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Tactics Ogre Reborn – Found consuming for Final Fantasy Tactics

Workshop: Square Enix Release: 11. November 2022 Platforms: PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch Over, PC genre: round tactics

Are you fans of Final Fantasy Tactics? The ears are now pressing: On November 11th, Tactics Ogre Reborn awaits you a promising round tactics video game that is not just reminiscent of the preferred round tactics collection from the FF universe in terms of optics, but additionally in a spirited means, as well as hence a respectable Lots fond memories promises.

old college round tactics reissued

The story of Tactics Ogre damaged down swiftly , because there is a typical for the round strategy genre battle in the rough fantasy worlds. We get on the shield of a young warrior that, after the fatality of his papa, obtains between the fronts of three hostile groups and defend liberty as well as justice.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn is a brand-new version of the PSP title Tactics Ogre released in 2010: Let Us Cling Together, which is even a remake of the original of the same name from 1995. Reborn is essentially a remake of a remake that desires to restore the round tactics pearl with a modified appearance, a refined combat system as well as more.

Here you can see the revelation trailer:

This is just how it plays: Similar to the Final Fantasy Tactics Gamings, you take control of a tiny group of units that steer their rounds over a chess board-like battlefield to gradually minimize the opposing squad.

In every battle you collect experience factors, change new weapons, magic, abilities and also classes (e.g. ninja, archer, knight, sword master, dragon or cleric) that give you other tactical opportunities on the combat z1. On top of that, you make decisions at particular points of the story that are supposed to affect later occasions in background.

These are the most crucial enhancements to the new edition:

  • revised graphics and also up-to-date UI
  • fully readied to music cuts (English as well as Japanese), new audio results as well as a recently organized soundtrack
  • Boosted challenger AI: opponent units must now adjust their methods to the design of the combat zone as well as respond even more dynamically to different battle situations.

Furthermore, you can look ahead to some Lifestyle enhancements such as Automobile Save, a much faster dealing with speed and also an up-to-date switch design, which need to make Tactics Ogre: Reborn a bit a lot more available than the initial.

assessment of the editorial group

Linda Sprenger

I am a huge follower of the round approach category, Tactics Ogre went entirely past me at the time. Tactics Ogre Reborn lastly offers me the chance to catch up with exactly the old round approach pearl that I missed at the time.

Are you anticipating the brand-new edition of Tactics Ogre?

I am a big follower of the round approach style, Tactics Ogre went completely past me at the time. I was simply so fond of Last Fantasy (Advance) that I place on blinkers and also had no eye for other genre agents anymore. Tactics Ogre Reborn finally offers me the chance to capture up with specifically the old round strategy pearl that I missed out on at the time. The story sounds extremely clichéd, yet for me the battles and also trying and tacting about with the numerous different classes are in emphasis anyhow. And also in the finest situation, I can hide myself simply as well as in FF Tactics Advancement!

How to get Voyager engine at Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has many vehicles on which you can travel along the AID planet. Some can be earned by the plot or as a reward, but some need to be collected from details. This is the Voyager, and one important part is the Voyager engine. This can make you ask how to get Voyager engine at Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock Voyager engine in Tower of Fantasy

The Voyager is a vehicle that you can get at Tower of Fantasy. You will need four details: Voyager Truster , Voyajer engine, Voyajer case and Voyajer Office station. You can earn Voyager Thruster by defeating the enemies of Four Power and getting it as prey. This is an extremely rare drop, so its receipt may take some time.

where to find four forces in Tower of Fantasy

You can find all the enemies of Four Power around Navia Bay in Navia. They are often surrounded by other enemies and are quite complex. But you must be able to easily pull them out if you are at least 25 level . This is where you can find Four Power Okka, Four Power Smoli, Four Power Hethlu and Four Power Sendyrs in Tower of Fantasy.

all locations of four forces in Tower of Fantasy

You can find them in places noted red stars higher. The best way to farm four forces is to make loop around the bay and defeat them. When you start the cycle again, all enemies should be revived inside. Five minutes that allows you to quickly remove them.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read the sections Where to find a Leiver in Tower of Fantasy and How to unblock and play Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy in Pro game guides.

Complete stranger of Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin: Jack takes the examinations of the dragon king in the trailer

A couple of days prior to the publication of the DLC The Tests of the Dragon King, Square Enix sends a trailer ahead to obtain you in the mood for the very first added web content for Unfamiliar person of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

In The King’s Dragon King’s exams, players can dive right into a brand-new journey around the dragon king Bahamut immediately after completing the main story.

