Diego Armando Maradona returns to a football video game. The ‘Pelusa’ does so by Konami in Efootball 2022, almost two months after being eliminated from FIFA 22 for “a legal dispute with third parties”. It is part of a promotion in ideal team , its main game mode at the moment.

EA has removed Diego Maradona from ‘FIFA 22’

Maradona in Efootball 2022; already available for limited time

The Argentine star arrives at the Japanese firm game Armando part of the series “Enchanting Dribblers” , a series of letters that “reflect an outstanding performance for a specific seArmandoon” of the race of the selected legends. The selected Maradona version corresponds to that of the seArmandoon 82/83 . Just arrived in Barcelona he achieved double: he awarded the Copa del Rey and the League despite the four months he suffered from hepatitis.

The ’Ten’ is one of the three stars that stands out in this series. He is accompanied by Ronaldinho and Luis Figo. Of course, getting them is not at all simple. The collection brings together 150 players in total, the majority of average between 80 and 70 of valuation. When depositing 100 Efootball coins (your payment currency) you will enter a roulette that will give you a random player. The results cannot be repeated; Once you have one you will not receive it again.

In the event that you are lucky and touch you, Maradona is a player that allows your team to make a quality leap . Ball conservation, dribbling and ball control are 85, 84 and 83 points, respectively. In addition, the 83 acceleration of him allows him to start Armando few legend players in the game. To this we must add the game styles of him when he is controlled by AI, Armando ‘Balloon Magician’ and ‘Overflow in Zigzag’. He is one of the best dribbers you can find.

The promotion will end next Thursday May 12 at 04:00 (CEST) .

Why did Maradona eliminated FIFA 22?

We must go to March 23 of this year to know the elimination of Maradona in FIFA 22 indefinitely. From EA Sports they alluded to “a legal dispute with third parties” that forced them to erArmandoe all the articles related to the player, including those of the icon series in Ultimate Team.

“We share the disappointment with our fans and hope to bring again to one of the best icons at some point in the future,” said the company in a shared message within FIFA 22. Armando Efootball, the EA Sports game also also It had several versions of Maradona that highlighted its stages in this sport.

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