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Street Fighter 6 prepares us for battles with Guile through its unique music motif

And currently, as we see in one of the latest publications of the designer on Twitter, it is the turn of Guile. Via a melody called Sharpened Sonic, from Capcom they intend to connect this tune to the journey that this character will soon. You can listen to the style with the tweet inserted under these lines.


Guile has turned into one of Street Fighter characters, so his return in Street Fighter 6 has not been a surprise for any1. With the aim of encouraging gamers around the soundtrack of delivery, Capcom has actually been sharing the musical motifs that will represent some of the struggles of the personnel, that includes Ryu, Chun-Li and Luke.

Guile is, along with Ryu and Chun-li, one of the characters that will certainly have a different look to use within the game. Presently, Capcom tries to raise the assumptions of the community for a launch prepared for some time of 2023 , yet in 3DJUGOS we are already delighted with this next installation. What are our objectives? We have 6 Street Fighter 6 tricks that give us great factors for to rely on the king of the 2D fight .

You will certainly not recognize what has hit you. Pay attention to Guile’s theme of Street Fighter 6, which stands for your launch in the direction of a brand-new journey , Capcom includes the publication. It is expected that, in the coming weeks, more tunes connected to shipment fighters are disclosed.

The first part of the quarterly update will be installed on Broken Ranks servers today

Today, the Broken Ranks servers will have an update that added to the game the dungeon “Castle Spectre”, even more useful and valuable award, the task of activating the dungeons and many amendments and improvements.

To obtain access to the new dungeon, you must first complete the ARS MorienDi task, which is intended for players of the 40 level. The heroes will have to investigate the mysterious curse that struck the Gastelhof Castle. But to completely solve the riddle yet. The developers decided to divide the update into two parts – the second will be installed later, but also in this quarter.

To enter the castle, you will have to pay 150,000 gold or give a rare ingredient – a black pearl. For the victory over the boss, you can get the parts of the armor – Gatril (helmet), Virtchil (armor), Nortil (raincoat) or Tyrhel (Chonozhi).

More details about monsters inhabiting the dungeon can be found in this material on the game website.

This Cammy Cosplayer presumably has the warlord

Born on January 6 in 1974, Cammy Whites is the only destination, with imposing-looking combos and extremely good moves your opponents in online mode from Street Fighter 5. While she is not busy to cross the entire screen using her Spiral Arrows, she probably exercises her different kicks in her free time.

Great cosplay to Cammy from Street Fighter 5

A pretty good example of how your last moments could look like before you set a few seconds in a Cammy-Kombo, the Cosplayerin Asmrkitten6 delivered to Reddit. Your cosplay to Cammy White from Street Fighter shared the user in various subreditits, and quickly received a lot of attention from the Cosplay community.

The Cammy outfit in any case has succeeded her pretty well, and even if the pose of her chosen reminds more of Chun-Li, yet she fits on kick-folded Moveset from Cammy from the Street Fighter Shares. Whether you can do the dreaded Spiral Arrow, however, is not known. Incidentally, the popular streamer Stpeach was recently received for a similar Cosplay for a short time a spell on the streaming platform Twitch.

Street Fighter 2 Cammy White Tiktok Cosplay Video @natylikespizza

On the Asmrkitten6 profile, some other cosplays can be found to popular figures from the anime and video game world. Among them, for example, ~~ Cammy ~~ Camie from the Anime My Hero Academia, and Sonya Blade from Mortal Combat. Maybe we will also see updated Cammy Cosplay as soon as the recently announced Street Fighter 6 \ – which looks a lot more realistic than the fifth offshoot – published.

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