The DLC includes the following web content:


  • New objectives: After the players have actually completed the main story, they can immerse themselves in brand-new goals and experience an initial story about the dragon king Bahamut.
  • New careers as well as weapon kinds: In this DLC, the pilgrim, the Evoker and the summoner were added as new careers. On top of that, poles have actually been included as a new tool type.
  • Devices: Players can now equip devices that grant various special effects as well as status renovations.
  • Greater level of difficulty: In the development, gamers can play a new degree of difficulty called Bahamut. In order to be able to play Bahamut on the level of difficulty, players should have completed the primary video game.

Right here is the trailer:

Navi won in Tournaire Blast Premier: Spring Finals 2022

The Ukrainian e-sports team Natus Vincere became the winner of the Blast Premier: Spring Finals 2022 tournament in the discipline of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
This is their first victory without the former captain of Cyril Boombl4 Mikhailov, who, according to his ex-wife, specially leaked the final PGL Major Antwerp 2022.
In the final, Navi figured out the French team Team Vitaly, defeating them with a score of 16: 8 and 16: 5 on Mirage and Overpass cards.
For victory, they received $ 200,000, as well as a direct access to the future Blast Premier: World Final 2022, which will be held at the end of 2022.

Its prize fund will be one million dollars.

[Interview] Dot + Videm Up + Strategy Meets Final Night

Most of them will rely on their eyes when looking for a game without any information. You have to catch your eyes. Therefore, it usually shows graphics and directing enough to open a plausible artwork to the front or to open the mouth through a trailer. This is not much different in the indie game. Although it is not enough compared to AAA-class games, we are doing our best to show elements that are different from other games.

Doosoft’s ‘Final Night’ is a noticeable game. Like the ‘cuphead’, it does not mean something of all time. At first, ‘What is it? What is the graphic that looks like this paint? ‘ I thought this way. It might have just passed so much, but I was eye-catching for some reason, and I learned more about the game. In addition, the question of ‘Final Night’ also grew. From crude and refined graphics to combat systems. I could see that it was not just a game made.

I was able to contact Kang Nam-gyu, the representative of Doosi Soft, who is developing ‘Final Night’. Why did he develop the game, who had never majored in game development, and had never developed a game. He heard his story that he wanted to make a game of memories.

Q. First of all, please introduce a brief introduction to you.

This is Kang Nam-gyu, the representative of Dooshsoft. In fact, he is a bit embarrassing to be a representative. As a one-person developer, I’m making everything al1. Currently, we are developing ‘Final Night’, a non-strategy game.

Q. Most of the unique mission or team name makes sense. What does Dushy Soft mean?

I’m a little embarrassed (laughs). It doesn’t mean much. Dusoft was made to develop the game after work after work, and beyond bedtime. In many cases, it was developed for 3-4 am. That’s why her wife is worried. At least at 2 am, I grew up, but it came to me, so I translated 2’O Clock Soft, Korean translated into two o’clock software.

Q. It’s not a full-time developer to develop after work.

Yes, I have no experience in the game industry. I’m working on public development, but recently I rarely do outside activities because of Corona 19, so I had a lot of time left after work. So I couldn’t spend the time more beneficial, so I developed the game. But I challenged it, but it wasn’t easy. I didn’t major in game development, and I started with 0 at first, so I had a hard time.

The start itself was around 2017, but I didn’t have any experience, so I finally spilled the project. So, in fact, Final Night is my first game. I have been developed for about two years, and I am developing it all myself. The only outsourcing is the sound I can’t do.

Q. Is there a reason why you developed the game even though you suffered so early?

I really liked the game since I was young. Even now. From Balders Gate to Skyrim, Wow, Dark Soul and Monheon. I think I’ve played all the games. But one day I thought that way. What should I say? Feeling uncomfortable? It’s true that games are the core of such consumption. Some know the historical facts through the game, but the key is entertainment. But I didn’t think it was nothing else. Which game would be fun, it would have been nice to do this. Is it left? Probably, other gamers will be similar. So I developed the game because I couldn’t just leave that experience.

But it was really hard. I don’t know why it takes three to four years until I first developed the game? I did it, but I learned that it was natural.

Q. I often start with an easy genre, but I wonder why I chose the belt scroll genre among many genres.

It was simple. I’ve loved belt scroll action games before. In addition to ‘Dungeon & Dragon 2’, as well as ‘Final Fight’, it seems to have been a good thing to say that it is a belt scroll game of memories. I also enjoyed Dungeon & Fighter. It can be said that it affected. This is not only influenced by the belt scroll game. By combining WoW’s party play system, we set up a party and implement a system that targets the boss by changing the formation by itself, adding strategic elements to the action of the belt scroll to save the element of ‘Final Night’.

