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Block chain “Wizardry” new work comes up! ? Entry to Dolicom and WEB3 business

Dolicom announced entry into the web3 business, and it has been revealed to create block chain games using IP with the ThirdVerse group known for “Sword of Garganture“.

The company says that Web3 is regarded as a “distributed Internet service that realizes a token-based manner”, and a major change that occurs there will be a business opportunity, and we will aim for commercialization as a business opportunity. In the future, we are planning to produce 2 works for overseas, such as the Knowhau to block chain games such as “OASYS” Validator Node operation.

In addition, the first one of them is that “Wizardry Va (provisional)” scheduled for service starts is that it will be a new “Wizardry” IP license title . The company is also a “played for the basis of the game” Playing “The basics of the game” can be convinced on this new block chain game in the new block chain game, which is scheduled to be developed in the summer of 2022 We aim to plan, develop and operate on the operation policy and rules.

Lost Ark: Kanonier (Gunner)

The Publisher writes about Lost ARK:

Give yourself on an Odyssey after the lost ark in a huge and lively world: Discover new countries, raise lost treasures and struggles to fight and struggle. Put your fighting style in the class or advanced class, adapt your skill, weapons and equipment individually and put your skills in the fight against enemies, in epic boss fights and against dark forces at the quest after the power of the ark a free playable in this action-packed free of charge RPG.

Discover a world full of adventure
Explore seven extensive and diverse continents as well as the intervening seas and discover vibrant cultures, strange and fantastic creatures as well as all the surprising miracles. Immerse yourself in the secrets of Arkesia, evidence Your power in battles and battles, occurs against other players in the PVP, travel to distant islands looking for hidden riches, place hordes of enemies and colossal bosses in the open world and more.

Your Odyssey awaits you
Imagine the incredibly satisfying struggling in the ARPG style and build your progress in quests, raids and fight in the MMO style. Whether you want to play alone, in groups with friends or in combination with other adventurers in the world, it is waiting for an epic adventure on you. Place you in the open world or enter chaosdoons, fighting in challenging PVP duels, putting your powers in epic quests, overflow big and small bosses and evidence in the fight against the demon alley to the power and light of the missing To claim ark.

Define your fight

KANONIER (GUNNER) Klassen Preview - Lost Ark News Reaction
Lost Ark makes easy to learn features with unexpected depth and space for adjustments. Start your gameplay with a captivating collection and game action and then master your fight thanks to the unique Tripod system. Turn three customizable classes free for all your skills to expand your fighting style for powerful control. The steadily expanded range of iconic classes of Lost Ark, all with their individual advanced classes, offers many exploration opportunities in search of your individual combat style.

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