The first Haunted Estate motion picture, launched in 2003, starred Eddie Murphy and also Marsha Thomason as a wedded couple that takes a holiday to an unknowingly haunted resort. Wallace Shawn, Terence Stamp, Nathaniel Parker, and Jennifer Tilly appear in sustaining roles. A Muppets’ variation broadcast on TV in 2021, including guest appearances from Darren Cross as well as Will Arnett. The ride hit Disney Globe in 1969 and remains a staple in numerous Disney Parks around the globe.

The all-star ensemble actors include Owen Wilson, Namath Stanfield, Tiffany Kaddish, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Chase W. Dillon, Dan Levy, Jamie Lee Curtis, as well as Jared Leto. Let is readied to play the Hatbox Ghost, that was initially eliminated from very early iterations of the ride for being ‘as well frightening.’ Curtis will certainly play Madame Leona, who shows up in the ride with her head in a clairvoyance floating above a table of tarot cards.


Haunted Mansion is established to hit cinemas on August 11, 2023. For even more, have a look at our list of one of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2023 and beyond, or miss straight to the excellent things with our checklist of movie release days.

Directed by Justin Simian (Bad Hair, Beloved White Individuals) from a screenplay by Katie Dipole (The Warmth, Ghostbusters), the movie has to do with a woman and her boy that employ a motley staff of supposed spiritual professionals to aid free their residence of super ordinary squatters.

They’re passing away to meet you! Disney has released the very first trailer for Haunted Mansion, a new adjustment of the cherished Disney World amusement park trip.