** Q. It’s called ‘Dungeon & Dragon 2’, so I think of the coop play.

Online is not supported, but local two-person play is possible. There are a total of four characters, with 1P 1 and 2 characters, and 2P operate characters 3 and 4. Actually, I put it in my wife, but I was satisfied. It’s fun to have a lot of games. And most of the game room games of the previous memories also supported 2P as standards, and as they supported up to 4P, they put them in order to save such emotions.

Q. Something is eye-catching graphics. It’s clunky, rough and refined. I can make it cleaner, but I think it was intentionally clunky.

To some extent, the intention is right. These days, there are so many dots that are so good that their eyes turn around. So I thought it was more important to use the unique personality of ‘Final Night’ rather than clumsy. Of course, it was easy to talk, but at first it wasn’t easy. I’ve been doing a lot of years, but I’ve been taking dots and practicing, so I think it’s my own style and I have a lot of picture skills compared to the beginning.

I thought I would use asset, but it wasn’t easy. I had to modify the ‘Final Night’, and the character was SD, but the boss monster didn’t do it, so even though I bought an asset, I thought it was better to make it myself from the beginning.

Q. I don’t think it’s a simple action game, but please explain more about the game system.

Basically, you can explain the lobby and the main stage. The lobby is literally a space to prepare before the battle. You can organize your own party here, with nine classes in the game, and you can freely choose four classes.

You can also prepare a variety of auxiliary items, such as potions, bombs, flashes, and throwing hammocks for stunting to the boss. As each boss has a slightly different strategy method, preparing appropriate items is the key to attack.

The main stage consists of four, and it is a form of targeting the boss. The bosses are larger than ordinary monsters, with different damage to each part. Usually, after the head is a weak point, it is required to throw the throwing hammer described above to accumulate stunches, hit the legs, and to accumulate instructions and attack the weakness. At this time, it is the formation of seeing the light. Since you can’t manipulate all four classes by yourself, you can manipulate the formation with the elements you put in, so that the boss can respond to various situations where the boss avoids and gathers again.

Through these methods, we have saved strategic elements with the excitingness of the belt-scrolled videm-up genre. On the other hand, there is also a logite element, but when you die, all the items you have collected so far will disappear, but only one soulstone remains. In this soulstone, you can buy a name for your name for your name and change your class, and you want to relieve the boredom of repetition play by allowing you to buy better equipment from the beginning.

Q. At first, I thought it was a mobile negative game. I often develop on mobile, but have you had a special reason for developing on a PC?

The reason I enjoyed the reason why I developed as a belt scroll genre is that I did so, but the same is true for the development of a PC. I rarely play mobile games. Let’s make a game that I really want to make. I decided to develop it on my PC.

** Q. If you have a party, it’s possible to organize a party only in the extreme case if you are composed of tang, muscle, one-deal/lawyer, and healer.

Available. And it’s not just a party, but a combination of item so that you can nurture a specific class in the desired direction. Even though it is composed only by the truth, the role of the healer can be played to some extent. For example, Monheon is strictly determined that even though there is no healer, it is possible to set up a healer by setting up a wide range of lovers, mushroom lovers, fasting, and satisfaction skills.


It is not that much in ‘Final Night’, but by installing an item that strengthens the party members or an item that reduces the resurrection time, you can use it as a party member to fight as much as possible. Currently, ‘Final Night’ has a weapon with a total of 36 equipment, and the stats are randomly attached. I think there will be a variety of combinations. In addition, there are about 20 items such as potions and bombs, and there are also magic rings that summon Genie.

** Q. Class

Navi kicked Captain Cyril Boombi4 Mikhailov from the team

The Ukrainian e-sports team Natus Vincere (NAVI) excluded Mikhailov from CS: Go Cyril “Boombi4” immediately after the defeat in the final PGL Major Antwerp 2022. A message about this appeared on the organization’s website.

The reasons for the breakdown of the contract are “high reputation risks for the club”. According to the leadership of the team, this is in no way connected with the result of the game of Cyril.

Navi thanked Bumych for three years, dedication and contribution to victories at various championships.

Cyril has already commented on the departure from the team in his Telegram account, but after a few minutes he deleted the message.

