epic and ambitious, with a diesel wine always at the top of its shape. Today, the great actor offers us a short video with the first impressions of the director.


Fast & Furious (2001) Street Race Scene [Full HD/1080p]

The FAST X project

If you have spent next to the news, Fast & Furious prepares its 10th episode that responds to the sweet name of FAST X . More ambitious, larger, more detonating, Diesel wine promises us the conclusion of a legendary saga that has been able to mark the spirits. The project was officially announced on the actor Instagram account via the publication of a brand new logo . This component is right after the events of the 9th film that is the synopsis. After recovering his son from the hands of Cipher, Dominic makes an unfortunate meeting. His brother, Jakob, tries to put him sticks in the wheels, but Dom and his band never prove to vanquished.

It was from this postulate that Justin Lin will try to make us live intense sensations at the wheel of more crazy bolides than ever. With Diesel wine In the role of Dominic Torretto, Charlize Theron in the Cipher and Roles still unknown for Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman) Fast X returns in force to put us full view, from May 2023 in our cinemas.

big ambitions

It is through the Instagram account of Diesel wine that we learned the start of filming of Fast X. The actor who embodies the famous Dominic Torretto driver has decided to regularly post content on his page to keep the Fast & Furious Project Fans 10. After a photo with Brie Larson two weeks ago, wine offers us a short video alongside director Justin Lin (see above). The man responsible for multiple components of the saga confides to the actor on his feelings and confirms the start of filming for Fast X. ” Justin Linnounces only good for this project. FAST X is the beginning of an epic end and confirms that Fast X is the most ambitious episode of the license.

  • See the video of Fast X on Instragam


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Luca introduces contact data acquisition: This is now from check-in

“Since the contracts of the federal states have expired for use (…) the Luca app at the end of March, contact data acquisition will be suspended,” says an e-mail sent to restaurant operators and other contractors. If guests scan the Luca-QR codes, no more contact details would be added. A reorientation of the Luca app had already announced Culture4Life in February.

Luca app: Free download from

More than 40 million users have registered at Luca

The CEO of the Culture4Life, Patrick Hennig, described in a video Luca as a “the few success stories in the digitization of Germany”. “More than 40 million users have registered at Luca and half a million locations.” Luca recorded over 330 million times check-ins. In the future, Luca wants to simplify and improve the lives of people, especially in gastronomy and culture through digitization. The use of the Luca app should provide for a better customer experience, “from ordering to pay, to tips.”

Consolidate & Report with LucaNet

The Luca app had been launched in 2020 to complete the collection of contact details of restaurant guests and event visitors, which prescribed in most infection protection regulations, as privacy friendly and efficiently as possible. Hennig said his company maintained the entire health department infrastructure. “In the future, it can be used anytime if necessary.”

Again and again there were heavy criticism

The Luca system had always ignited violent criticism. The Luca skeptics disturbed themselves mainly at the concept of a central data storage. Critics, like the Chaos Computer Club, warned against misuse of the data stocks collected via the LUCA system. Although the Luca encryption system critically criticized, the Luca makers could not prevent in one case the police in Mainz had the data of guests unlawfully reviewed the health department to clarify a possible offense

Nexon, Blue Archive Event Story Wish List of Summer Sky Update

[Data provided: Nexon]

\ – Special story to send students from the summer sea

\ – Available in various events acquired

\ – Added three new characters such as ‘Swimwear Azusa’, ‘Swimwear Mashiro’

\ – Advance registration participation, update commemorative gift “2,400 blue soup” provided

Nexon said today (23 days) today (23 days) today that we have updated the Wishlist of the Summer Summer Heaven “on the subcrete game developed by the subsidiary Net Games.

This story consisted of a total of 14 episodes that ‘Trinity Comprehensive Academy’ is a story that the students of ‘Trinity Comprehensive Academy’ left to the summer sea and completed wishlist. In addition, 12 quest stages, three challenge stages can be played.

Playing the game and ‘Beach Ball’, ‘Sea House’ and ‘Strange Firecrackers’, “Event Point”, ‘The character growth item’ utmost technology notes (trinity) ‘,’ utmost steel reinsto ‘, limited edition furniture’ sand play set ‘,’ parasol table ‘.

In addition, we can get daily missions, achievement missions, “Summer Concept Photo Boards”, ‘Event Goods’, “Opatsu”, which installs in ‘cafés’, You can decorate the event collection ‘and you can keep your memories.

[Blue Archive] Summer Sky's Wish List PV_30s
Nexon introduced a new character ‘Swimwear Azusa’, ‘Swimwear Mashir’, ‘Swimwear Tsurugi’, which you can feel the atmosphere of the summer sea. ‘Swimwear Azusa’ and ‘Swimwear Mashiro’ use ‘EX Skill’, which is a strong damage to one, and ‘Swimwool Tsurugi’ is a ‘EX Skill’ that increases the damage to the base attack for a certain period of time.

Pay to the user who participated in the last pre-registration, paid 1,200 of the game goods ‘Blue Suk Soo-seok’, and to celebrate the update, and give up to all users who have been connected to the game.

Event Story of ‘Summer Heaven’ Wishlist ‘can be found through Official Community .

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