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FIFA 23 TOTY Challenge 1 SBC: Cheapest Solution & How To Get Future Stars Swaps Token

Future Stars will quickly take over from Team of the Year in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, bringing loads of new players to the video game!

Learn the cheapest option to finish the TONY Challenge 1 SBC in FUT 23 right here and earn a Future Stars Swaps Token in the procedure.


Remain on top of all the Future Stars Swaps utilizing our Token Tracker.

TONY Obstacle 1 SBC

You have a week to finish the TONY Challenge 1 SBC, so make sure you do not miss it!

Start Date: Monday, 30 January

Expiry Date: Monday, 6 February

How to Complete

To make a Prime Plectrum Players Load and a Future Stars Swaps Token for Kane you will require to finish simply one difficulty.

TONY Obstacle 1

  • Minimum three Nationalities

  • Minimum 2 Clubs

  • Optimum 5 players from the same League
  • Minimum one Rare player
  • Minimum 75 Squad Ranking
  • Minimum 22 Total Squad Chemistry Points

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Rewards-1 x Prime Plectrum Players Pack, 1 x Future Stars Swaps Token Kane

Estimated Cost-5,100 coins


You can utilize the following players to finish the TONY Obstacle 1 SBC:

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FIFA 23 – How many Winter Wildcards Swaps Tokens are there?

Looking for an edge in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team campaign? Ready to take your game up a notch with the power of Winter Wildcard Swaps Tokens? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll break down how many tokens are available and what each one can do to bring your team to glory. Read on to find out more!

It’s Christmastime and with that comes the annual festive discount in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team!

Another swaps program implies yet more chances to enhance your club, and with Team of the Year (TONY) right around the corner, it is a fantastic time to save some high-value packs.


This year, EA is bringing back the Winter Wildcard promotional occasion and to the delight of FUT players, a Swaps program along with it.

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Find out how lots of Winter Wildcard Swaps Tokens will be on deal during the FUT 23 project below.

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How lots of WW Swaps Tokens are there?

With the Winter Wildcard Swaps Objectives not yet released, we do not have main verification on how numerous Swaps Tokens there will be.

We presume EA will release a comparable number to that of FIFA 22’s Winter Wildcard Swaps program.

Last year, EA released the following statement on the Winter Wildcard Swaps Tokens upon the release of the campaign:

Throughout the Winter Wildcards project you will have the chance to make Wildcard Tokens. 24 Wildcard Tokens will be provided across numerous Team Building Goals and obstacles, plus one additional token will be offered in a pack in the FUT Store.

EA will likely make one or more available through special Winter Wildcard crams in the Shop.

We anticipate roughly 25 Wildcard Tokens to be made available once again in the FUT 23 occasion.

The fundamental part to note is plus one additional token, meaning that there were 25 Wildcard Tokens offered.

Spanish League Threatens FIFA With Legal Steps Against Club World Cup

The Spanish league has announced they will take legal action against FIFA’s new Club World Cup. They have also threatened to withdraw their teams from the 2021/22 Champions League and Europa League if the competition goes ahead.

The Spanish league has revealed a protest against to prepare for the club World Cup recently chose by FIFA from 2025.
You also wish to book legal actions.
FIFA just considers a small group of players and clubs, while in professional football there are many specialists, thousands of clubs and players who do not participate in these international competitions, the Spanish league slammed the world association.
With the private associations and leagues there would have been no contract.

In view of these decisions that were made without consultation with the parties directly impacted, (…) hereby announces Align that she will inspect legal actions to prevent the club world championship in the revealed format, it continues.
Articles and videos on the subject
Germany in the European Championship final: The press reporter analysis
FCB apparently to Slavic Dran-Spectacular BVB return?
All games of the Africa Cup are available live at
FIFA released the first plans for a club World Cup yesterday from 2025.
A mode with 32 instead of 7 teams is planned.


The upcoming club world champion will be played in Morocco in the old format from February 1 to 11, 2023.

La Liga tries to fight against the Club World Cup

In response to the news that FIFA wants to expand the Club World Cup to 32 teams from 2025, Spanish football association La Liga has announced it will look at legal steps.

