Destiny 2 brought a huge influx of new peaks and arms features with the release of The Witch Queen. Many of them were attributed to Glephas and a new exotic. In combination with the creation of weapons, many new features are available.

Destiny 2 weapon peppers

features of origin

  • Stunning recovery: The stunning champion partially replenishes your store, launches health regeneration and speeds up recovery for a short time.
  • Adjustment of the avant-garde: Final blows these weapons restore a small amount of health.
  • Invaders Tracker: Damage to the invader This weapon marks it for allies.
  • Hakka’s explosive armament: This weapon causes an increased damage on vehicles, turbors, barricades and ameal crystals.
  • Weist Stinger: Damage to the enemy of this weapon has a small chance to recharge the store and increase the speed of movement when aiming. Luke receive a higher tension rate, and swords – faster charging speed while this perk is active.
    Psychohak: Permanent damage from this weapon reduces damage damage for a short time.
  • Ice soul: Get health depending on the number of shocks before rebooting
  • Ground tank: The last blows of these weapons are raised by stability and resistance to damage from fighters.
  • Sure Synergy: Recharge gives this weapon bonus in circulation and for a short time reduces the likelihood of shudding.
  • One quiet moment: Increases the speed of recharging outside the battle.
  • Skinny Wolf: During the hunt, the last blows of these weapons enhance the radar and remove you from the opponent’s radar.
  • Readiness: Get an increased recharging, stability, aid in aiming and a distance when you remain the last living dick of your fire group or run alone.

Features Glefy

  • Ballistic setup: significantly increases distance, reduces the shield time.
  • Low impedance windings: Increases the shield time, slightly increases the recharge rate, reduces the range.
  • Hardened Anchor Rod: Significantly increases the processing speed, slightly reduces the recharge rate, slightly reduces the range
  • Control accelerator: Increases range, slightly reduces recharge speed, slightly reduces the rate of circulation
  • Auxiliary reserves: Significantly increases the time of the shield, reduces the recharge rate.
  • Light emitter: Increases recharge speed, slightly increases the processing speed, reduces the time of the shield
  • Tilt on windmills: Blocking damage shield increases the speed of movement until you lower the shield.
  • Pulsed amplifier: Significantly increases the speed of the projectile, increases the speed of recharging.
  • Purpose: Blocking damage shield increases damage shells for a short time.

Exotic traits

  • Remote Shield: When the energy of the weapon is filled, spend it before the shot so that the next shot deployed the protective shield when hitting.
  • The border of action / matching / intention: Hybrid of near and far fight with a front shield. Generates energy when applying far damage
  • Lightning seeker: When the energy of the weapon is filled, spend it before a shot so that your next shot tracks the targets on the ground and released a chain zipper when hit.
  • Restorative Tower: When the energy of the weapon is filled, spend it in front of the shot, so that the next shot when the healing turret will deploy.

EVERY New Weapon in the Witch Queen: Where to Get Them & What Perks to Look For (Destiny 2)
* Screaming Roy: Releases the flow of intelligent toxic shells that track the selected enemy.
* Toxic Lord: When applying the last strike or several sighting hits, an explosion is caused, which poists up the upper goals.
* Trinar Vision: Disabled manual grenade launcher. Shells produce a fan of three energy waves at contact with the Earth.
* Empty leech: This weapon kidnaps the stray of the abyss when damage damage depressed, weakened or explosive targets. After charging change, the shooting modes imposes the same debaffes of the abyss.
* Shadow food: The store of this weapon is rechargeable automatically when you get devouring, supercount emptiness or becoming invisible.
Hunger worm: This weapon shoots the worms of the hive, which explode when they hit. The size and damage of the explosion depend on the number of demons you have won directly before shooting from this weapon.
* Coverage of the worm: Damage from detonation of your own worm shell in a short time enhances your weapon.
Herry Colossus: The heavy starting setting, which is charging, and then shoots automatically while the trigger is held.
Omega Strike: Apply blows from a grenade launcher to charge rockets, and use an alternative fire to run several missiles by a volley.

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