In the future, the BBL will be against unsportable behavior in the pretension of fouls – that is against flopping . That announced the BBL on Tuesday after the 18 club managing directors had pronounced with a large majority.

By the end of the first round at the end of January, former international and referees in a test phase will form a panel that will look at contentious scenes on the game day.

We would like to signal our players unmistakable that the pretension of Fouls is not a sign of special cleverness, but simply unsportsful – both when a physical contact is tempted as supposedly hard or even when a foul not happened, said, said BBL managing director Stefan wood.

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The topic had been intensively discussed in September in September. The referees also reported that this form of unsportsic behavior last increased and make it more difficult to work. However, a punishment does not have to fear the players in the test phase.