“Unbelievable, such a spui!”, Established Sepp Maier, the ur-Bavaria, and the Sepp wrote shaking his head, “It’s not all done yet.” After all, the Bundesliga was already 13 years old.

Eleven goals fell on 18 September 1976 between VfL Bochum and FC Bayern with a sequence that is unique until today. After a 4-0 leadership of the VfL in the 53rd minute, the guests won still 6: 5. It is the only game of the Bundesliga story, in which a team lost after a four-goal lead.

“In the game on the day of open gates, the better team won,” Bavaria coach Dettmar Cramer then, though he had not been a Twitter Shitstorm to fear. In any case, he only accusedly summarized what the 17,000 spectators had actually seen in the sold-out Ruhrstadion.

Because Maier is still discussed, “a watchman Bochumer” meets almost off the impetus

Like the Bochum around Hermann Gerland and “Ata” Lameck, Bayern first rolled out, though she lost another important player with Klaus Franke early. In front of the game Hans-Jürgen Köper had logged off with a gastric stimulation.

Like the Bayern after 0: 3 in vain, and thus almost the prompt 0: 4 risked: because Maier discussed in the kick-off circle, a teammate the ball already “angry and careless” (Sepp) had missed away, missed ” Waller Bochumer “The empty Bayern gate by a piercing just scarce.

Previously, referee Walter Horstmann had ignored the upscale wizard’s upscale 100th Bundesliga use. “He told me he just saw that better than his line judge, because he was closer to the ball, and that was the matter,” Libero Franz Beckenbauer scolded later.

We have the Bayern so sure in the sack, and then that! That is unbelievable.

Bochums double goalkeeper Jupp Kaczor

And however, everything was already clarified when Hans-Joachim Pochstein after the half-time break still maier to 4: 0 overcame. No one could explain that exactly. “Doctures the co-assigned players Bochums, because of Gerd Müller a half-time was as good as nothing to see, an optical illusion?” The Sepp asked.

The last goal on 18 September 1976 in the Bochum Ruhrstadion: Uli Hoeneß (right) meets 6: 5. imago sports photo service

Well, in the end it took about 20 minutes, and Bayern led 5: 4. Besides Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, “Kütsche” Schwarzenbeck and Uli Hoeneß also met Müller double, who had earned on the matchday previously promoted Tebe Berlin at the 9-0 victory five hits.

“We had the Bayern so sure in the sack, and then that! That’s incredible. I did not know how to me…” Jupp Kaczor stammered. The VfL striker, already scorer of the 2: 0, especially to the 5: 5, before again Hoeneß with his winning goal in the 89th minute the “Spui” finally made inappropriate.

VfL Bochum vs FC Bayern (5:6) - Das Jahrhundertspiel I ZwWdF

“Some handles completely disappointed and drained to alcohol,” the Sepp reported

“In the cabin of VFL, deep deferredness prevailed, some cried,” the Sepp reported. “Players were still completely concentrated on dinner together. Some handles completely disappointed and drained into alcohol to suppress the pain.”

While Floskel Trainer Cramer remained further restrained (“I have to think about what and how much I say to motivate my team on the way up to motivate”), complained VfL President Ottokar Wüst: “When Franke and Köker had can play this debacle no longer happened. ” The Bochums kept at least the class months later.

For the Sepp, Bayern’s catch-up at that time “the routine of a team, which in ten years to European top class increases. As soon as, even in the sheer inconsistent residue, weaknesses were felt at the opponent, they used them unconditionally.”

Correctly unconditionally, the season for the reigning European Cokal winner of the national champions, however, did not end: Although the next matchday, 3rd FC Cologne met with 4: 1, Bayern were only seventh at the end of the season. And Cramer, the 1.61 meter small “football professor”, which it was later as a coach and instructor in around 90 countries, had to go.