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May changes: beer becomes more expensive and price tags in the supermarket change

There are many changes in Germany in May 2022. Among other things, there are new rules on Amazon and Ebay as well as in the supermarket and for beer lovers.

Hamm – In May 2022, there are again some changes in Germany come into force that affect the daily life of millions of people. In the so-called bliss month, the innovations concern online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, supermarkets and discounters such as Aldi, Lidl or Kaufland as well as beer drinkers.

Changes in May 2022: New rules for eBay and Amazon – consumers benefit

Millions of users buy on eBay or Amazon every day. New rules will apply to such online marketplaces from the end of May. More precisely, new information obligations come into force on May 28, 2022, as the NRW consumer center reports.

So far, the operators have mostly left their users in the unclear about why which products are displayed at which point in the list of results. However, they will soon be obliged, reports

Changes in May 2022: Ticket exchanges have to uncover additional costs

Beers For A Cause – Illegal, Failure, or Tool for Change

The change also affects comparison portals such as Check24 or Verivox. From May 28, these must also disclose which providers were taken into account in a comparison.

Ticket exchanges are also obliged to provide information about the original price of tickets in order to clarify buyers about additional calculated costs and fees. Violations of the new information obligations can be expensive.

According to the consumer center, fines up to 50,000 euros are possible. Companies with annual sales of more than 1.25 million euros can be punished with a fine of up to 4 percent of sales.

Changes in May 2022: Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland and Co.

There will also be changes when shopping in May 2022. Price comparisons for supermarkets and discounters should become easier for customers from May 28th.

So far, basic prices on the price tags at Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland and Co. have been presented differently. Sometimes the price is given per 100 grams, sometimes per kilogram. The latter will soon be the only basic price due to a change in the law that may be presented.

With every food in retail, according to the new price adjustment regulations, it must be evident at a glance how expensive a kilogram or a liter of the product is. Consumers can therefore compare prices more easily without having to convert themselves.

Changes in May 2022: Supermarkets and discounter should throw away fewer foods

Another change, of which there are several in 2022, such as innovations in the post office, salary and deposit, should reduce food waste in supermarkets and discounters. A new law states that foods that are discounted due to an approaching best -before date only have to be awarded the statement of what percentage the price is reduced. A total price and basic price then no longer have to be specified.

However, according to the consumer center, this procedure is already used for many retailers. So whether this gives less food away is questionable.

Changes in May 2022: No more corona rules in the workplace

The Corona rules at work may also change in May. Because the current occupational safety regulation expires on May 25, 2022.

If it is not extended, the last existing regulations would also be omitted – and working would be possible everywhere as before pandemic. However, this should already be the case in some companies, since the companies already decide for themselves whether and which rules still apply.

Changes in May 2022: More collateral for coffee trips

If you take part in a so -called coffee trip from May 28th, you have to be less concerned to be ripped off. Because a change ensures that in the future it will generally be banned at such events to sell insurance, building society contracts, medical devices and nutritional supplements.

In addition, organizers of coffee trips will have to better inform the participants about their rights in the future. The fine for violations was increased from 1000 to 10,000 euros.

changes in May 2022: Beer prices increase

Beer drinkers will soon have to dig deeper into their pockets: After some breweries increased the beer prices in April, more will follow up in May.

For example, the Radeberger and Bitburger Group have announced that their beers will become more expensive- according to the food newspaper around 6 to 7 euros per hectoliter. The increase in prices initially only affects the dealers, but it can be assumed that they will pass on the additional costs to consumers.

Rubric list picture: ©;
K. Schmitt/Photo State/Imago; Christian Ohde/Imago;
Collage: Sabrina Wagner/Beer prices

Luca introduces contact data acquisition: This is now from check-in

“Since the contracts of the federal states have expired for use (…) the Luca app at the end of March, contact data acquisition will be suspended,” says an e-mail sent to restaurant operators and other contractors. If guests scan the Luca-QR codes, no more contact details would be added. A reorientation of the Luca app had already announced Culture4Life in February.

