The recent indieveropper’s success is a remarkable thing, but the wave is finally rushing to the full-fledged FPS industry. Until now, it has been a major series of major series such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, but will it lead to throwing a stone of change?

This time, we will introduce the content that you are interested in by playing the free sports FPS developed by FRAG LAB STUDIO, which started early access at Steam on September 9th.

What is look line ?

The FRAG LAB STUDIO, which developed this work, is an ambitious game studio based on Ukraine’s Kit (Russian notation: Kyiv), with experienced developers and creating next-generation AAA free FPS. 。

This work, which has been lifted early and lifted early access, also provides PVP mode such as Team Death Match and Conquest, led by a rogue-like CO-OP. Combining eight characters with unique abilities and 25 kinds of weapons, you can enjoy a traditional simple and high-tempo shooting battle.

Remember the Call of Duty Black Ops 4, including the pure shooting bargaining, the high-speed development that makes full use of the sliding, and the UI configuration.

In this early access, a server was set up in Australia (Sydney) and Japan (Tokyo). If you are suffering from problems such as rugs in your previous play test, please take this opportunity to resume.

From the beginning

The tutorial starts as soon as the game is started, and it is suddenly thrown into the battlefield without any explanation.

The opening of a domestic server and the explanation of Steam were translated, so Japanese support was also expected, but unfortunately it is not supported at this time. The operation is in a basic form as an FPS title, so if you follow the marker displayed on the screen, you will not hinder the progress.

The pose does not work during the game, but if you reject some enemies, the surroundings will be stationary due to the production on the story, so let’s adjust the sensitivity etc. in this gap.

At the moment, the development of this work to other models is unknown, but it supports the pad operation that is nice for consumers. As a touch, the assist is quite strong, there is no switch switching on and off, and it may seem annoying for those who match the aim at their own.

In the tutorial, you can learn basic operations such as movement, shooting, and various actions through combat with enemies. A crystallized humanoid creature and a hostile soldier will appear, but it is an opponent who is close to the number of troops, so let’s defeat it quickly.

From here is the production! Online multiplayer

After learning the basics, I immediately entered multiplayer. In addition to the familiar PVP mode, this work also has a co-OP mode that cooperates in cooperation, so you can practice while enjoying the game in a more intense development.

However, Speaking of FPS, it is a real pleasure to compete with strangers. The author is also an FPS, so I have the same experience as a person, and the late day I was late in the gamer’s shame and breasts, and rehabilitation has also beaten into interpersonal battles.

At the time of the previous play test, there were several types of modes, but only two of the writer who could choose the number of kills and the Escort, which escort the number of kills and escort the wagon. Although it is a common rule, the writer who played only Battles has a nostalgic and fresh one.

When the matching is successful and participates in the game, you can choose the character you want to use from the eight operators. In this case, the first-come-first-served basis was won, and did not choose what was taken first , and I was often pushed the remaining things.

What is popular is the role character that shines in white women is almost the same as other games.

This time, the sniper of the brown beautiful woman corresponds to that, but it is a very important role in the system of this work. If a player who understands such characteristics is used properly, the effect will be returned many times, but it will be miserable if a beginner chooses by appearance. Let’s pray everywhere.

For better or worse, orthodox FPS

In sports FPS, which is more game-like than reality like this work, it is important that the quality of operability, comfort, and delicate and precise fine adjustments are more important than volume. The sense of speed is not too slow, not too fast, it is not too hard, not too soft, and it is about whether to shoot and kill enemies comfortably.

In that regard, this work is definitely highly perfection , and I did not feel uncomfortable when I actually went to multiplayer. Moving and sliding are easy and light, and if you aim and shoot, the bullets will hit beautifully, and the power of the gun and the durability of the character are well-balanced.

In this kind of work, there are many players who actively assault, but old soldiers like the writer cannot be concerned about kill rate . The scattering as a decoy was left to a young man with a lot of blood, and he earned scores with solid batto-designed play, such as resuscitation and recovery of fallen ally, secretly from the side road, and surprising attacks.

This work is a specification ** that remains clearly on the mini map if you run or make a loud noise, so you can turn around just by stabbing the impatient enemy. The enthusiasm to defeat the enemy is fine, but to win, don’t forget the basics of taking more kills with a small death.

Each time you repeat the game, you will earn experience and points, and you will get character skin randomly. The more you use your weapons, the more experience you use, the unlocking of attachments, and the event will eventually rise and release more powerful weapons.

Similarly, the character has an individual skill, and the more you play, the more your ability is released by your experience. I couldn’t try everything, but there are also deep elements, and it is noteworthy how this work will change in the future update.

This work has already been talked about on SNS, etc., but it is a worthless work over the frame of indie games. Even if the signboard Basic Free , the development of the next generation of FPS is not Date, but the quality that is as good as a major title.

However, this work does not have any flashy elements such as vehicle and kill streak , and is focused on the part where you can really enjoy the gunfight.

As an author who grew up with a major FPS title, it is certainly unsatisfactory in this work, but it is certainly fun. I remembered that a predator missile came down from the sky, the dogs appeared with a bark, and I liked the atmosphere of the battlefield.

SHATTERING is being distributed for free on Steam. The official release is scheduled for February 10, 2023.

Compatible model: Model played by the author: PC (Steam)
Release date: 2023 February 10,
Author play time at the time of writing: 4 hours
Price: free