Forward works (hereinafter referred to as FW) is a large-scale gacha that the Platinum Rank (PR) appearance probability is doubled and a limited item appeared in a golf game “Mens Gol” for smartphones. We informed the holding of the event and “Mian Golfes”.

Forward works (hereinafter referred to as FW) is a large-scale gacha that the Platinum Rank (PR) appearance probability is doubled and a limited item appeared in a golf game “Mens Gol” for smartphones. We will hold an event, “Mian Golfes”.

# Platinum Rank (PR) appearance probability is doubled !! “Mink Golfes” is held!!

In this gear gear, from the S-Ring series, in addition to the maximum power 530, the new active skill “Sky power shot” and “super wind god”, “Sling S Sky Club” equipped with active skill “superhoming windwind (S)” It appears. In the wear gacha, a new wear equipped with multiple skills such as “S-RING” “Just chance” and “one-point intensive” appeared. Furthermore, the new ware is finalized with “10 times” 2, 4, 6 and 8 sets. Please join us!

Holding period: February 18, 2022 (Fri) 12:00 to March 2022 (Tuesday) 11:59

# # Gear Gacha

▼ “Sling S Sky” Gear (Club / Ball) Mounted Skill

· Sky Power Shot (New Active Skill) [When the wind speed is 8 m or more] Fly distance 60 yards UP (Skill Observatory) Just Impact Area Expansion · Super Wind God (New Active Skill) SP / BP Wind Velocity × 10% UP (Skill Observatory) · Superhoming Wronging (S) (Active Skill) Superhoming Shot Capping Spin / Side Spin 450UP (Skill Oversized Time) Wread (not affected by the wind)

# # Ware Gacha

When playing 10 times, the new ware is finalized!

▼ New Wear

· 2 set eyes Men’s: Red Mesh Shoes Women: Pink Mesh Shoes 4 Set Men’s: Black Logo Cap Women: Black Logo Cap · 6 Set Men’s: Heat Tights Pants Women’s: Heat Leging Pants · 8 Set Men: Monotone Shell Parker Women: Blue Shell Parker

▼ Equipped with new ware

S-Ring (Super S) (Passive Skill) Power 75UP (Skill Observatory) Spin 150UP (Skill Observatory) · Just Chance (Passive Skill) Just Impact SP / BP 30% UP (Skill Operation Time) · One-point Conference (Active skills) Total deflection (not affected by the wind) Control 250UP (Skill Observatory) PAT Control 500UP (Skill Oversized Time)

※ Items appearing in “Mian Golfes” included items of some re-appearance items

※ Even if “1 play” is performed 10 times, “10 play” is not eligible

※ “Mink Golfes” limited item may be re-appeared

# No. 1 Player decision match, 31th “Mian Gol Grand Championship (MGC)” is held !!

“Min Golfer” on “Min Golfer (= Player)” No. 1 Competition “31st MGC” will be held.

MGC is a tournament that competes “Min Golfer” No. 1 on “Min Golf” No. 1, and consists of “MGC Battle” and “MGC Final”.

The upper 100 people compete MGC Finals are the stage of special courses in Pacific Club-like supervision, which will hand over a number of prestigious courses.

And, the player who won the MGC finally won the history of “Mens Gol” as a successive winner, and a green jacket (in-game item) and a limited title will be given to honor. Please join us.

Participation Condition

· This game: The title “challenger” given to more than 50 players

· Final: Top 100 of the final result of the main game

※ If you try to challenge each tournament of the MGC main battle after the second time, use the MGC Main Temper Ticket each time each time

※ MGC main war tickets will be sold at goods shops in the game


· In the case of the same score of 18 holes in the “Ranking Tournament” format that plays all 6 courses x 3 Halls in the “Ranking Tournament” format User will be higher-Final Pacific Club Supervisory Special Course is rounded alone, and the total score of 9 holes can be played in the rankings The user can play each hole only once, and the user with high shot points Is the top ※ When playing MGC finals, we will not consume stamina

# # Holding schedule

· This game: February 18, 2022 (Fri) 12:00 to February 26, 2022 (Sat) 12:59

Final: February 26, 2022 (Sat) 18:00 to 2022 (Tuesday) 11:59

For more information about MGC:

# Smartphone Golf game “Minc Gol”

“Mens Gol” is a “everyone’s Golf” series “everyone’s Golf” series “everyone’s Golf” series “to enjoy golf games easily,” and optimizes them according to the characteristics of smartphones and placement tile, But anytime, you can enjoy golf games easily with a refreshing shot.

Customize your character and cultivate your character, and you can enjoy only single play, as well as single play, but also online matches with many people.

The FW will provide a number of great games born in “Playstation”, as more user-friendly to smartphones.

that’s all

# “Minc Goru” Product Information

Title: Mande Golgal Genre: Golf Game Compatible: iPhone, iPad / Android / Fire Tablet Usage: Basic Play Free (In-app charge) Delivery date: AppStore / GooglePlay: July 4, 2017 Amazon Android App Store : © Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. 2017 Forwardworks Corporation Developed by Drecom Co., Ltd. Official Site: Download: 【appstore】 https: // [Google Play] [Amazon Android App Store] https: //

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