_ “Thank you all for your support, in a word not to describe the emotions that I experience. Now I will go to bed, hugging my wife. “_

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti: “The fGeForce RTXtest GPU on the planet” is now available for 2,249 euros

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti Review - My Experience!
After months of waiting and some uncertainty for their commercial delay, the new and almighty graphical card of NVIDIA is finally available, the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti , also confirming its final price in Europe: nothing more and nothing less than 2,249 euros . This can be checked through the official NVIDIA store, where said model appears listed next to the Rest of the GTX and RTX range.

24 GB GDDR6X and 40 Teraflops

Thus, the one known GeForce RTX “ FGeForce RTXtest GPU on the planet ” finally confirms its final price after several months of speculation about the amount of money I would be willing nvidia to put on the table. Finally it stays more than 2,000 euros in Europe, of course, an almost prohibitive price for a component. GeForce RTX it is usually customary in recent years, its price in dollars remains something below, specifically at $ 1,999 .

In addition, other manufacturers who usually market their own versions of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards have already announced their ** models themselves bGeForce RTXed on this new RTX 3090 IT. In the absence of knowing all the versions and their prices, the confirmed brands are GeForce RTXus, Colorful, Evga, Gainward, Galax, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit, PNY and ZOTAC.

Recall that the new nvidia rtx 3090 ti offers features practically from another planet with 24 GB GDDR6X at 21 Gbps, or what is the same, a higher memory speed of almost 8% compared to Model RTX 3090, in addition to brutal 40 teraphlops performance in the GPU processor, that is, 11% more gross power compared to the immediately lower model. The bGeForce RTXe frequency is 1560 MHz and Turbo mode rises to 1860 MHz. Likewise, it hGeForce RTX 10,752 CUDA nuclei and a consumption of 450 watts.

The best jobs in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a very unique game with one of the most robust job systems that exist on the market, so you can change your style of play exactly as you want it.

Some jobs, however, are better than others at certain points in the game, and we are here today to give you the facts as you can put down your enemies in Stranger of Paradise and choose the best job for you at any time of the game!

Stranger of Paradise – Best Early, Middle and End Games Jobs

There are 28 different professions in Stranger of Paradise, but some take the cake on their ranking in a part of the game. When you start and get used to the unique combat system, you will find that certain jobs make the handling considerably easier, and these are the best jobs for Early, Mid and End Game.

At Early game You will want to put your time in the sinking FAUFFAILER JOB How to get the possibility interrupt attacks so you can interrupt your attack chain. With his mighty blows and explosive forces, you can easily defeat enemies. You could also put your time in magicians, sword fighters or marauder, too. Magician is a particularly good choice as you can perform powerful strokes from afar and exploit the weaknesses of your enemy. So hold Puglisit and Mage on their character will achieve great results.

MID-GAME Here it starts to be interesting and allows you to mix more of your strengths and to vote on each other, as they have made familiar with the game. The samurai offers enormous damage, a good range and a killer weapon with which you can cut and dice through enemies, and pair it with the white magician for the healing capabilities you are ready to get this Point of the game to put the toughest opponents and take it with the biggest bosses.

And finally we come to it End game , where you unlock your most powerful classes. This is if you want to break out Liberator Because you can use All weapons available With this class you have to sacrifice nothing to kill chaos. They also want the master Tyrann class, as they can attach any kind of elementary damage to their weapons Embellish ** PERFORMANCE. You do not have to think much at this point because they are overpowering.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin | The Definitive Review

Bring the pain into the chaos when you master these classes, and experiment them free. Have fun with all classes that are available to you because you have to edit and render you to unlock others!

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Attack of the Fanboys / Player / Works in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Swords and Magic Somewhat different FPS “Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and Magical World” is also open to new players-Previous Play Repo!

※ It is not good if the image UI may be different from the final version. Also, the subtitles reflected in the screenshot are large for visibility, but you can also make it more noticeable with options *

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands | GRAVEBORN Class Preview & FULL SKILL TREE!

Are you playing a good route shooter of a reader? This time lucky “ Wonderland-Tiny Tina and Magical World ” We would like to deliver the play report as the play report.


# Goblin repression reversed together with alliance!

Two characters prepared for the trial version. “ Grave Bone ” and “ Staffomancer “. The character chosen by the author was a stabomanter and I thought that male characters thought. Gravebone is a female character that uses pets, and the trial version is allocated from the beginning. Since the stabomanter is not allocated, it is a specification that can enjoy build freely.

Introduction is suddenly thrown into the field, and Goblin’s “ Jar ” is creating “ Goblin repression anti-alliance (GTFO) “. This Jar is fun because it comes to “ Omigobe! ” with attractive sub characters. And stop the dragon god “ Volkanar ” of the dragon. This can be played as a side quest. Volkanar seems to have a pressure on Goblin.

