Pokémon Go Announced its annual event “Festival of Krasik” . The event will be held with from March 15, 2022 to March 20, 2022 . The start time and end of the festival of paints: from 10:00 local time until 20:00 local time. The event will be represented by Pokemon Orikorio and its options. There will also be a new rotation of wild collisions, rotation of raids, research tasks, tasks for collecting and objects of avatar in the in-game store.

Call Collection

Players can make a test to get awards during an event. Once each of Pokemon Collection Challenge will be caught, players will receive 20,000 experience , 3000 Star dust and Oricorio Meeting . Pokemon, which you need to catch to participate in the collectible test:

  • Slugma
  • Trapinch
  • Drozy
  • Turnthig
  • Horsue
  • Tailloou.
  • Glyhar.
  • Orichario

Wild meetings

In rotation of wild meetings, many new Pokemon appear. A complete list of Pokemon, found in the wild, can be found below:

  • DROUZI *
  • Horse*
  • Gligar *
  • Turvig *
  • Croagank *
  • Fletchling *
  • Trapinch *
  • Tail*
  • Servant *
  • Orichario (Bale style) – appears only in Europe, in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Orichario (Pomponov style) – appears only in America.
  • Orichario (Pa’u Style) – appears only on the Islands of Africa, Asia, Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean.
  • Orichario (Sensa style) – appears only in the Asia-Pacific region.

All Pokemon, noted by the “” sign, can become brilliant at the meeting.


raids with one star

  • Dzhigglipuff *
  • Torchik *
  • Maddp *
  • Trotsyko *
  • Rokraff *

three star raids

  • Morovak
  • Alolan Morovak *
  • Chensy
  • Ubnon
  • Dradedigon *


five-star raids

  • Tornadus (Teriana) *

Mega raid

  • Mega burst *

Field studies

Some of the field studies of this event will be focused on catching Pokemon different types. List of field research:

  • Catch three Pokemon Herbal Type – 20 mega Energy Venouzaurus
  • Catch three Pokemon Herbal Type – Meeting with Bulbazor
  • Catch three pokemon fiery type – 20 mega Energy Charizard
  • Catch Three Pokemon Fire Type – Meeting with Charmanander
  • Catch three pokemons of water type – 20 mega energy of Blogostoza
  • Catch three pokemon water type – meeting with squirt
  • Catch eight different types of Pokemon – Collision with Castform (sunny, rainy, snowy or normal)
  • Sitting Egg – Meeting with Alolo Chillmer

New Elements avatar

New items for avatars will be available in an in-game store with bright and colorful topics. These Avatar items will cost coins.

Inquired in Pokémon Go and want to know more? Learn how to catch a brilliant Rokraff in Pokémon Go in the manuals on the game Pro!