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Overwatch 2 fermented with the start of beta test on a record in Twitch

The first 6th birthday of the first overwatch game is less than one month away. More important than birthdays is the launch of the sequel to the beet, which has made people rush to Twitch and get tastes from the upcoming sequel.

IT'S FINALLY HERE! - Playing Overwatch 2 For The First Time!
The codes distributed to streamers have been one of the major reasons to arrive at the Twitch streaming service when the beta of the upcoming overwatch 2 has been reached in large numbers. It is possible to obtain test codes by watching the broadcasts of streamers. However, they can only be used by owning the first _overwatch. So far, beta testing is only possible with PC.

According to Blizzard behind the newcomer, Beta has at best had as many as 1.5 million simultaneous viewers on Twitch. This even exceeds the predecessor’s top readings.

Nothing has been flushed about the time of publication, but according to Beta and the number of viewers, people’s expectations are high. After a lot of beta moments from the upcoming title, one can already say that the reforms are quite successful. The game’s functional frame still exists and the wheel has not been reinvented.

Overwatch 2 Support hero changes: Mercy, Ana and other changes

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Overwatch 2 has recently attracted a lot of attention because the beta version is in full swing and the players enjoy everything that has the experience to offer. Of course, the heroes will receive a variety of optimizations with the latest game if they switch from the first overwatch to the next part of the franchise. In this advice article you will find out everything you need to know about the knowledge _ monitoring 2_ changes that have been documented at the moment until further optimizations are made before the game is published.


all changes to the Overwatch 2 support heroes

The characters that players want to know immediately about the changes are Mercy and Ana. There are two major changes at Mercy. The passive (support) healing of the hero was increased by a whopping 50 %, which is an excellent increase in healing. In addition, the user interface also shows which heroes in your team you heal and/or buffst.

The waiting time for Anas Skilla Arts was increased to 15 seconds. It was originally 12 seconds, so this is a slight increase in the necessary time.

As for the other support heroes, the changes are:

Lucio: In the ultimate “sound barrier”, the costs of use are reduced by a total of 12 %.

Zenyatta: Similar to one of the changes from Mercy, the user interface shows who you heal or strengthen, and the position of this display has been changed next to the ultimate loading symbol.

Brigitte: This hero has experienced most of the changes from the Support Heroes. However, it is only for ‘Shield Bash’. It now has a cooldown of 5 seconds instead of 7 seconds and its range has been increased to over 10 meters. In addition, the ‘Shield Bash’ is no longer anes and adds 50 damage instead, it also activates Brigitte’s ‘Inspire ‘ability.

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baptized: There is a reduction in the primary fire-fold range that ensures that you get the precision required when targeting, and the healing of “regenerative burst” was increased to 100 instead.

As you can see, there are many great changes to many of the support heroes to support your various efforts during the many games in which you will undoubtedly compete and earn rewards.

_ Monitoring 2 _ is being developed for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

Attack of the fanboy / captain / Overwatch 2 support hero changes: Mercy, Ana and other changes in characteristics

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