Although there is still enough time before April 7, 2023, the day in which the movie of Super Mario Bros _. It will arrive at theaters, it seems that the wait for the first official look at this tape is about to end. Unexpectedly, It has been confirmed that the first teaser of this feature film will be available next month.

Through an official statement, it has been confirmed that the first official teaser of Super Mario Bros. will be released during The New York Comic-Con on October 6 at 3:00 pm ( City of the city from Mexico). However, for the moment it is unknown if this advance will be shared that same day online, or those who do not attend to this event will have to wait longer.

Since their announcement in 2018, Many have been looking forward to more information about the movie of _Super Mario Bros. Unfortunately, outside the revelation of the main actors, the only thing we have heard about this tape has been that the release date planned by December 2022 has moved until spring of the following year.


Remember, The movie of Super Mario Bros. It will arrive at theaters on April 7, 2023 . On related issues, this would be the name of this tape. Similarly, Mario’s new 2D game would be developing.