# Many parameters that can be expected to be a lot of built buildings in the main story

This work has “ magic ” instead of the grenade frame. There were two types of Cool Down system, and two types of things that trigger and activated from long press. Variety, such as threating a barrier or throwing a flame, and flying wiben. The product version may have more variations.

In addition, surprise, surprise The concept of “close weapons” was introduced . As a result, skills with close weapons are functional and will make you feel a pretty freedom. As nearby weapons are also equipped, there is a drop, and it was quite exciting for any close weapons in Legendary.

And Skill Tree has only one in the preview version, but it is probably at least three of the series in the main story and have at least three. In addition, when it becomes level 40, there is no way to be worried about the “legendary rank”.

# Bodaran clause packed quest

First of all, the main quest called “ Goblin Repression Anti-Alliance (GTFO) “. Here is the content to launch the rebel by putting the GTFO poster or raising the flag. The next main quest was not progressing in the preview building, but I was very worried about the style to expect.

When you look at the side quest, “ Black truck ” is a quest that starts through the idol “ crap trap ” of Bodaran, and how to make a magical equipment. I do not know Poo, but for the time being, I will be used to make it and use it. At the quarry attack, it is possible to minify with a close attack, and the quest progressed when you collect a fixed number of ore. After that, another ore is collected or collected magic items. Ultimately, it is a bodaran clause that will be a ton demo deployment.

At the quest “ fighting warriors ” to take the rest of the ancient weapons, it is possible to avoid the battle and pass the other. Eventually, I passed an artifact to Goblin, but I was allowed to laugh at the development in the boss battle.

This build is the largest quest “ Person who defeats Volkanar ” will destroy the machine. After that, get a bomb and get a fight with “ Freich Kurs “. After that, I will defeat the priest and challenge the battle with Dragon Volkanar like Robo. Unfortunately, I did not get a legendary this time, but I may drop it if it is.

# Psychony of playability and hospitality

In the series, the message “ fighting and surviving! ” will flow, and if you defeat the enemy, you can be displayed as “ Secondow India! ” and resurrection. However, this time, “ Protect life! ” is displayed, and if you defeat the enemy, “ Death avoidance ” will be displayed. This is a good impression that this is the intention to play a new player easy to understand.

It is also sound, but as a statement in the interview of the audio director, there is a sense of “ Harry Potter ” from the title screen. In addition, the sound of attacks had a flashy feeling that I was traunched a little bit, but I’m a warm sound and it is impressive that it is a warm sound and it is difficult to get tired.

This work is a stronger impression that has been opened to a new player, and Bodaran does not know much, but the player will be easy to get in hand. How about trying to experience a sword and magical FPS? Well then, readers are all served, perfect!

“Fantasy God Section 2” Guardian “Raffil” appeared again! Valentines event is also held new!

X-Legend’s unique smartphone MMORPG “Fantasy God region 2″, after maintenance of February 16, “Raffil” of guardian and guardian ‘s heart “Raffile” is a shop, and period limited event “Cacao Get back! “Also informed:

Smartphone MMORPG “Fantastic Sun 2”, who produced X-Legend, and after maintenance on February 16, “Raffil” will reappear at the shop!

Furthermore, we will also hold a new weekly event “Cacao!” Let’s challenge this opportunity!

(Reprint) Guardian “Raffil”

# Limited time event “Recalling Cacao!”

“Lear Mitsuri Corps” dislike Valentine’s “Rear chart strike” occupied Cacao Farm to completely erase Valentine chocolate!

Let’s avoid the line of sight of the Corps and help the chocolate craftsman who is in trouble so that chocolate can be made!

# # Holding period

February 16, 2022 (Wed) after maintenance-March 2, 2022 (Wed) 14:30 (planned)

(Reprint) Limited time Avatar “Kamii Mai”

Costumes: Soha Yanoturi Hair Ornament: Tenka Musou (Male)

Costumes: Maiden Kaguraku Hair Ornament: Maiden Mai (Women)

Costume: Maiden Kaguraku Hair Decoration: Maiden Mai (Nymph)

Sales period

February 16, 2022 (Wednesday) After maintenance-February 23, 2022 (Wednesday) 14:30 (planned)

# (Reprint) Limited Release

Pingoo / Gold Pingoo (mutation)

Sales period

February 16, 2022 (Wednesday) After maintenance-February 23, 2022 (Wednesday) 14:30 (planned)

(Reprint) Limited Wing Wing


Sales period

February 16, 2022 (Wednesday) After maintenance-February 23, 2022 (Wednesday) 14:30 (planned)

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