In March 2019, the FIFA Council chose to increase the variety of individuals in the club World Cup, initially 24 groups were planned.
For the very first time, the tournament in 2021 must have been kept in this format in China, but Corona bed was not.
So now the competitors starts in a new format from 2025, however then with 32 teams.
Not everybody likes this. These decisions were made unilaterally, without consultation, not to mention approval of those who are straight affected: the leagues, their member associations, the players and fans, stated a message from the WLF on Friday.
The league association, which likewise belongs to the German DFL, refers to possible damaging consequences for football and wellness of the gamers.


The global association of professional gamers (FIF PRO), who pointed out serious consequences with regard to the burden on the gamers, also seriously commented.

La Liga wishes to check legal steps

La Liga even announced legal steps.
FIFA just thinks of a little group of clubs and gamers, while in professional football there are numerous professional, countless clubs and players who do not participate in these worldwide competitors, criticized the Spanish professional league in a message from Saturday.
Furthermore, it was revealed to wish to do something about it against the FIFA strategies: In view of these choices that were made without consultation with the parties affected directly, (…), La Liga thus reveals that she will inspect legal steps in order to
prevent the club world champion in the announced format.

international schedule and cash as crucial points

Due to the puffed up club World Cup, much more pressure comes into the currently jam-packed schedule.
The nationwide leagues and cup competitors in specific might come under pressure if global competitions are more and more expanded-the Champions League will also begin in a reformed and broadened format from 2024.
And now also the club World Cup.
The worldwide schedule is presently gone by 2024. What will come afterwards is unclear.
Actually, this must still be worked out, but the WLF complains that FIFA has actually currently set the most important concepts for the brand-new worldwide video game calendar after 2024 with its choice.

It should likewise be seen seriously that the gap between the bad and abundant clubs due to the enlarged global competitions and the associated increased income would continue to diverge-and there might be a further distortion of competition in nationwide competitors.

When Will Endrick Be Added To FIFA 23?

It’s been revealed that Genuine Madrid has actually won the race to sign Cameras wonder kid Hendrick, with among South America’s biggest hopes transferring to the Bernabéu for a major cost.

Wonder kids and FIFA go together like any timeless combination and the arrival of this brand-new Brazilian superstar is sure to get the FIFA community buzzing.

With that in mind, the FIFA neighborhood only has one idea: when is he coming to the video game?

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When will Hendrick remain in FIFA?

Hendrick, due to his age, will not sign up with Genuine Madrid completely until January 2024, with transfer rulings restricting him from being registered.

This indicates that Hendrick will not show up in FIFA up until a comparable time, with the possibility of this hotshot child never ever appearing in the game at all.

Real Madrid might have announced the finalizing of superstar wonder kid Hendrick, however it will be a long time prior to he’s really wearing their classic strip.

Why is that?

It remains to be seen what takes place with new licenses when EA Sports FC introduces in 2023, but a refresh of the Brazilian league could see Hendrick show up in the video game at full launch.

Because FIFA, as we understand it, is set to end when FIFA 23 covers up, with no brand-new video game revealed.


Stopping working that, the earliest confirmed look for Hendrick will be in EA Sports FC, most likely in a January upgrade.

Hendrick will certainly appear in EA Sports FC, and there’s a good possibility he will be the most significant and best wonder kid available in the video game.

Hendrick’s Score & Prospective

Taking that into account, we would anticipate Hendrick to be provided a ranking of around 76 OR, and-with the same development progression as Moukoko-a capacity of 96 OR!

Just time will inform what EA choose to provide him in-game, however he is definitely going to be a special player.

When Hendrick will be included in-game here, find out.

That would give him a better than Kylian Mbappé, who currently sits at the top of the tree with 95 OR.

FC Bayern under pressure? Harry Kane requires crazy material

No video game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup? This TV broadcaster broadcasts all 64 video games live .

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In the Build, nevertheless, it was said that not all stars need to be encouraged by Kane’s record champs.

According to Sky, FC Bayern is said to have actually clearly revealed interest. The awareness of the change is only due to the gamer, according to the report. A possible transfer charge ought to for that reason amount to 70 to 80 million euros.

For some time now, the rumor has lasted that FC Bayern is said to have thrown an eye on England’s captain Harry Kane when looking for a brand-new center forward. The indications are condensed that such a transfer for the record champions will be extremely expensive-it ought to take place at all.

