Asahi Shimbun, announced on February 28, about the domestic game media “GAME cross”, and it announced that site update stops at the end of March this year. From the launch of March 25, 20020, it will be curtain about a two-year history.

GAME Cross is a webmedia operated by Asahi Shimbun. The magazine has a slogan “at the intersection of the people who loves E sports”. A lot of columns and fing south articles by professional players from “VAROLANT” and “Apex Legends” and professional players of MOBA game “League of Legends” have been published. In addition, the series of cartoons by cartoonists and illustrators, etc.

According to the GAME cross announcement, the magazine stops delivery of new content with March 31. The handling of the content currently published is undecided, and it will be announced later as soon as it is decided. The Great Dagger Department has a gratitude of gratitude to readers and has concluded the presentation. In addition, announcing a publish of the magazine Twitter account, an E-sports caster and E-sports team DETONATION GAMING etc. are lonely voice.

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In addition, it is the 2017 first-publication of E-sports media “Shibuya Game” that became the predecessor of GAME cross. A lot of professional gamers also contributed a lot of professionals, and content such as interviews and interviews has attracted support. However, with September 20, 2019, Shibuya Game has stopped stopping and closed with the end of the same year. Former members gathered GAME cross, but it was closed again.

SHIBUYA GAME The former editorial length and GAME Kakita Koshisu, who was involved as a joint editorial chief, “I think that it has grown steadily as a site as a site” on SNS, saying. Web site scale Measurement site SimilarWeb investigation, Game Cross’s last month PV for 5 million. Although this number lacks accuracy, it will be one indicator to fit the scale. There will be no doubt that GAME cross has grown as a media.

Domestic Hand E Sport Media Update Media Update will be sad for love readers. It can be said that it is a loss from the perspective of the diversity of web media. It is a place where the number of content accumulated in about two years is also concerned about.