Luca app: Free download from

More than 40 million users have registered at Luca

The CEO of the Culture4Life, Patrick Hennig, described in a video Luca as a “the few success stories in the digitization of Germany”. “More than 40 million users have registered at Luca and half a million locations.” Luca recorded over 330 million times check-ins. In the future, Luca wants to simplify and improve the lives of people, especially in gastronomy and culture through digitization. The use of the Luca app should provide for a better customer experience, “from ordering to pay, to tips.”

Consolidate & Report with LucaNet

The Luca app had been launched in 2020 to complete the collection of contact details of restaurant guests and event visitors, which prescribed in most infection protection regulations, as privacy friendly and efficiently as possible. Hennig said his company maintained the entire health department infrastructure. “In the future, it can be used anytime if necessary.”

Again and again there were heavy criticism

The Luca system had always ignited violent criticism. The Luca skeptics disturbed themselves mainly at the concept of a central data storage. Critics, like the Chaos Computer Club, warned against misuse of the data stocks collected via the LUCA system. Although the Luca encryption system critically criticized, the Luca makers could not prevent in one case the police in Mainz had the data of guests unlawfully reviewed the health department to clarify a possible offense

WhatsApp: Six “new” emojis function of users eagerly awaited

For the year 2022, many new WhatsApp functions are announced. Especially an improved emoji function for many users of interest.

Dortmund – Various new WhatsApp functions are announced for the year 2022 *. In addition to new playback options for voice messages, the improved emoji function is of particular interest to many users.

WhatsApp: Update improves emoji function considerably

WhatsApp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS - you should try!!! 2021

Currently, WhatsApp * tests intensively the so-called news reactions, as Wabetainfo reported. The reactions are available at competitor Telegram * for a while. Now it should not take a long time with WhatsApp until a new feature arrives at all users of the messenger.

If you do not want to answer messages with a text, but alone with an emoji, you will soon call the desired Emoji no longer tap into the text box, but can rely on the message directly to the entire “palette” at Emojis by tapping the message. So it is possible for users to provide a message directly with an emoji. Also on Facebook this is already possible (more digital news at WhatsApp).

WhatsApp: Reactions come for chat news – users can look forward to that

Six Emojis are loud Wabetainfo to choose from, which can be found in response to a message. In addition to a thumb up as an emoji reaction for “Like” there is a heart, a laughing, sad and surprised emoji as well as the folded hands that signal a “thank you”.

The selection should probably be much more extensive. To the right of the six Emojis a plus icon will soon appear. Through a tap user then probably gives an extended Emoji overview, from which then can be selected. Whether it is all the Emoji’s, initially unclear, reported *

Also new on WhatsApp: Six playback functions for voice messages

One of the last announced updates at WhatsApp has recently already available. WhatsApp now offers six new listening features for voice messages. * Fans of voice messages are thus at their expense. Messages can now be intercepted outside the chat window, and the playback can be stopped.

WhatsApp also offers a visualization of the news in waveform – too much benefit is not visible in this feature, but at least: something new. All the more useful, the new playback option is written messages before sending.

WhatsApp: New updates 2022 – Response and voice messages

Also, that received messages are pausing and later can be practiced from the paused body, (especially given the novels, some users want to guide their environment) practically. Time-saving is also the new way to listen to forwarded voice messages at double speed.

Incidentally, a changed legislation in Germany could also make WhatsApp soon to some changes: users should be able to communicate with the users of other chat services easier . _ is WieWhatsApp part of the editorial network of ips.media_

Category List image: © Kirill Kudryavtsev / AFP, Screenshot Telegram, Collage: WhatsApp

Bank data by nasty fraud in danger: smartphone

A new mobile phone virus can cause great damage. This should be even more dangerous than previously known viruses.

Dortmund – hackers are currently giving themselves with a new virus access to the mobile phone and thus on personal bank details, such as bank details * white.

