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The South Town team will join King of Fighters XV on May 17

The characters of the loaded content of King of Fighters XV GIS HIS HOVERD, Billy Kane and Ryuji Yamazaki from the South City team will be added to the game on May 17.

This was reported by SNK

Team Southtown Billy, Yamazaki & Geese - King of Fighters XV reaction - May 17 release
In addition, the publisher will release a free update for the game, which will add tracks from The King of Fighters Neowave to the in -game “DJ Station”.
In the future, it is also planned to release additional tracks.
King of Fighters XV is already available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store.

Daejeon Daejeon: Ocean & Empire, the maximum level higher

Joy City (CEO Cho Sung -won) announced on the 2nd that it has been updating the level expansion in the mobile simulation game ‘Daejeon Daejeon: Ocean & Empire’.

The maximum level of the citadel and the monster has expanded. The citadel has been changed to grow to level 43, and three new soldiers and ships have been added accordingly. In addition, the 8th -level monster was introduced, and the items that could be obtained when killing were raised.

Various events will be held to commemorate the update. First of all, even if you connect until 18th after the update, it will provide a legendary hero box that can acquire all 62 heroes in ‘Daejeon Daejeon: Ocean & Empire’.

In addition, the event item ‘cold ice’ will be given when the task is performed until 14:00 on May 4th. ‘Cold ice’ can be used with a variety of growth goods and a certain chance of getting ‘Strawberry Bingsu’, and additional ‘sweet and sour strawberry’ can be obtained according to the amount of strawberry shaved ice. Combining 10 “Sweet and Sweet Strawberry” is a paid package.

Exploring Daejeon, South Korea | Insights and Advice from EPIK Teachers | 대전 Vlog

More information about ‘Daejeon Daejeon: Ocean & Empire’ can be found in the official community.

Liverpool-Brentford 3:0

Manchester City has collected on Saturday with the 1-0 against Chelsea further strong arguments for the title defense, but the FC Liverpool remains in the race — at least in that race to get this season again in sight of the leader. The team of Jürgen Klopp prevailed after only one victory from six compulsory matches with 3: 0 against FC Brent ford.

Without the Africa Cup Driver Salah, Mane and Data, despite clear ball possession benefits, the Reds had again difficult again, first Van Disk had the lead on the foot after a corner, but failed at Keeper Alvaro Fernandez, who previously had Laid past (22.). Inaccuracies Front Like Rear — Money shot after Matins Misfit just over (39.) — Prevented that Liverpool was so right in play flow.

Fabinho sets the foundation stone shortly before the break — Diego Iota twice in the bad luck

Shortly before the break, an Alexander Arnold corner slipped past all up to Fabinho on the second post, the responsive headed (44.). Brent ford once came very close to the balance after the side change, when Memo could not refine a Haggard dream pass (58.), yet a deserved home win on, the Ox lade Chamberlain had finally done perfectly.

After Diego Iota had only failed on the post (62nd) and then in one-counter-one of Alvaro Fernandez (67.), The OX Robertson’s half-field flank headed in flight from a few meters to 2: 0 in the net (69.). Kl opp had given preference to the leaner 0: 0 in the ligapokal semi-final on Arsenal before Min amino.

Min amino makes everything clear — 17-year-old debutant missed the 4: 0

Four minutes later, the Japanese came into play on his 27th birthday for the scorer — and met another three minutes later to the 3-0 final score (77th): Brent ford led a spoke very badly, Roberto Firming splashed and lined Min amino the Final decision on. The 17-year-old Gordon, who celebrated his Premier League debut, missed the 4-0 (88th) in front of Alvaro Fernandez alone.

The Reds held their residue on Manliness in 13 points — with a game less — and finished their youngest deep sovereign. A beautiful gesture on the edge: In Anfield, in the final phase, anchored songs for Liverpool ex-coach Rafael Benitez, which had been released as a coach of the FC Everton during the game.

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