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A full match (and commented) by Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

As we know, Nintendo does not intend to let switch players blow more than a few weeks this year. Barely Nintendo Switch Sports released than the next production of the manufacturer is already looming. These are Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, the next title developed by Next Level Games.

Nintendo offers here a meeting between the mushroom kingdom and the castle of Bowser, a real classico if there is one, with a small icing on the cake: the exceptional participation of Xavier Domergue of M6. Obviously, it will not be necessary to count on the presence of the sports commentator in the game, but the players will be able to set the mood themselves by gathering up to eight in front of the television, in local or online multiplayer. Players will even be able to create a club, personalize it and measure themselves to other clubs around the world to get the best place every weekly season. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will be available on June 10, 2022 on Switch.


Mario Strikers: Battle League – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – Kick -off of the Mario vs Bowser match!

Immediate Frankfurt solve Barça fan

After halftime, the Eintracht already led 2: 0, remainy many places empty in the stadium of the FC Barcelona – and that where usually the hard core of the Bluegranana trailer is actually. It was a protest of Barça fans who could not understand that so many Frankfurters were in the stadium.

Officially, the SGE merely assigned 5000 tickets for the game, but in the end it was much more, which won this from the Hessian view wonderful as a historic football evening on site. “30,000 in the city, 25,000 in the stadium, that’s sensational,” Frankfurt’s sports board Markus Kröse said after the game at RTL and praised the ingenuity of his own fans: “Our fans are imaginative, they have tried everything to get in to get everything A away game made to the home game. That’s sensational. “

The fact that Barça would experience an unusual atmosphere should have been clear at the latest when Marc-André Ter Stegen was deciphered during warm-up – in the domestic stadium. That somewhat collaborated, you knew in Barcelona, because as the Marca reports, Barça had even stopped online ticket sales early to prevent massive presence of German fans on the last pusher. But it was too late, the tickets were already sold.


Also FCB coach Xavi knew that. “We check what happened. Of course, we can not control which tickets were sold,” said the 42-year-old, who knew what the enormous support for the Eintracht meant: “Of course it was it A great help for you. “

Of course, the SGE was scary glad about the support. “Everyone who could be here today is happy and will not forget this evening,” said coach Oliver Glasner and came into rapture: “These emotional highlights you have in sports, in football. You can not do that with no money Buy world – and that’s beautiful. “

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