Malware steals bank details: These smartphone users are affected by the virus

In 2016, according to, a banking malware called “EXBOT” has appeared for the first time. Since then, similar viruses have always been ensured for horror moments. The new malware “Octo” is based on the ExBot virus and is similarly built (more Digital News at bank details *).

However, the new variant should be even more dangerous than its predecessor. Since it is an Android malware, hackers have only on users with this software. But even behind transfer mails sometimes is a rip off *.

Octo malware steals bank details: So tears are hacked by Android users

The hackers should have managed to hide a harmless app in the Google Play Store and deactivate the security precaution Google Protect when downloading. The virus works like a kind of livestream because the hackers can pursue everything the user makes their smartph1. Shortly thereafter, the screen is black and the smartphone can no longer be used.

For the owner it seems as if the device be off. But during this time, the malware performs various tasks such as scrolling, tapping, text and cut out and paste. The system is even able to block push notifications from different apps and to intercept or send texts.

Meet the scammers breaking hearts and stealing billions online | Four Corners

Malware Cloth Bank data from the smartphone: Hacker has access to this information

By monitoring, the virus comes to personal messages as well as social security numbers and pins of the users. This allows the saved money to be quickly gone in the worst case. Partially bonds fraudsters their victims also by SMS *.

For Google Play, the fraud detection software Threa Fabric has already discovered an app called “Fast Cleaner”, which looks like a legitimate app, but still contains harmful malware. For example, to protect yourself from hacker attacks, users can download a so-called antivirus protection and control their app notifications. _ * bank details is part of the editorial network from

Category list picture: © imago

DPD package ends with outrageous neighbors: “How cheeky can one be?”

It is a friendly neighborhood service to accept packages. But because of DPD there was an incident.

Berlin – Everyone knows it: At the door it rings, the postman with a packet for someone else, not to be deliverable because the neighbor is not at home. As it belongs, you accept the packet and waits for the affected neighbor to come and pick it up. Normally, of course, one stirs the foreign goods, only the label can be examined more closely in curiosity. In Berlin *, some neighbors were not so considerate, opened the assumed package and enjoyed the content.

DPD package lands at the neighbor: “How can you be so cheeky?!”

On one at the Instagram * -account “Notesofberlin” landed notes, a Berliner makes her suffering publicly. In the package, which the neighbors accepted were therefore wine bottles. That saw the neighbors well as an invitation and drank the foreign wine empty (read more service * neews at package).

Particularly cheeky: The empty bottles disposed of the thirsty in the refusal of the multi-family house, so the actual recipient knew what matters is. In a letter to the neighbors is to read what the Berliner is particularly outraged: “1. Was that my birthday present of a friend and 2. How can you be so cheeky?! “

Package of DPD was given in the neighbor – and ensures stress

From the postal service, the recipient will expect a message in the coming week, which will then be revealed, which the neighbors committed the impudence. Until then, she still gives the chance to report personally, reports . This smells of stress in the neighborhood !

Incidentally, DPD has set a certain service in Germany *. This means that the DHL is soon without competition.

DPD wine package at the neighbor: This is how the Instagram world reacts

In the comments to the post, especially curiosity and pity mix. Many want to know how the thriller goes out of the empty wine and ask for updates. Others show compassion or humor.

One writes: “That’s a cry,” says, and another means: “The or the neighbor has certainly meant well, quasi as a pre-caster. If there is a review now, like: was tasty and tasted in the finish slightly pelzig, but you’ll be the same with which wine you have to do. “A DHL messenger explained on a note, why he does not deliver a package. _ * is like package an offer of iPPen.Media_

Category list picture: © Imago / Martin Wagner

More than just a search engine: Three Google

Google Gravity If you typed “Google Gravity” on the home page and then on “Good luck!” Clicks, you activate the gravitational force. And that causes the complete Google page to be dissolved in its components. With a pressed mouse button you can then skid the Google components through the area. ## do a barrell roll With this command you bring Google to turn in the circle like a vinyl on a turntable. “DO A BARREL ROLL”, to German: “Making a turn around the longitudinal axis”. ## Zerg Rush For whom the normal search is not a challenge, who has not yet tried “Zerg Rush”. The name plays on a computer game in which the strategy is to attack recklessly. And that’s exactly what you have to do at “Zerg Rush”. Further funny features can be found below “” – Google written backwards.