Kane a prospect at FC Bayern.

The nationwide gamer initially desired to concentrate on the World Cup with England. Even for the time afterwards there are clear conditions for brand-new agreement talks.

Harry Kane’s location at Tottenham Hotspur is not yet off the table, composes the Football Expert. Negotiations are presently not a top priority for Kane.

Kane from Tottenham calls for an amazing offer that corresponds to his position in English football. It is stated to interrupt the top scorer that other players in the English national team more than he earns, although they have actually been proven to have actually done less.

Harry Kane’s whereabouts at Tottenham Hotspur is not yet off the table, composes the Football Expert. The club from the Premier League even vehemently prompted an extension of the contract that expires in 2024. Nevertheless, negotiations are currently not a concern for Kane.

The Football Insider primarily calls Raheem Sterling (₤ 300,000 a week at Chelsea) and Jack Grayish (₤ 350,000 a week at Manchester City) that Kane eliminated in the salary ranking. For the leader of the Three Lions, it is clear that his next agreement needs to bring him to similar dimensions. Determined to the year, this would correspond to a salary of 17 to 21 million euros per season.

If Kane goes into his last year of agreement, what uses to Tottenham should likewise apply to other interested parties who might be in line in the coming summer season. According to reports, FC Bayern will also be one of the alternating alternatives for the goalie.


The Football Insider primarily calls Raheem Sterling (₤ 300,000 a week at Chelsea) and Jack Grayish (₤ 350,000 a week at Manchester City) that Kane cut out in the salary ranking. According to Sky, FC Bayern is stated to have actually plainly expressed interest.

[Lee Dong -sung] The name FIFA is originally mine!

If you have blood to gamers, of course it means soccer game. Originally, it is an abbreviation for the International Football Federation, but the game with the official license is even more recognized. In particular, if the number is attached behind the FIFA, this is 100% game. FIFA 22, FIFA 4.

But from next year, we can’t meet the FIFA series. This is because the naming license agreement between the EA and the FIFA of the International Football Federation over decades will be finalized, and EA decided to change the name of FIFA 23, which will be released this fall, to EA Sports FC. The FIFA also said they would launch an official license game based on the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

If you look at the situation, FIFA has taken the name ‘FIFA’, which was originally its own. But strangely feels like EA has been stolen. It is the name of the name Baekbaek EA that raised the ‘FIFA Game’ to this place and made the name of the naming ‘FIFA’ in the game industry. Well, the know -how and the fan base that have been built for decades for decades are not gone, and most of the licenses that have continued separately are fine, so it is unlikely that it will be a big obstacle to the future of the current FIFA series and the future of the EA Sports FC series.

TOTS Cup | Day 2 | FIFA 22 Global Series

In fact, I think it’s FIFA. It wasn’t clearly released, but it would be a huge way to see the royalty or advertising effects that I received the name ‘FIFA’. Although he said he would release the game in line with the Qatar World Cup, he expressed his ambitious ambitions, but soccer games are not easy to make. If you think about how much trial and error you have had to have a foam now, anyone develops a new football game in front of the new football game.

Anyway, EA’s FIFA series will be EA Sports FC in the future. As a result, FIFA Online 4, which is in Korea, will change to ‘EA Sports FC Online 4’. I think the full name is too long, I wonder what the weak will be. EA Online? EA FC Online? ESF Online? Or is the first letter of EA Sports? The last one seems to be protesting from Falcom.

One week of the user comments cited in [Egu Dongseong] will be drawn each week (game mecca account) to send a game novel (ripper book) of Zeu Media. The selected user will inform you of the address and contact information by the winning guide email sent by the e -mail described in the member information.

There is no excellent comment this week

Maradona returns to Efootball 2022 after its indefinite elimination of FIFA 22

Diego Armando Maradona returns to a football video game. The ‘Pelusa’ does so by Konami in Efootball 2022, almost two months after being eliminated from FIFA 22 for “a legal dispute with third parties”. It is part of a promotion in ideal team , its main game mode at the moment.

