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All God of War Ragnaroks analysis. What does the international press say? Is there a rival for Elden Ring?

The true god of war, that which hid us Greek mythology and discovered Santa Monica Studio, returns once again from retirement and does so with several pending accounts. The first, Close Nordic history to begin the wonderful installment of 2018. The second, demonstrate that Rates is not one of those who love themselves . God of War Ragnarök is one of the few games that have not been delayed at 2023 and dare to compete the Got (Game of the Year) to Elden Ring . But have you done enough?

Like Meditation’s analysis, where it stands with a 9.5, most of the international press agrees that we are facing a mterpiece. A game that exceeds in all pects its predecessor , and that h already been proclaimed a better game of 2018. Although the narrative awakens more contrting opinions , in the playable it seems that we are facing an excellent product that corrects The failures of your predecessor. This is the lack of dynamism of the combat system and the variety in the bosses and clhes . A work that does not invent the wheel, but to say that more and better it seems little.

God of War Ragnarök: All Analysis

With a 94 average so far after more than 60 international reviews, God of War Ragnarök rises an essential game, but not of the year, but of generation and history . Here is a list with the analysis of the main media:

  • Gamingbolt-10
  • IGN-10
  • PlayStation Universe-10
  • Push Square-10
  • Siliconera-10
  • The Independent-10
  • Twinfinite-10
  • God is a Geek-10

Attack of the Fanboy-10

  • EGM-10
  • Meristation-9.5
  • Forbes-9.5
  • Jeusxvideo-9.5
  • Game Inform-9.5
  • CGMagazine-9.5
  • Multiplayer-9
  • Screen Rant-9
  • ShackNews-9
  • Tosixthaxis-9
  • Eurogamer-9
  • Gamespot-9
  • Comicbook-9
  • Destructid-9
  • Central Game Metro-8
  • Digital Trends-8
  • IGN Korea-6

Hogwarts Legacy finally announces a release date, although we will have to wait at 2023

The terrible news has just fell. No, you can’t play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy during Christmas holidays. Some will sayI told youOIt was something that could come _, others will be surprised when communication around the game seemed to keep the pace for some time. Anyway, the launch date had not yet been announced while the largest games of the year such as God of War Ragnarok and scarlet and purple Pokémon that already announced it a few weeks ago.

The doubt, therefore, began to be around and Harry Potter fans to worry. As every week, we had the right to a publication about the game but, unfortunately, this time it was not a new game video or an image of the castle that illuminated our NFP, but quite the opposite.

As explained in the Tweet, the ** Development team needs more time to offer the best possible game experience. Potter? It makes no sense to accelerate development, Hogwarts Legacy will probably be one of the best games of all time and avalanche software must probably be under monstrous pressure to launch something that meets fans’ expectations.

Some Potterheads may feel disappointed when we know that lately all HL’s official publications have been showing us a 2022 end, but we will have to be patient before we can walk through the Hogwarts halls. For more details, you will find below a video message from the game administrator: Chandler Wood.

Official launch date for Hogwarts Legacy

On February 10, 2023, Hogwarts Legacy will finally be launched on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. In the Tweet, it is stated that the release date of Nintendo Switch will be communicated later. Although 2023 is not what fans expected, at least we can be happy to finally have a real date for the title; Now we just have to wait and, meanwhile, we can always settle for the few new images and videos that will be published in February.

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