Almost four weeks now it is now that German football was farewell to Jürgen Grabowski.
Easy with Eintracht Frankfurt, the world champion from 1974 in the 1970s made a name for itself.

One day after one of the largest players of the younger club history, the 1: 1 against FC Barcelona in the first leg of DS Europa League quarter-finals, Eintracht now announced to create a lasting memory of the club legend in the domestic stadium.
“With the appointment of the opposite line, we can secure a permanent memory for Eintracht Frankfurt a permanent memory for Eintracht Frankfurt,” Executive Board Spokesman Axel Hellmann explained the appointment of the countercut.

Komplette Jürgen Grabowski Choreo der Ultras Frankfurt | Eintracht Frankfurt - Barcelona 1:1

Inauguration not yet terminated

While the decision is carved over the new name in Stein, a precise scheduling of the inauguration is still out.
This will be “prepared in the coming weeks”.