The freshly unveiled horror adaptation is the follow-up to Resident Evil: Vendetta from 2017 and currently the 4th CGI film that is made from the video game franchise.


The trip started in 2008 with Resident Evil: Degeneration, followed by Resident Evil: Damnation.
This time you rely on focused hero power and have numerous main characters from the very first video games.

New year, new effort: Once again, Resident Evil desires to cope with the action from the computer game to the film, in summer with a cgi implementation called Resident Evil: Death Island.

Resident Evil: Death Island-Teaser trailer and release in summer season

As the teaser trailer programs, Jill Valentine is also there in addition to Leon and Chris, which indicates that the heroes of the very first games are all represented in the film.
They are combined by director Ericeira Hasura (Assassination Classroom), the script was again from Dakota Fulani (Psycho-Pass).

The story of the 4th CGI adaptation revolves around Leon S. Kennedy, Dr.
Antonio Taylor wishes to free kidnappers and meet a strange woman in his objective.
Chris Redfield is also part of the party, but is busy with the outbreak of a zombie epidemic in San Francisco.
But while the cause remains unclear, all courses appear to lead to the Alcatraz prison island.

Together with the statement by Resident Evil: Death Island there was currently an approximate release duration, a story run-through and a brief teaser trailer.
According to this, the CGI film is said to be launched this summer season, accountable for the publication is Sony Pictures House Home Entertainment.
Nevertheless, where you can enjoy Death Island is not yet known.

Whether Resident Evil: Death Island is better gotten by fans than past film from the scary series, we will learn from summer season.
So far, efforts have lastly emerged from the franchise, most recently the Netflix series Resident Evil appeared with no names that might not score in our criticism with a lack of atmosphere and unneeded story.