Pokémon GO’S The loading screen has excited players due to the appearance of a new Pokémon that could greatly revolutionize the PVP game. Today early, Ni antic launched a new loading screen for Pokémon Go. The festive loading screen shows Heretic Collecting gifts while Che spin, Clef fa, Larvae and Swing look, either in anticipation of receiving gifts or hoping that his strength Combined attack can dominate Barack when joining the Pokémon loaded from present.. It also appears on the Berg mite load screen, an ice-type Pokémon that is not currently available at Pokémon GO. PERFUME is a Pokémon Gen 6 and evolves Value, another pure ice Pokémon.

The inclusion of Berg mite is a clear signal that will be introduced in the coming weeks for Pokémon Go. While the Pokémon is not a great power in the Pokémon Games of the main series, some players are excited not only because we will get another Pokémon New in the near future, but also because Value has the potential to greatly shake the master league., the highest level of PVP Go Battle League. Due to its high defense statistics and its resistance statistics above the average and a strong typing against the legendary dragon-type Pokémon who tend to dominate the master league, Value should have a great impact on the master league.

It is not clear when Value will make its first appearance at Pokémon GO. While the game has a complete list of events that take place in December, there is no real winter event established for the month. Instead, players will get an event with dragon theme, a vacation event and a SWING Event Incense Day. This month also marks the beginning of the inheritance season, a season of several months that is related to the Pokémon: Areas. Other advantages introduced at the event include the addition of Shiny forms of Yeshiva, Zero and System and a new story that involves a mysterious door of some kind.

Be attentive to get more information about when Value Pokémon Go. will be presented