Blow of authority at the League of Legends Spanish. KOI has been able to defeat the Leader of Superliga to certify his candidacy at least, reach the playoffs of the competition. Balsamic triumph before FNATIC TQ that is explained in a decisive play. Rafitta , also criticized after being the shooter revelation of last season, sealed the party for tents with a sensational pentakill.

a pentakill flavored to history

After a game in which Koi turned back into the lower lane, Rafitta got a considerable advantage with jinx . The Spanish shooter I accumulated an almost complete purchase when the final fight took place in the minute 31. In that state he knew that “to take a reset could become the teamfight_” and that’s how it was. Taking advantage of one of the best champions of all League of Legends when he has space to hit, he was liquidating the rivals one after another. He got, in addition to certifying the five losses, a lot of damage in the enemies of him.

Attending to the results of the day, Victory has approached Koi to the playoffs . Currently, League of Legends’ superliga has five teams tied to eight victories among which is the IBAI set. In this way, four places for the final phase will have to be decided in a last week of competition with innumerable direct duels. In fact, it seems very possible that you also have to dispute several playoffs to decide the final positions of a regular phase that painted black for tents.

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Rafitta has assured that they are inside the playoffs and that the team has improved a lot, but he also feels unable to decide what two rivals could stay out . The Spanish League of Legends seems to be living his golden time, with teams fighting for entering the qualifiers that in any other year would have seemed candidates to raise the trophy. A year to dream that, why not, he could endorse himself with the return to the country of the European Masters, of which no Spanish set is champion since 2018.