How to recognize fraudsters online

Each third German goes on the internet on dating and uses digital dating to find a new love (source: bitkom), but not everyone says it’s serious – Love Scam is the keyword.

Criminals use Tinder and other dating platforms, chats and social networks specifically to make unsuspecting singles to facilitate monetary amounts or to reach their personal documents, such as identity papers. The German IT security manufacturer G Data warns internet users in front of these love fraud attacks and gives tips for secure online flirts.

  • Product Tip: Case “Love Scamming” – Rotated on Online Dating: “I was sure he loves me”

“Love Scam is a very perfidious stitch that works well from criminal views,” explains Tim Berghoff, Security Evangelist at G Data. “The criminals exploit the good faith of the singles and just leave their victims when no longer responds to news.

For users, Love Scam can have serious consequences if the perpetrators use, for example, transmitted identity papers for counterfeit identities and offenses. Therefore, you should stop chats immediately if you feel that it’s all about money or personal information. “

How Love Scam works

Many singles are looking for their great love on the internet. Social networks and online dating apps are quickly in contact with other people looking for a new partner or partner. Here, the Love Scam stitch uses: About fake user profiles – often with pictures that show a very good-looking woman or a man – take the perpetrators to the singles.

If the contact becomes narrower, the perpetrators ask for monetary amounts, for example to pay a plane ticket for the alleged meeting or to pay for a presupply necessary medical treatment. Numbers the lovers the money, the amount is irretrievably lost. Often the criminals also have official documents, e.g. Passes or ID cards, apart and ask for a copy to use them for counterfeiting.

For singles in search of the big love not falling in love scamers, they should be a few advice. The German IT security manufacturer GDATA gives tips for safe flirting in the network.

  • Reading tip: Bye, online dating!: How best to meet singles

So you safely flirt at Tinder & Co.

1.Abeimkeeping with fast love skewers:

If flirter is already overwhelmed with the first contact with debowing love declarations, caution is required.

2. Names on the Internet Counterclock

Users can check the name of their new acquaintance online and see if this is known as Scamming profile. For pictures, a reverse picture search is also worthwhile, maybe you get more information here.

3. Do not give too many details from you

Since nobody can tell if your favorite really hides behind the profile, you should wait with personal details to the real meeting.

4. Save chat gradients and photos

It makes sense to store the chat courses to hand over them later, if.

  • Surftipp: already gone to the glue? – The “Softboi” mesh: Fieser dating tactics are lulled women

5. No payments to unknown

If the flirt partner asks for money, for example, for a flight ticket, a visa or a medical treatment, no payment should be made.

6. No copies of official documents send

Defects, passes and other official papers should never be shipped. Users then have no control more about what happens to the documents.

7. Put a criminal complaint

Users who have become victims of Love Scam should provide a criminal complaint at the police. That’s important, if legal action should be initiated against the victim for payments or misuse of the identity.

8th. Well protected to the Internet

A comprehensive safety solution with a powerful real-time protection requires all computers, smartphones and tablets and protects against malicious code. Users are particularly well protected with newly integrated deepray technology. With the help of an artificial intelligence, it ensures even better protection against harmful processes.

9. Be up-to-date

The software, apps and the operating system installed on the PC and the mobile device should always be up to date and all available updates will be installed immediately. Users include security gaps that could exploit criminals for attacks.

Sparkasse creates many years of function – millions of customers are affected

Sparkassen customers beware: The credit institution just creates one of its many years of service. There is no alternative.

Germany – With around 50 million customers, the Sparkasse in Germany is the undisputed number one under the financial service providers. Much of these customers now has to set a huge changeover, because the savings bank will make two services permanently.

