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Simpson fans have interesting Rafa Gorgory theory

Although much has been moved away, the Simpsons has managed to stay as a series that adds to trends and makes their respective parody to make fun. And within the program’s own community, it has been theorized that the father and son of Chief Gregory and Rama is something totally false due to some tests.

The first thing that is established in the theory is that Rama lacks the distinctive nose and blue hair of CLANCY . Instead, he has black and fine hair and his mother’s nose. This could rule out the possibility that he is his father. Because in the universe of the series it is established how similar children are, as the example of the Milhouse .

The hair of Ralph has a similarity with another member of the police department of Springfield , Eddie . This together with his Lou , are two of the only constant members of the police. It is worth mentioning that Eddie does not have the best identity within the trio of police, even his partner has more leading moments in the Fox series.

Then, the theory suggests that, at some point, Eddie had an adventure with Sarah Gregory . Thus, we would have the birth of Rama , turning Eddie into the true father. It is possible that it happened, after all the character and the boss are very close to make visits in the houses of each one.

All that denies in an episode dedicated to the characters of the future of season 23, it is revealed that a Rama Major took the place of his father. At some point since he reached adulthood, his hair grew and turned blue. So in the end, only the writers of the series will know what is the true story of the character.

Remember that The Simpson are available in streaming. Specifically, in Star Plus.

An exit date in the Sniper Elite 5 viewfinder

It is now official, Sniper Elite 5, the next episode of the long set of games Rebellion, will appear on May 26 on consoles and PCs. This episode will be entitled to a physical edition at Xbox and PlayStation, as confirmed by the Just for Games distributor.

The last trailer on the date represents the context of this fifth canonical component, which will see the Karl Fairburne sniper attempting to thwart a Nazi conspiracy meeting the name of Code Operation Kraken. Ruring in France of 1944, this new episode promises the largest and most worked maps of the series, with the use of photogrammetry to reproduce environments. It is also a question of multiplying the infiltration and extraction points and the number of targets to be slaughtered, for objectives to be performed in solo or in cooperation – with sharing of objects and ammunition.

The game also puts on its invasion mode to boost the interest of the PVP, since in the manner of a Deathloop, it will be possible to invade the campaign of another player as a sniper of the axis. On the other hand, Karl will be able to call a second player using a poorly engaged situation. Multiplayer side, the game plans to focus on the customization of the equipment to triumph from the battles at 16, with gain of XP, medals and ribbons to punctuate progress. Coop oriented survival mode can accommodate up to four players simultaneously.

Rebellion took the opportunity to detail the contents of the Deluxe edition, which will include not only the content reserved for pre-order but also the Season Pass. The latter will give players access to a two-part campaign after the game exit, but also to an expanded arsenal and the possibility of personalizing their sniper with new packs of characters and weapon skins. The Season Pass will be delivered with 2 campaign missions, 2 packs of weapons skins, 2 packs of characters and 6 packs of weapons.


Sniper Elite 5 - Official Release Date Trailer

Sniper Elite 5 – Trailer Exit Date

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