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Health insurance wants to replace health card – nine million customers affected

There is a change for almost 9 million barmer insured in Germany. It affects the health card.

Kassel-The Barmer health insurance company is planning an innovation for its 8.7 million insured: Customers should receive the opportunity to bring their insurance card to their smartph1. Does that mean that from the health card?

Health insurance: Change of health card hits nine million insured persons

Digital identities will simplify a lot and make it safer, said a spokeswoman for the Barmer health insurance company. The insured should always have accessible and safe access to the digital services of the cash register.

This is possible via a smartphone app-and via a protected website. In this way, the Barmer customers could also access their electronic patient files, as reports.

T-Systems and ID service providers Verimi were commissioned with the elaborate digital project, the companies said. There is no information on the specific order volume. The contract runs over seven years.

Barmer health insurance: App should make conventional health card dispensable

The planned app should make conventional insured cards unnecessary-also in medical practices and other service providers. The digital identity is stored on the smartphone in a digital ID wallet, i.e. in an electronic wallet, said the Barmer spokeswoman.


The Verimi ID wallet is used as a digital storage location of the digital health card, which was approved as a safe procedure by the Federal Office of Information Technology. T-Systems then operates the service in the cloud (more digital news at card).

First health insurance creates an alternative to the health card-others could follow

The creation of a digital identity for health insured persons is legally prescribed in Germany. The basis is the Digital Supply and Care Modernization Act (DVPMG), which came into force last year. From 2023, all health insurance companies must offer their members a secure digital solution that works equally and in addition to the electronic health card (EGK).

Verimi and T-Systems said that the solution presented was designed in such a way that other legal and private health insurance companies could also use the components as the basis of their offer.(With dpa material) _

Rubric list picture: © Imagebroker/Imago

Are there any cheats for Sniper Elite 5?

Sniper Elite 5 is one of the few episodes that is old enough to have cheat codes in the first few games. Chit codes are not as common or easy to use as before, but they have not disappeared completely. Sniper Elite 5 still gives players the opportunity to deceive with the help of a coach.

How to activate cheats on Sniper Elite 5

The only way to deceive in Sniper Elite 5 is to use a trainer that is largely similar to Gameshark, but trains are available. only for PC . Download the Cheathappens Trainer . Then, when the Sniper Elite 5 launch program appears, click the settings button option and remove the EAS flag (light anti-chece). Next, start the game and click F1 in the main menu, and you must hear the “trainer is activated.”

hot keys of the trainee

Digital keyboard1 *: boundless health
Digital keyboard2 : invisible
Digital keyboard3 : unlimited endurance of the heartbeat
* numpad4 : an unlimited amount of light aiming

10 Things Sniper Elite 5 Doesn't Tell You
numpad5 *: unlimited ammunition
Digital keyboard6 : No reboot
Digital keyboard7 : an unlimited number of items used
Digital keyboard8 *: light teleport on the map of the track point
numpad9 *: Increase in the speed of the game

Does the Trainer work for Sniper Elite 5 in Game Pass?

Yes, this cheat trainer works with the Sniper Elite 5 version for PC Game Pass.

Refusal of responsibility : * Please * do not try to use this in a multi-user game . This contradicts the rules, and the game will immediately ban you in the multiplayer. You must limit the use of cheats by a single-user game when you cannot influence the game process of other players.

To find out more about Sniper Elite 5, read the sections “How to unlock all the skins of the characters in Sniper Elite 5” or “All difficulty levels in Sniper Elite 5”, which are explained here in the game manuals for professionals!

We recruit entries from the worlds mainstream …

The era of digital charity. World Digital Conversion Burns the wind and the world’s digital associates, which are represented by artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Metabus, Bio, and semiconductors, are becoming hotter. Here, as Russia’s Ukrainian invasion, the world supply chain becomes anxious, and the World Economic Order Reorganization has been moving.

At this time, the Republic of Korea will launch the new government next month. The next five years is as important as the future of the future. The Republic of Korea is still going to go. You can not hesitate or delay here. Hurry, you must go beyond the era of chasing, and you should go to the veteran of the past, based on the epicarized technology, and you must achieve $ 40,000 per person per capita income and achieve $ 50,000 and G5.

Five years ago, Chidinnet Korea is a science and Technology Information Communications Department, the president of the Presidential Defense of the President, and the Fourth Army Industrial Revolutionary Committee. In the ‘One Awards’, many innovations have not been able to receive awarded award, such as the emerging Ludde, who emerged as a global startup (awarded by the Occupational Minister of Overseas).

