It is a friendly neighborhood service to accept packages. But because of DPD there was an incident.

Berlin – Everyone knows it: At the door it rings, the postman with a packet for someone else, not to be deliverable because the neighbor is not at home. As it belongs, you accept the packet and waits for the affected neighbor to come and pick it up. Normally, of course, one stirs the foreign goods, only the label can be examined more closely in curiosity. In Berlin *, some neighbors were not so considerate, opened the assumed package and enjoyed the content.

DPD package lands at the neighbor: “How can you be so cheeky?!”

On one at the Instagram * -account “Notesofberlin” landed notes, a Berliner makes her suffering publicly. In the package, which the neighbors accepted were therefore wine bottles. That saw the neighbors well as an invitation and drank the foreign wine empty (read more service * neews at package).

Particularly cheeky: The empty bottles disposed of the thirsty in the refusal of the multi-family house, so the actual recipient knew what matters is. In a letter to the neighbors is to read what the Berliner is particularly outraged: “1. Was that my birthday present of a friend and 2. How can you be so cheeky?! “

Package of DPD was given in the neighbor – and ensures stress

From the postal service, the recipient will expect a message in the coming week, which will then be revealed, which the neighbors committed the impudence. Until then, she still gives the chance to report personally, reports . This smells of stress in the neighborhood !

Incidentally, DPD has set a certain service in Germany *. This means that the DHL is soon without competition.

DPD wine package at the neighbor: This is how the Instagram world reacts

In the comments to the post, especially curiosity and pity mix. Many want to know how the thriller goes out of the empty wine and ask for updates. Others show compassion or humor.

One writes: “That’s a cry,” says, and another means: “The or the neighbor has certainly meant well, quasi as a pre-caster. If there is a review now, like: was tasty and tasted in the finish slightly pelzig, but you’ll be the same with which wine you have to do. “A DHL messenger explained on a note, why he does not deliver a package. _ * is like package an offer of iPPen.Media_

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