The anime and the Chainsaw Man manga are full of fun skills and powers, which give it a distinctive flavor of other Shōnen offers. In addition to the ability of the main character of sprouting chainsaws from almost any part of his body, other characters can form pacts with demons and carry out crazy feats in exchange for power. However, with this in mind, you are probably wondering: Why did Limeño not want Aka to use his sword in Chainsaw Man? And what would have been the cost if he had used it?

Fortunately, we have all the answers you are looking for.

Why does Limeño not want Aka not to use his sword in Chainsaw Man? Answered

The most immediate reason why Limeño did not want Aka to use his sword during the Eternity Devil arc of Chainsaw Man is that she loves him and does not want him to lose parts of himself fighting the demons.

In the course of her association, while working for the Department of Public Security, she began to feel something for him due to her impulse to help people and her determined personality. Not only that, but he managed to stay alive and take care of it regardless of the dangers that were presented.

However, this also led to a problem: it began to import it whether he sacrificed himself to defeat the many demons they had to face daily. This led her to get more interested in the frequency with which he makes deals with demons in exchange for power and the frequency with which she is willing to let her get in danger.

What does Aka’s sword do? Explained

Limeño’s aversion to Aka use his sword in Chainsaw Man makes even more sense when one learns what Aka’s sword does.

The sword acts as a conduit for a contract that has Curse Devil. When pointing the sword to a specific point of the body of its objective and saying fire, you can invoke the hand of the cursed devil to move the sword and strengthen your attack. If you manage to do this three times to the same enemy, then the Curse Devil will be completely summoned and can completely eliminate all enemies, except the strongest.


However, this ability has a great cost. Even a use of the sword along with Curse Devil reduces a decent part of the total user life. Meanwhile, completely invoking Curse Devil would drastically reduce the user’s useful life to the point that he could only summon said demon twice as much.

It is easily Aka’s strongest means of attack, but it is also something that you cannot use more than once due to its previous treatment with demons. As such, Limeño prevented him from using his sword to make sure he did not waste his ace, or his useful life, in an enemy that would not be worth the sacrifice.

Hopefully this is clarified. Why did Hymen not let Aka use his sword in Chainsaw Man? To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides for Chainsaw Man, including some about whether Aka dies or not, what is a demon and what Alley Door means.

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