Before the launch of the new government, Chidinnet Korea is a ‘G5 Korea’ desire ‘G5 Korea’ in the ‘6th 4th World Revolutionary Awards’ journey. In this journey, the Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA), the largest software (SW) group in Korea, is like a. We look for innovation products and services that change the world in a variety of areas such as AI, Big Data, Cloud, Metabus, Mobility, Semiconductor, Healthcare, Pin Tech, Robot, Energy, Communications, Security, Internet.

You can apply for KOSA until 20th of next month. Application documents can be downloaded from the announcement on the KOSA homepage. Target Winner 3 awardes the Ministry of Occasionally. In particular, the ‘4 Area Revolutionary Awards’ is the only one of the domestic ICT public institutions, which is the only ICT public institutions, a total of 10 ICT bodies.

The winner is the special officer of the “Republic of Korea 4 Area Revolution Festival” held in the COEX B Hall, of course, as well as the Chidin Net Korea is a featured article. We will apply for many of the businesses that open the world than technology.

CEO of V4 Company teaches how to earn up to R $ 10 thousand per month with marketing

Digital marketing is a subject that dominates the entrepreneurial ecosystem. No wonder, looking for deepening in the theme is constant among anyone who seeks professional positioning. Whether it is with the goal of advancing on the career as a professional area or developing your own business, the knowledge and skills of digital marketing become essential for success on the Internet (and outside it).

V4 Company, Brazil’s largest marketing advice, understands these needs and, along with the examination, will be contributing to the training of future professionals from the area through a live masterclass.

Learn from Brazil’s largest marketing advisory the most important skills for the area’s professional

The class will be given on February 15, at 7:00 p.m., by the CEO and founder of V4: Dener Lippert, who studied marketing at La Salle University and is a professional with vast experience in the field. He founded his first company at age 14 and at 18, he founded V4, which almost a decade has been with 100 offices and more than 300 professionals.

According to Lippert, the Digital Marketing Professional has the possibility to earn up to $ 10,000 a month on the Internet using the ten skills he plans to share during class.

How to write professional emails in English
Learn the most important skills for a professional win up to R $ 10 thousand a month

To ensure your vacancy, you must sign up for this link. Do not miss the opportunity to train and graduate as a future professional marketing.

Pandemic: Game should be removed at the end of the month from Store

Model Editions is a French games publisher as well as main component of the Model Group, the world’s largest video games publisher. The business was established in 1995 by earlier workers of the Role-play Siri Productions. As a publisher, Model publishes its own games in addition to French editions of the games of various other authors, but in the various studios of the group, nonetheless, are developed and also dispersed by numerous purchased authors now in several components of North America as well as Europe and also in several languages.


Developers and Publisher Model Digital will evidently remove the game Pandemic from the Microsoft Store at the end of January and no longer offer you for a purchase. In the Boardwalk Subreddit, a message from Model was released, which means that the game is removed anywhere. The reasons for the distance you do not want to call, but it was not a slight decision, as it is said. > First, we would like to thank you and all Pandemic players for your loyalty and support. Unfortunately we take the Pandemic app from the stores. We worked hard to Pandemic for four years, and there was no easy decision to take the app from the stores. This decision was made from a variety of reasons we can not disclose heavy heart. On PC, in the App Store and on Google Play, the game was already taken out. On January 31, 2022, the Xbox version and the end of July is followed by the version for Nintendo Switch.

Analysis reveals how it runs GOD OF WAR in PC compared to PlayStation

In Nordic mythology, Ragnarök refers to an end of the prophetic globe with a collection of occasions including a three-year-old winter (Fimbulvetr), followed by a fantastic battle on the level of Sigrid. The majority of divinities like Odin, Thor, Fear, Handball and Loki, yet likewise the titans and also almost all men will pass away there, a collection of all-natural calamities will then see the world overwhelmed by the waves and ruined by the flames.
The Ragnarök is the subject of many studies as well as conflicts to establish the actual origin of the story created late, after the Christianization of the Nordic globe. Numerous professionals suggest that the messages describing completion of the Python globe are influenced by biblical stories, from the last judgment, including the Armageddon as well as the end of the millennia world, and also the Ecclesiastes, Some also locate contrasts with stories of other Indo-European mythologies, which could show a common origin of the misconception or outside pagan affects. For several scholars, these influences obtained from various other cultures and also reworded by Christian clerics are wrongly credited to viking folklore, and also misshaped the expertise we have of Scandinavian belief. This message could also draw its resources in observing natural disasters in Iceland.
Richard Wagner has a lot popularized the style of Ragnarök with his Opera her Ring DES Nibelungen, whose last component is for title Götterdämmerung, the sundown of the gods.

