“The Elder Scrolls Online” fans are watching! Bethesda announced a new and great story-ARC. 2022 Beings to the Bretons. In addition, you can look forward to numerous new DLCs and much more. We summarize the most important thing for you.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Performs the history of Bretons

As part of a stream, Bethesda revealed to which contents you can look forward to Eso this year. 2022 is characterized by the “legacy of the Bretons” – a year-round adventure, which extends over several DLCs and events .

The “legacy of the Bretons” is divided into four sections:

  • Dungeon DLC “Ascending Flood” (will be published on March 14 for PC and March 29 for PlayStation and Xbox)
  • Chapter “High Island” (appears on 21 June)
  • Unannounced LEI DLC (appears in Q3)
  • Unannounced History DLC (appears in Q4)

The Elder Scrolls Online : High Isle - 2022 Reveal Event Live with ESO!

The adventure begins with the first dungeon DLC “ascending tide”, which consists of two new PVE dungeons : “The Coral Ship” and “The Rereree of the Ship Builder”. You have the task of examining “the remains of the once proud all Flags Navy and to storm a coastal vertige of the mysterious ascendant order.” If you should beat well, of course you also get rewards. New achievements, objects and collectibles are waiting for you.

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Chapter High Island

You want to know how it continues with the Bretons? The chapter “High Island” continues the continuous action and should offer you 30 hours full of new content . Here you discover a part of Nirns, who did not occur in the range of series: the ancient island home of the Breton Elite.

In addition to updates and improvement of quality are among other things:

  • A new zone in which the islands of high island and amenos are presented
  • A new system called Tales of Tribute, a collection card game in the game
  • A new 12-player exam named Dreadsail Reef
  • Two new companions, Ember and Isobel, who can join your adventures
  • New world events called cracks
  • New Delves, public dungeons, world bosses and a variety of unique, independent quests

(Source: Bethesda)

Hoch Island: Order the chapter before and secure many bonuses

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Island is expected to be published on June 6 for PC and 21st June for PlayStation and Xbox. However, you decide for a purchase in advance, you can secure numerous rewards with publication :

  • Clothes of the Acquired Buccaneer as costume
  • Puppy of knights of the flames as a companion
  • 1 × box of dark chivalry
  • 3 × High Island Treasure Cards
  • 2 × Scrolls of learning for duplicate experience

You have the choice between:

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle (contains the basic game and all previously published chapters)
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: High Island Upgrade (contains the chapter High Island)

Both versions are also available in the form of a Collector’s Edition, with which you can back up more additional content :

  • Amenos ornaug as a riding
  • Balfiera-Scherjunges as a companion
  • Montage style of the empormal knight
  • Souvenir “Hort of intrigiants”
  • Action package from high island

Buy __Hochinsel at Bethesda

(Source: Bethesda)

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