Due to the spread of Omiton variables, the government is expected to have a lot of a month, and the government is expected to occur by a lot of over 170,000 people..

According to the Corona 19 Central Disaster Safety Measures Headquarters (in the middle), the basic dynamics survey and isolation method are reorganized. A ‘self-initiated an irradiation irradiation’ is introduced into a confirmation of a confirmed questionnaire URL address and writes a contact. Survey items are also simplified and dynamics investigations are made.

The isolation scheme of the clinic and the joint isolator is also reorganized. Currently, there was a high point of security reporting, such as visiting external care centers, In the future, a management system such as a GPS licensed app, a GPS licensed app by the local government official, is abolished. The complicated operation of the confirmed residual family is simplified.

In the past, we will notify the family isolation (7 days) to the family through confirmation in the implementation of the conventional confirmation isolation notification and the notification of the family isolation. If you receive a notification, you must comply with the Living Precautions for three days without deprivation of isolation. ▲ Mask (KF94) Always wear ▲ High-risk, facility contact paper ▲ Forget mask wear, prohibition of difficulty visits is required. If you are confirmed co-isolation, only the parties are isolated for 7 days without further isolation. I do not proceed with a separate health center in isolation.

In addition, the home treatment kit is supplied with a necessary patient, such as paid to a concentrate confirmation, such as 60 years of age or older. Kit components are ▲ in seventh specifications ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ oxygenophography meter ▲ to 4 kinds of cleaning disinfectant. Pediatric kits will be paid in the local government, such as parent requests, and the provision of the non-crafizer target kit is stopped.

In addition, the above-mentioned patients are classified as centralized management groups and general control groups over 60 years of age. Health monitoring is centered on patients with concentrated manager. In the Public Health Center, check the health status of the current symptoms and basal diseases of confirmation. On the other hand, the general manager is managed by non-financial monitoring and consultation center consultation if necessary without regular monitoring.

For centralized health care, 532 management medical institutions are currently using the hospital for 650, and the total manageable personnel are planned to secure up to about 200,000. TECHNICATION MANAGEMENT APPLICATION MANUAL APPLICABILITY APPLICATION PROGRAMENT A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A.,

General Management Ceremony Careers can receive non-surface care in neighborhood bottles, lawmakers, and respiratory derivative medical agencies. In the case of pediatric and youth confirmation, management is performed in the ‘Home Management Support Consultation Center’ for medical consultation in addition to non-normalized medical care.

Delivery of medicines according to non-standing prescriptions shall be delivered in the Public Health Center when the recruitment of the family is difficult to receipt of the family.

City, County, Guana City, Dynamics, and ‘Home Management Support Consultation Center’ is also available 24 hours a day. The home management support counseling center conducts a basic medical consultation and prescribed the medicine if necessary. The Home Management Support Consultation Center will be automatically operated as a host of metropolitan areas such as home therapy management medical institutions, city and provincial hospital utilization.

In particular, the government has secured up to 112 outpatient medical centers, further opened the infected bottle dedicated hospital care course, and expanded specialty discrete infrastructure such as Corona Milk and Dialysis Beds. The telecommunications of the Organization is also used by Corona 19-to-Emergency Dynamic Base, and the installation of ‘Cohort isolation zone’ in the emergency room for the joint isolator.

Base Isolators

In addition, the government focuses on centralized managing, but asymptomatic, patients with asymptomatic and madrners are conducted by the management of management of neighborhood diseases and members. Regardless of the last 7 days, the designated respiratory care designation of the specified respiratory medical treatment is 2369 locations in the neighborhood and members of the neighborhood. Among these, 1,182 places including 403 respiratory clinics and 779 designated medical institutions are operated.