When Horizon Zero Dawn and days Gone arrived at PC, several errors were reported in these versions. In this way, the fans were concerned that God of War suffered from the same destination. However, recent prevents have shown that this is not the case, and a new analysis has left this more than clear.

Today, Digital Foundry published a new video that brings face to face the PS5 version with the PC , and it has been pointed out that the new release is the best way to enjoy the work that Sony Santa Monica gave us in 2018.

While the version of PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 are still worth it, Digital Foundry has indicated that on PC with the correct options, which includes a graphical card such as RTX 2060, The game reaches stable 60fps in almost everything moment. Similarly, some problems related to textures and particles present in consoles, are not found in the PC version.

We remind you that God of War is already available on PC. On related topics, we also already tried God of War on PC, and here we tell you how it is. Similarly, God of War Ragnarök has received its first classification.

Editor’s note:

God of War In the PlayStation consoles it is still a valid option. However, if you are from those who are obsessed with the Frame rate, then the PC version is for you. All the options present make this a first level experience in all technical senses, as long as you have the necessary components.

The New War is closer to the premiere in Warframe than you think

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative activity role playing as well as a third-person shooter multiplayer online video game that has actually been created and also published by digital extreme. Initially released for Windows computer, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Over. In Warframe, the players regulate members of the Tenn, a race of antique warriors, which are awakened from the centuries of the deep sleep as well as remain in a worldly system ( beginning system ) with different political teams in the war. Tenn utilize their war frames along with powerful tools and abilities to complete goals. While numerous objectives of the game use treatment generated degrees, more recent updates consist of big open locations that resemble other enormously multiplayer online roleplaying games, in addition to some story-specific objectives that do not utilize step-by-step generation. The video game consists of elements from third-person shooters, parkour and also roleplaying (video game) so that players can equip their Tenn character with improved devices.
The ideas for Warframe existed at Digital Extremes because 2000 under the name Dark Field. The business presented Dark Market in 2004 to prepare the magazine on the gaming consoles of the upcoming seventh generation, however might not find an author as a result of its theme. Finally, Digital Extremes 2008 released a video game called Dark Market, which departs far from its original plan. In 2012, programmers used their previous suggestions and also art things from the Dark Field to offer the successful free-to-play games as a Warframe.

Warframe - New War Release Date, Caliban Showcase, Harrow Prime

Originally, the growth of Warframe was sluggish, which was hindered by moderate vital ratings and reduced game numbers. However, given that its publication, the video game has learned favorable development with the growth of digital extremes for many years. The video game was played in 2019 by nearly 50 million gamers as well as is today one of the most successful titles of digital extreme. By presenting brand-new game web content and also settings, it obtained a great deal of interest from developers. The game is sustained by Micro Purchases, with which players can purchase items in the video game for genuine cash that would or else usually be acquired by Grinding.

Digital Extremes finally gave the exact date of the premiere of an extremely important addition to Warframe. The New War, because it will be called, will debut officially on December 15. And on all platforms simultaneously!

What can you expect? The most narrative / fabulized Warframe update has long been. The New War will focus primarily on the further history of the game. We will receive three acts full of dramatic reverses of action, and also will lead to the characters that have so far been our enemy. The new opponent will be the strength of Sentient, which decided to invade.

The New War extension will also introduce new customization options, weapons, accessories, as well as a new armor, Caliban. Caliban will be forty-eighth unique armor in Warframe, determined in addition, as hybrid and modeled on the Sentient fraction.

Even if you are not interested in the game itself, I encourage you to see Trailer The New War — it’s perfect.

Traffic light government wants to make ESPORT charitable

63 times the word digitization in the freshly presented coalition agreement between SPD, Greens and FDP appears, 226 times the word digital. Together with the prefix climate, they determine the negotiated effort intentions of the future federal government to 178 pages. ESPORT dives only once — but the name has it in itself.

The contract in the section Digital Innovations and Digital Infrastructure: Competencies in the Federal Government are re-ordered and bundled, introduced a central additional digital budget and subjected to a digitization check.

