Craftone Pubg: Battle Ground (Battlegrounds) East Asian Region Integrated E Sports Competition ‘2022 Pub Weekly Series (Pubg Weekly Series: East Asia, PWS): Phase 1’ Announcement in 23 days.

PWS: Phase 1, opened from 23rd to April 10, Phasen 1, South Korea, Japan, Chainiz Taipei / Hong Kong / Macao, and 48 locations including Hong Kong / Macao will participate in the total prize money and expanding the total prize money. In Korea, 16 teams are played, and the Korean teams are focused on the performance of Korean teams in this competition. It is becoming began.

2022 PWS East Asia Phase1 한국팀 편파중계 Teaser

2022 PWS: Phase 1 proceeds over 7 weeks, and the ‘point rule’ method is applied to a kill point and ranking points to set the entire ranking. Every Wednesday and Thursday, except for the last week, Weekly Survival, on Saturday and Sunday, on Saturday and Sunday. Weekly Survival is Korea, Japan, and Chainiz Taipei / Hong Kong / Macao. In the Weekly Survival game, which is held for a day for two days, the upper teams each of the local cumulative points are entering a lot of cumulative points to the Weekly Final.

In Korea, the top of the top of the cumulative points, in the rest of the area, a total of 16 teams in the remaining area will advance to the appropriate weekly wickle faith. Saturday and Sunday, the points on the Weekly Final 10 Match, the highest team becomes the appropriate parking win team. The Zowie Event Week is held on March 12 and 13, the mid-Weekly series progress. In the state, Weekly Survival and Finals are not progressed, and event matches such as three-person solo and squads are unfolded.

The last five weeks, April 7, 10, will proceed with the grand finals. The Grand Final has a large number of Weekly Final Cumulative Points to enter. The grand finals proceed to 5 matches a day, and a team with the most cumulative points in a total of 20 matches become champions. PWS: Phase 1 Winner team is given a prize of 80 million won, and the prize money is also paid to the team from second to the top 10. The MVP of the competition is given a prize of 5 million won.

In addition, PWS: Phase 1 Championship team, including the final ranking of the Grand Final, including the final ranking of the ‘Pubg Continental Series (PUBG Continental Series), which is held in April, is assigned. In addition, the PGC points to participate in Battle Ground Isphos’ Battle Ground Ispos, the Strongest Rotating Pub Global Championship (PGC) “for the top 4 teams are also paid.

PWS: All of the Machines of Phase 1 will begin at 7 pm and can be watched through Africa TV, Twitch, YouTube, Naver TV. Battle Ground e Sports related details can be found through the official homepage.