Minecraft is one of the most popular games available on many platforms.
Since many gamers have several consoles, phones and PCs, you can play Minecraft on them.
This may make you ask if Minecraft is cross-platform.

Is there a cross-platform in Minecraft?

The answer depends on which version of Minecraft you play.
Minecraft’s hip version provides cross-platform and cross-fades on a PC, consoles, mobile devices and even in virtual reality.


This means that you will need to play this version of Minecraft if you want to use the advantages of cross-platform game.
Minecraft Java version does not support cross-platform, as it is available only on a PC.

Any other platform on which you play Minecraft will be Bedrock Edition.
In addition, Java Edition has another code, so it is incompatible with Bedrock Edition.
You will need either an area or server to enable the cross-platform game for Minecraft.
Usually an additional fee is charged for them, so do not be surprised if you have to pay to play your world on several platforms.
Perhaps you can find free servers, but you should beware, as some of them can be fraudulent.
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