A so-called digitization check should also be subjected to the paper after the paper. Under the point of cultural promotion, the strengthening of Germany is called a Game site, in which a promotion should be understood.

Necessary step

The Esports-Bund in Germany (ESB) and the ESPORT Clubs in Germany can again quiet optimism. Thus, it continues in the coalition agreement: We create legal certainty for charitable journalism and make E-Sport charitable.

The non-profit is a long-term goal of ESB and clubs in Germany. Because with her, the federal government controls for the clubs. Money, which in turn is used to improve structures and can flow into the promotion of talents.

So far, the path of charitableness has always been a rocky. The path about youth promotion and education always only a way out, which limits the proportion of older club members. So now comes to the so necessary step for the escort?

Most supposed déjà vu or tentative optimism?

Ambitions also seemed the goals of the previous Federal Government from CDU, CSU and SPD. They wrote themselves in the then coalition agreement of 2018, to recognize the ESPORT in the future completely as a separate sport with club and association rights.

Unfortunately, nothing happens. Instead, the federal government hid behind the DOSE.

Not only was a small request of the FDP in September 2018, that it is currently no recognition procedure for sports by the Federal Government. There was also a further answer to a small request of the FDP on 5 May 2021 that an overpass of the eSport is rejected into nonprofit and therefore no actions needed.

Optimism, however, unemployed must not be completely made entirely, even if the ESPORT is called only in one sentence.

SPD, Greens and FDP, before the Bundestag election 2021, was in their election programs for the non-profit of Esport clubs in Germany. The coalition paper presented now seems the logical consequence. A long overdue consequence.

Warframe s Upcoming Update The New Battle Will Struck This December

Warframe | Official Trailer | All-Out War: The Story So Far
Warframe is getting ready for its following significant update, an upgrade that was initially teased back at Tennyson 2018 as well as once again earlier this year, when The New War hits servers this December. The brand-new update brings with it over 30+ hours of tale content totally free of charge for Tennis.

The upgrade itself is a story-based Motion picture Quest developed to take gamers throughout 16 worlds with 3 Open Worlds, according to a news release by designer Digital Extremes. The upgrade, which will certainly hit all systems following month, is created to offer gamers a continuous activity tale of self-discovery..

In order to prep gamers, the group at Digital Extremes is introducing what it s calling Prime Revival. This will certainly provide gamers the ability to unlock some of Warframe s most powerful, and a lot of uncommon, Prime War frames. Prime Rebirth will begin on November 16th in the effort to give players a lot of time to study it ahead of December s launch of The New Battle.

To commemorate the statement, Digital Extremes released a brand-new trailer for The New War, which intends to include even a lot more challenges, atmospheres and even more to the free-to-play looter MMO. The New War additionally includes Warframe s 48th Warframe to the MMO, along with brand-new characters for Tennis to enter as and also discover the world. You can look into complete information on the Warframe website. While December is listed as the launch home window, no exact day for The New War s release was provided.

Ex ubisoft developers make games without ubisoft

Digital Bros is an Italian video clip game business that creates, publishes and distributes games. It publishes games under its 505 Games subsidiary brand given that 2007 and established video clip game advancement school, Digital Bros Game Academy, in 2014. Digital Bros was started in 1989 as Halifax and also the name is still utilized for circulation.
Digital Bros is headquartered in Milan with offices in the United Kingdom, USA, France, Spain, Germany, China, Hong Kong and also Japan.

The relatively new developer studio Nesting Games has recently been adopted by the Publisher Digital Bros. That would be worth a message for itself. But the press release published in this context also provides an interesting detail: The studio consisting of former Ubisoft developers (Assassin s Creed) wants to develop several games in the future, but to do without the very familiar Ubisoft formula.

Nesting Games wants to focus on the development of ascending and immersive role play as possible. However, the team wants to turn away from the Open World approach known from Assassin s Creed and pursue other visions. Chief Creative Officer Jordane Thiboust explains this:

We want to return to creating roleplaying, focusing on immersion, great characters, powerful storytelling and strong gameplay. We return from the Massive Open World model, which is full of icons for clamping. Instead, we return to Experience back, which are controlled by the content and respect the time of the player. No matter if you can choose our games for 30 minutes or in a 2-hour session; You will get interesting content and satisfactory experience every time.

However, Nesting Games, based in the Canadian Quebec, has not yet announced a concrete game. The team currently consists of just 18 employees. There are several job advertisements on the official website to enlarge the Manpower as quickly as possible.

Source: Nesting Games

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