Although the supply of PS5 and Xbox Series X is increasing, little by little, the Nintendo Switch remains the console that reigns in the United States market. In this way, has been revealed that the hybrid platform was positioned as the most successful during last February.

According to Mat Piscatella, member of the NPD Group, Nintendo Switch obtained the first place in sales by units and dollars during February in the United States , with the Xbox Series X | S occupying the second place. However, it is PS5 who positioned himself at his head when we talk about sales in dollars over 2022, which makes a lot of sense, considering that Sony’s new console costs more than the switch.

Along with this, pokémon legends: arceous, game that came to the first sales place last month, now has fallen to third place, being surpassed by trown Ring and Horizon Forbidden West. On the other hand, of the 20 best-selling titles in the United States in the last month, seven were published by Nintendo.

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On related topics, elden ring break sales records in the United States. In the same way, Nintendo suspends the distribution of its products in Russia.

Editor’s note:

It seems that nothing can stop the switch. During the last years, only in a month this console was not the best selling. At this rate, it would not be surprising to hear that this platform becomes the most successful of all the United States. We only have to wait.