You can find culinary collection items in each Lost Ark region. The search process or creating each of them can be difficult if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, below, we collected all culinary collectibles for the Artetic continent. Although many of them require several steps, some need only to buy.

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Where to find all Culinary Collecting items in Artethine in Lost Ark


Combat ration Cykin type a


Couplumpam 3 mg

How To Find All Rethramis Collectibles Fast | Lost Ark

Rising liquid soup

Unknown liquid XD-6353

Bergstrem Drink

Where to find all culinary collectibles in Artethine in Lost Ark

Below you will find all cooking items in the Tom of Aventurist Arttines. For a more detailed description of any collectible items listed below, click on their name to go to a special page.


You will need to buy this cooking subject of collectibles Jane potions . Merchant Potions Jane is located in Round Square in Torich area. You can find it next to Antique Store Gebbisen and Tavern “Thied asterisk.” You can buy x-090892 from Jane for 30 000 Silver , which is very cool, independently From how high your level is. You can buy X-090892 at Jane, opening her store.

Go to your inventory and right-click on X-090892 Use it. Your character commented on the subject, but you will receive an entry in your foliant for adventure.

combat diet Cykin type a

You will need to buy this cooking subject of collectibles in Culinary ingredient Malin . The culinary ingredient Malina is in Market District V Origin of Stern area. You can find it next to the Tavern Sturdy, and it sells only one thing. You can buy a combat diet of Cykin Combat Ration Type A for 30,000 silver. If you have no silver, Origins of Stern is a major city where you can sell quite a lot of things, so if you have no silver enough, you can earn silver here. Talk to Malina to open her store, and buy a combat diet of Cykin Type A. Does it right-click the subject in your inventory to add it to your foliate adventure crawler.

combat diet CYKIN TYPE C

CYKIN COMBAT RATION TYPE C consists of two ingredients: Vacuum drying powder x-1 and Vacuum drying powder x-3 . Both are in the city dumps area, as indicated below.

Vacuum-dried X-3 powder is difficult to see because it hides the roof, but just hover the roof pointer to find it when you are in location. Take a look at the bag on the ground next to the generator to find the vacuum-dried X-1 powder.

When you have both ingredients, go to the master of cooking in Market district V Origin of Stern area. You can find it next to the Tavern Sturdy. You can buy a combat diet of Cykin Combat Ration Type C for Silver 900 Samples from Cooking Master when you open its store.

Go to your inventory and right-click on CYKIN TYPE C battery use it. After that, your character will complain about abdominal pain, but you will receive an entry in your foliant.

Couplumpam 3 mg

You need to unlock the Heart of Sceptrum dungeon in the Nebelhorn area to get a SCEptrumPam 3MG. Unfortunately, if you did not unlock this dungeon, then you will not be able to scream it.

As the dungeon passing, you will get to the place above. You need to be careful because the discs rotate that can harm you. Move the mouse in the south-eastern rail until you can explore it. Move your character so that you can dig up the land without being distracted by discs.

The master of cooking is located on the south side Origin of Stern area, in particular, in the market area. Tavern Sturdy is near him. It is at a price 1400 silver and requires the ingredients that you have found.

boost liquid soup

Busting liquid soup can be obtained, only finding Knox, a wandering merchant in Arttin. Below you will find his location when he arrives and where to go after that.

Knox, wandering trader, appears randomly in one of six zones: Drying path , nonberborn , Waterfall Riza , Deliki , Torich or Wind-and-theweary hills . Nox will appear in all channels of one random zone and will remain about 25 minutes. Buy The fluid that increases the level of adrenaline from it, when you find it, and then take it to a culinary master.

The time of the appearance of a stray merchant NOX (in the morning and evening):

  • 2:30
  • 5:30
  • 6:30
  • 8:30
  • 9:30
  • 12:30

Location of the “Stray Nox Trader” card:

The master of cooking is in the market area, on the south side of the region, the origin of Stern, and the soup with an increase in liquid costs 1,400 silver.

Unknown liquid xD-6353

The first NPC with whom you need to talk is Deberry. Deberry is located in Market District next to Tavern Sturdy . You will need to spend 1540 silver to buy 22 unknown crystals from it, and then go to the cooking wizard.

The master of cooking is near Deberry, and he needs certain ingredients. Buy the following 400 silver items each:

  • ix-ix1x1i12123x1 – buy three such
  • ix-ilil121liiili1 – buy four such
  • ix-xx1xx31456xx11 – buy five such
  • NMNNNMNMNMNM-WINNMN – Buy six such
  • II-1I1I11I1I – buy four such

Then you can buy a boiling liquid for 1700 silver with these ingredients. Having received it, wait five minutes until it turns into unknown liquid XD-6353 . You can right-click on it to get access to your foliant adventurer.

Bergstrom Drink

To get a beverages of Bergstrem in the “Lost Ark”, players must go far along the main storyline of Arttines. You can do it as soon as you open the dungeon of Dr. Bergstrom’s laboratory in Torch. Otherwise, you will not be able to make this drink.

You will receive a marker on the map, as soon as you enter the Laboratory of Dr. Bergstrom. The marker is in the same area as above. Explore the mechanisms on the south side of the marker to find the first ingredient.

You will find the next ingredient as soon as you get access to the Power Core room. Go to the biological laboratory from the Power Core room. When you get to the place marked above, you will need to explore the shelf with papers and gears. Give both of these ingredients to the cooking wizard.

The master of cooking is located in the market area on the south side of the source of Stern. Berthstrom drinks is 1,700 silver and uses both ingredients.

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