For football fans the latest FIFA game of EA Sports is a compulsory purchase – and we do not believe that FIFA 23 will be different. With the latest team sheets, updated player ratings and graphics that blow off your shin guards, we can not wait for the release date of FIFA 23.

Details of FIFA 23 are at the moment a little noisy – but EA SPORT does not change the formula essential when it comes to your annual FIFA publications. This means that players get started with their buddies in Pro Clubs, bring their favorite club in the career mode to the next level and fight in FIFA Ultimate team around fame. Since the FIFA World Cup 2022 starts in November, FIFA 23 should also include this legendary tournament – just like the Russia World Cup as a supplement to FIFA 18.

FIFA 23 HUGE NEWS (New Game Modes / Cross-Play!)
But what do we still know about the next iteration of this iconic series? Well, read more for everything we have about the knowledge Publication date of FIFA 23 the latest to the gameplay and all the rumors and leaks that are worth talking about.

Release date of FIFA 23

So, when does FIFA 23 appear? At the moment we do not know exactly, but The release date of FIFA 23 is expected to be at the end of September until the beginning of October 2022 .

In recent years, FIFA games were published in the last two weekly weeks or in the first two weeks of October. This four-week period is about one month after the end of the summer transfer window and we expect FIFA 23 to be released in a similar period of time.

We will update this guide as soon as more information is available, but 30. September or October 7 are both appointments to keep an eye on, as FIFA often falls on Friday.

FIFA 23-CrossSplay

According to reports FIFA 23 will have CrossSplay between several platforms . In our FIFA 23 CrossSplay Guide you will find all the information.

FIFA 23 rumors and leaks

Tom Hendersonin Industry insider, who regularly shares information about upcoming publications, reports that FIFA 23 will be included both the men’s and women’s World Cup tournaments for the first time.

In addition, Henderson claims that several women’s football leagues are completely introduced. So far, the FA Women’s Super League, the National Women Soccer League, the Women’s Bundesliga and the D1 Arkema should be there. According to reports, the technology has also been improved so that the developers can now use stadium cameras to accommodate players’ animations.

We will keep this guide up to date with the latest information from official sources, so take the above for the time being with a pinch of salt.

Well, that’s all we know at the moment about the release date of FIFA 23. If you want to refresh your FUT squad in the meantime, look at some of the best jerseys of FIFA 22 so you can shine on the field.