Authentic online game company SOTO entertainment (representative Yew Taught) said that its Horror Action MMORPG ‘Dark Eden’ is a large update ‘5th guarantee’ and new world ‘Changer’.

First, the outer shape is changed according to each race and gender through the ‘5th guest’ update. With the open commemorative event, we can receive 300 W Miss Coins through the lottery from January 19 to March 16, from each world to achieving 5th winner.

The new World ‘Changer’ character, which started on December 29, 2021, said on a Tuesday, January 18, 2022, and said it exceeded about 12,000.

The changer world has been made to the new world’s growth and game adaptation, so that the new combat system and skill have been changed. ▲ Some system and skill balance adjustment after awakening update ▲ Adjustable / avoidance system rebuild and add block system ▲ Improvement of skill effect ▲ Improvement of skill effect ▲ Having a characteristic change and improvement application.

With an open commemorative event, you can get a character-to-character (PETA grade) and an item free of charge when creating characters from January 19 to February 16, from January 19 to February 16. Additionally, the Bible acquisition contribution is 10 times, ▲ Bible for Bible, the Bible, the cost of the Bible.

The CEO of Soft one Entertainment Yew Taught prepared a new world for users who first wanted to play a 5th winning update for the first user who wanted to have a lot of attention to the new year, Dark Eden. I will continue to make a game that users are the desired game in the future.

This large update and new World Open events can be found in detail in the homepage and Never channeling.