The leading country in the US and China, etc., is close to autonomous milk commercialization with government aggressive support and related environment.

The Korea Automotive Industry Association (KAIA) said that 15 days of diagnosis of the same problem and presenting solutions to present a solution, “the 24th Automotive Industrial Development Forum” was held.

In the greeting, President KAIA said, “In the greeting, the global autonomy market in 2030 is $ 656.5 billion, and about 93 times to $ 7 billion in 2020, but in Korea, Korea is a government passive support and a unique policy, and the market growth is more than overseas I judged that it will be lagated. “

“It is a problem that” commercialization business related to market growth is a problem, “and” The demonstration operation is only in some sections of the market, and it also has a self-proclaimed autonomy on the formalized route, and the development of data accumulation and technology He claimed that it was vulnerable. “

The solution to this, “The regulatory pre-regulatory and large demonstration of the autonomic industry should create the environment so that companies can freely make self-proclaiming technical and business testing.”

“Smart Safety Market, which is developing on public transportation,” the autonomic market that develops public transportation is more important than that of the public transportation. “I am unfortunately,” I am unfortunate, “I am unfortunate,” I am unfortunate, “

Joe Mounting is to solve the problem, “It is necessary to prepare for the autonomic system.” It is necessary to be a preledimentary of the secondary difference. ” Effectively designated and operational ▲ Taxi type autonomous driving service is urgent to improve regulations, “he said.

What do South Koreans think of China and the US?
“It is also necessary to continue to build a large autonomous driving demonstration business, which is currently being operated as a large city, or tied more than three areas of a large city, or tied more than three areas to a large city.”

‘The Imperial Practice Ace Lab CEO announced about the Korea-Japan Innovation Technology Trends and Implications’, “We are a leading to” Korea, “and” Korea will follow them. “

“To ensure technical competitiveness, it is necessary to activate investment and new business promotional policy to commercialization of autonomous driving technology,” said Im Is, “said that it is necessary to enable investment activation and new business promotion policies for commercialization of autonomous driving technologies.” Related Field Excellent workforce should be in parallel to prevent overseas leakage and domestic influx. “