Sparkasse creates payment functions – millions of customers are affected by conversion

Specifically, the abolition of the two payment functions “Money Card” and “Girogo”, which were for years on the offer of the savings bank. Both functions belonged to the normal equipment of the Red Sparkassen Card. Already since July 1 2020 no new cards are published with these functions more.

The Sparkasse itself informs on your website that existing savings bank cards with the mentioned functions in the coming years should be gradually replaced by new cards. By the end of 2024, the cards with cash card and Girogo function should be completely disappeared from the market. First of last year, another innovation had been announced with giro cards.

“Money card” and “Girogo”: Simple prepaid payment functions at the Sparkasse

As the reasons for the abolition of long-term services, the savings bank call “changed market conditions”. Both the payment function with the cash card and Girogo have been less used by customers in recent years. Meanwhile, the “contactless payment” with the savings bank card, paying by credit card or smartphone are much more popular.

Paying with the money card / girogo is only possible by prior charging by credit (prepaid). The function can be paid to the Girocard for the electronic wallet, with the smaller purchases of up to 25 euros quickly and without entering a PIN or signature of the receipt (more news about digital at Card).

What happens to the prepaid cards with existing credit?

With future savings bank cards, this feature will no longer be possible. What concretely means that no credit can be booked more on the map. The prepaid possibility is completely eliminated.

Customers who are currently still saving bank cards with cash card or Girogo feature can pay with it until the end of the validity of your cards. Maximum but only until December 31, 2024. Existing credit remains until then. In addition, however, the Sparkassen Card must be unloaded by 31 March 2025 at the latest.

Cryptographic Attacks - SY0-601 CompTIA Security+ : 1.2

No prepaid function More at the Sparkasse: Which alternatives have customers?

A new prepaid payment function no longer offers the savings bank after the abolition of both services. However, the company points out that the normal payment with the Sparkassen Card (debit from the account) is a fast and secure alternative to the cash card and Girogo.

Paying with the smartphone is also, especially in Corona times, another and above all hygienic method to pay shopping quickly and contactless. Until a purchase value of 50 euros, no PIN entry is necessary according to the savings bank.

By the way: If you prefer paying cash instead of card, you will increasingly get problems. Because in Germany there are always fewer ATMs. The reason for this is the digitization.

Category list picture: © Fabian Summer / dpa; Collage: Card

CEO of V4 Company teaches how to earn up to R $ 10 thousand per month with marketing

Digital marketing is a subject that dominates the entrepreneurial ecosystem. No wonder, looking for deepening in the theme is constant among anyone who seeks professional positioning. Whether it is with the goal of advancing on the career as a professional area or developing your own business, the knowledge and skills of digital marketing become essential for success on the Internet (and outside it).

V4 Company, Brazil’s largest marketing advice, understands these needs and, along with the examination, will be contributing to the training of future professionals from the area through a live masterclass.

Learn from Brazil’s largest marketing advisory the most important skills for the area’s professional

The class will be given on February 15, at 7:00 p.m., by the CEO and founder of V4: Dener Lippert, who studied marketing at La Salle University and is a professional with vast experience in the field. He founded his first company at age 14 and at 18, he founded V4, which almost a decade has been with 100 offices and more than 300 professionals.

According to Lippert, the Digital Marketing Professional has the possibility to earn up to $ 10,000 a month on the Internet using the ten skills he plans to share during class.

How to write professional emails in English
Learn the most important skills for a professional win up to R $ 10 thousand a month

To ensure your vacancy, you must sign up for this link. Do not miss the opportunity to train and graduate as a future professional marketing.

6 features of CovPass and the Corona warning

Whether in the restaurant, shopping or bus and train: almost everywhere you have to carry your vaccination certificate and show. Probably the easiest way is the digital detection, which many save in the Compass app. And at the latest since the Corona warning app can also read codes of the Luca app, it is the better choice when checking in for events and Co. But both in the Compass and in the Corona warning app have a few practical addition Features hiding, many do not even know. Below we show you the best tips and tricks for both applications. Tips and tricks for the corona warning app

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