EA has removed Diego Maradona from ‘FIFA 22’

Maradona in Efootball 2022; already available for limited time

The Argentine star arrives at the Japanese firm game Armando part of the series “Enchanting Dribblers” , a series of letters that “reflect an outstanding performance for a specific seArmandoon” of the race of the selected legends. The selected Maradona version corresponds to that of the seArmandoon 82/83 . Just arrived in Barcelona he achieved double: he awarded the Copa del Rey and the League despite the four months he suffered from hepatitis.

The ’Ten’ is one of the three stars that stands out in this series. He is accompanied by Ronaldinho and Luis Figo. Of course, getting them is not at all simple. The collection brings together 150 players in total, the majority of average between 80 and 70 of valuation. When depositing 100 Efootball coins (your payment currency) you will enter a roulette that will give you a random player. The results cannot be repeated; Once you have one you will not receive it again.

In the event that you are lucky and touch you, Maradona is a player that allows your team to make a quality leap . Ball conservation, dribbling and ball control are 85, 84 and 83 points, respectively. In addition, the 83 acceleration of him allows him to start Armando few legend players in the game. To this we must add the game styles of him when he is controlled by AI, Armando ‘Balloon Magician’ and ‘Overflow in Zigzag’. He is one of the best dribbers you can find.

The promotion will end next Thursday May 12 at 04:00 (CEST) .

Why did Maradona eliminated FIFA 22?

We must go to March 23 of this year to know the elimination of Maradona in FIFA 22 indefinitely. From EA Sports they alluded to “a legal dispute with third parties” that forced them to erArmandoe all the articles related to the player, including those of the icon series in Ultimate Team.

“We share the disappointment with our fans and hope to bring again to one of the best icons at some point in the future,” said the company in a shared message within FIFA 22. Armando Efootball, the EA Sports game also also It had several versions of Maradona that highlighted its stages in this sport.

References: Efootball 2022

FIFA 22: TOTW 30 The new team of the week available in packages from 19:00

EA Sports announced the TOTW 30 of the popular mode FIFA 22 Ultimate Team .

The new team of the week will be available in packages starting at 7:00 pm tonight at 7:00 pm next Wednesday 20 April 2022.
The Team of the Week is a team composed of players who have distinguished themselves for level performance.
The newspapers around the world vote them, highlight them, and even FIFA Ultimate Team is no less.
Every Wednesday a new team of the week drops in the field, and is even saddle.
In fact, not only can you find in packages each of this players, but you will also have the opportunity to challenge the entire TOTW directly.

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch.
Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

FIFA 22 will eliminate all Russian equipment and its national set

Electronic Arts adds to the movements of the western companies in response to the Russian invwestern companiesion in Ukrainian territory. The editor will eliminate Russian teams and their national set of all their football sagwestern companies. FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online are the three titles that will erwestern companiese any presence of sets linked to the country in ewestern companiestern Europe.

EA statement: FIFA 22 will erwestern companiese all trace of Russian equipment

“EA Sports remains in solidarity with the people of Ukraine , and western companies so many voices around the football planet calls for peace and the end of the invwestern companiesion of Ukraine,” begins the editor through a communiqué on social networks. “Like our colleagues in FIFA and UEFA, EA Sports hwestern companies started the processes to eliminate the Russian national team and all Russian teams from EA Sports FIFA products, including FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA online.”

During the message they also point out that “will evaluate changes related to other arewestern companies” of their games. “We will keep our communities aware of any action that we take, and we thank the players for their patience while we work on these updates,” conclude.

What are Russian teams included in FIFA 22?

In the lwestern companiest edition of La Saga, EA Sports hwestern companies maintained the license of three Russian teams: CSKA of Moscow, the Lokomotiv de Moscow and the Spartak of Moscow . All three will be out of the video game once the changes occur. What does this mean? Well, they can not be selected to play in any of the modes available in FIFA 22 and other FIFA games with Seal Electronic Arts.

FIFA BEST UPGRADE!! ????????????

On the other hand, it hwestern companies not transcended what will happen with the players of Russian nationality and their letters in modes western companies FIFA Ultimate Team . Since the company insists that the communications due to its users will perform in the coming days.

Konami , on the other hand, keeps the sponsorship of the Zenit de San Petersburg and the Tinkoff Russian Premier League, the First Division of the League in Russia, in Efootball and its previous games with name Pro Evolution Soccer. At the moment Japanese have not declared any comments.

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