When it comes to MMO or any other game, it brings little satisfaction as observing large numbers as a result of large damage. So, when it comes to the great -grandfather of MMO, the question arises, how does DPS take shape against each other and which of them is the best? Pro Game Guides studied the data, and here is your top 10.

rating DPS Shadowlands

ten. Monk dancing

The monks continue to appear in the most unexpected places. Perhaps their philosophy to swim with the flow allows them to succeed in many areas. It is this superiority in DPS from 20.12 thousand that takes them to 10th place.

nine. Chaos demons

Apparently, all those sacrifices that demon hunters are talking about were worth it, because they constantly inflicted a huge amount of damage per second. 20.17k forces them to crawl ahead of the monks.

eight. Druid balance

Druids historically coped well with all the roles of the Holy Trinity, but they, of course, will not be stooped when it comes to DPS. With a potential maximum of 20.54k, the Druid will have enemies that see the stars.

7. Shaman of improvement

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The shamans have come a long way since the time of the vanilla wow. To see how Enhanceement Shaman occupies such a high place in the DPS charts, not to mention the top 10 with 20.56K, enough to cause a tear.

6. A spontaneous shaman

Apparently, the shamans cannot be refused in the right. Elemental Shaman does the same as Enhancement Shaman, but better from 20.81k DPS.

5. Blacksnik of demonology

Britainees have no end to the methods of harm to enemies. The warlock of demonology prefers to put his minions in the thick of events, and, apparently, this is an active strategy that brings them fifth place with colossal 22.23 thousand DPS.

4. The ice knight of death

Doomed for many years to serve the king, the knights of the black blade have now gained freedom. However, this did not save them from love for the battles. With their powerful plate armor, the Frost Knights can withstand some punishment and give even more, more than 22.44 thousand.

3. Survival hunter

If survival is the name of the game, it is quite easy to win when all competitors are dead. Like the shamans earlier in our list, the survival hunter has come a long way since the beginning of WoW and is an amazingly strong rival in the world of DPS with a potential maximum of 23.72 thousand.

2. Hunter with accuracy

A accuracy hunter is a proven and real class that has always established itself well from the moment of its modest origin. Unlike other subclasses of hunters, it does not depend on pets or traps. Instead, the whole point is to inflict maximum damage with your reliable long -range weapon. The results are 23.97 thousand DPS speak for themselves.

1. Blacksman of destruction

When you want the work to be done, and there is no time to bother, the warlock of destruction justifies its name. With the highest median and maximum DPS at the level of 18.89K and 26.01K, respectively, this particular class exceeds all the others.

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