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All Harry Styles movies, classified worse to better

Harry Styles managed to enter Hollywood and get some very important roles between his mandate in One Direction and the construction of his own solo musical career.
Styles has been in the MCU and has collaborated with Christopher Nolan, when he is not touring the world as a pop star, which is an impressive beginning for a musician turned into an actor.
Only this year, Styles added two more functions to his filmography: the Don’t Worked Darling and My Policeman dramas.
Here is our attempt to classify all Harry Styles movies.
And Spoiler alert: number one is not surprising.


Image Source: Marvel Studios
Eternal is considered one of the weakest MCU films.
It is guilty of a horrible CGI, an overload cast and a serpent ant plot.
In addition to its many defects, to add one more, Styles makes a cameo out of place in the scene after the movie’s credits.
Styles, who plays the character of MCU Eros, also known as Star fox, is the brother of the supervillano Thanos.
Since Brain’s Super villain shoes are almost impossible to fill, especially for a newcomer, it is difficult to conceive that someone is waiting for a Marvel movie starring Styles.
Although his scene was brief, Styles lacked the charisma and the fun of the cheerful character, womanizer and anti-Thanos portrayed in Marvel’s comics.
Instead, we obtain a very rigid performance that feels more scripted than naturally interpreted.
If the viewer does not know who Eros is, he will certainly know anything else about him after seeing Style in the scene after the credits.
Compared to other new characters presented, the drunk Pip The Troll of Patton Oswalt is much more captivating and fun.
Thinking that Styles can be used potentially in other MCU properties such as She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters notoriously defended Eros), not only feels like a wasted opportunity for a good actor, but will be an obvious sign that it will be a hard watch.


My police
Image Source: Amazon Prime
My Policeman tells the story of a policeman of the 1950s (Styles) and his adventure between people of the same new, despite the fact that homosexuality was illegal at that time.
Although the premise is interesting, Styles’s limitations in action catastrophically showed.
The film was felt as a version of Styles from Brokeback Mountain for police, but did not approach the level of a powerful performance of Ledger-Gyllenhaal.
It is a bold action choice for the musician, but a bit ambitious for the newcomer.
Styles continues to show limitations in his trade, being completely deaf (without the intention of making a musical words game).
Sometimes he was too exaggerated with Emma Corrie and almost lifeless with David Dawson.
Due to his lack of consistency, he only shows that he has much more to learn in the entertainment world.
However, as we move towards the best performances of his career as an actor, what is evident is the need of the pop star to find the right role with the right director.
Veterans like Christopher Nolan can definitely shape their career, and not only place it in franchise roles that snatch prizes or inflate celebrities.
Styles’s dazzled performance has been labeled as rigid, without experience and criminally bad.
What could have been an opportunity for change towards Hollywood stardom, on the other hand, was a misinterpretation in a boring procedure drama, completely betting Styles’ actor’s career.


Do not worry honey
Image Source: Warner Brothers
Don’t Worry Darling received first unfavorable criticisms at the Venice Film Festival, and the controversy around the development of the film did not help exactly to take off.
However, this film is quite good with a solid performance by Styles (taken from Shia LeBoeuf, after they fired him due to behavior problems in the set).
Styles has earned a reputation for its disturbing intensity on the screen, and it is easy to see how its performance, either through a look or facial expression, keeps the film attached by an anguish thread.
His performance is subtle and establishes a mysterious concern, similar to that of Daniel Malaya in Get Out.
Although Styles adopts a different approach to Jack’s intentions, he brings to the character the necessary inexpressive that fits very well in the narrative.

You are not asked to do a lot in this movie, but every plot turn depends on it, and does a good job when landing.
The film addresses many gloomy and mysterious themes to the great plot.
However, as the film revolves and turns, Styles does an admirable job when staying up to date with heavyweight actors Florence Pugh, Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde.
While Dunkirk shows that Styles can be integrated very well into a great production, Don’t Worry Darling is the opposite side of that currency.

It shows that it has the ability to contribute to a set and stand firm.
And with that, there are many promises for your career as an actor.


Image Source: Warner Brothers
When the renowned director Christopher Nolan revealed that he had chosen pop star Harry Styles for an epic war film despite Styles’s lack of acting experience, they certainly raised their eyebrows.
In such a delicate cinematographic theme, the prominence of Styles’s celebrity was a reason for great concern.
Styles, however, offers a powerful and convincing performance.
So much so that the audience can completely invest in the musician’s journey as a character due to how well mixes with the war epic.
Instead of using his good youth appearance as a crutch, he uses his expressions as a showcase for terror and dread on the battlefield.
At that time, critics marveled at style’s ability to be part of the whole without getting too much attention.
Rolling Stones praised Styles for playing a small role with a subtle grace and without pop star blog.
Based on a real story, Dunkerque is an incredibly well-made film that stands out in all aspects of technology while masterfully describing a crucial period in human history.
The film shows that Styles has the skills to excel in his career as an actor, unlike other film projects with which he has associated.
It simply demonstrates that, when it is placed in the appropriate hands of an author director who values the film in its entirety instead of the individual, the growing actors like Styles can be used optimally and are promising in the coming years.


When everything is debated about whether Styles is a good or bad actor, his career as an actor does not seem to be coming soon.
As Eros, Marvel’s cinematographic universe is still being established.
It is also said that he is in conversations to join a production of Christopher Nolan, although not to the next Oppenheimer.
With some juicy parts on your dish, there is still a good possibility of a good reputation actor career in the future of the pop star.
If so, one can only want to learn from their joint performances (such as Dunkirk and Don’t Worked Darling) instead of being a painful thumb that tries to boost his brand (as in Eternal and My Policeman).
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