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Swarm Simulator codes (August 2022) – Update 1!

Roblox Swarm Simulator is an experience developed by Multiverse Heroes for the platform. In this game, you will collect a team to destroy the flocks of evil animals. When you win these flocks, you earn money and precious stones that you can use to get additional pets for your detachment. Unlock all worlds to destroy all evil hordes and climb to the top of the leaders table!

If you are looking for free, you can find it with our codes of the Swarm list. If you do not know how to redeem at Swarm Simulator, you can find out how to do this below in the section of frequently asked questions! Do not forget to add this page to the favorites by clicking Ctrl + D on the keyboard or by pressing the Add to bookmarks button on a mobile device.

We cover everything related to Roblox! If your avatar needs new clothes, hairstyle or something else, you can find excellent new things on our page of free Roblox items. If you are looking for a freebie in some other games and events, be sure to get acquainted with our pages with the All Star Tower Defense codes, simulators of fighter anime and anime adventure codes!



All Swarm simulator codes

The last codes

Expensible codes

Frequently asked questions about Swarm simulator

How to activate codes in Swarm Simulator?

Where to get more codes for Swarm Simulator?

All Swarm simulator codes

the last codes

Update1 *-Free precious stones (novelty)
1000 likes *-Free coins

Find codes for many other games on our page Roblox games codes.

Expensity codes

* alpha -Free rewards

Frequently asked questions about Swarm simulator


How to activate codes in Swarm Simulator?

To use codes in Roblox Swarm Simulator, you just need to take the following steps:

  1. Open the Roblock Swarm Simulator on your PC or mobile device.
  2. Click on the Twitter button on the side of the screen.
  3. Copy the code from our list
  4. Enter it in a text field
  5. Press the Redeem button to get a reward

If this is a completely new code that does not work, try to close the game and open it again. This will place you on a new server on which there may be an updated assembly of the game, where the code will work!

Where to get more codes for Swarm Simulator?

To find more codes, be sure to follow the Yactidesign on Twitter, which is the developer of the game. You can also join the official Discord server to get news, updates and communicate with other players. Otherwise, we will update this wiki with all the last codes, so do not forget to look here more often!

These are all the codes that we have now listed for Roblox Swarm Simulator. If you see something that we lack, tell us about this in the comments so that we can add it right now!

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The best assemblies of spells in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Builder’s Dream. With six basic classes that can be mixed and combined with each other, only 25 classes. But when it comes to basic classes, especially Spellshot, which build is best.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spellshot Class Guide - Spell Build

What is the best build for Spellshot in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?


With a completely pumped up to the 40th level, the fateless spell will be able to fill out all the skills tree. Consequently, the best net assembly for Spellshot is the one that can use all the peppers and features.

There are several key skills that need to be developed during pumping, which will give an idea of complete assembly. They are Snayper Spell , Font Mana , Magic armor , Glass cannon and large number of streams . Basic skills are removed, only active skills remained.

  • Polymorph : The creator of destinies turns the enemy in a skip for a few seconds. If they are immune, the creator of fate instantly imposes a free spell on this enemy and gets two stacks of spells. While Polymorph is active, the creator of fate and its allies have a chance to play a free spell after they bring a polymorphic goal damage from weapons. This effect is guaranteed for the first time when the creator of fate causes a damage from weapons. After the creator of fate pronounces the spell in this way, it gets a stack of spells.
  • Ambi-Hextrous : The creator of fate can use the second spell in its inventory. Ambi-Hextrous – main skill action in this assembly. .

Equipment and Chara

The essence of Spellshot is that they apply a lot of damage, but practically do not have protection. This is a compromise, very similar to GraveBorn and their exchange of life to increase strength. Thus, to compensate for the chances to die, the caster must first kill everything else.

  • Meteor spells apply an insane amount of damage around the area and can kill many enemies with one shot. If you can find one for both spell slots, the reduced recovery time is perfectly combined, and they can be used regularly.
    • [X]% chance of critical impact ability
    • [X]% of maximum health
  • Restores health with damage (leech)
    • [X]% chance of critical shock spell


The weapon in the arsenal of the ripeness is not as critical as in other classes. Everyone will see an increase in damage and recharge speed at the expense of perks. So ride with what is best suited for you.

To learn more about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, check out all the locations of happy bones in Sunfang Oasis in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in professional guides on the game.

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