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From 2002 to 2022: which was your favorite video gaming

When the Gamer was launched in 2002, the present gaming consoles were called PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox as well as Nintendo Gamete. Given that then, countless many video games and brand-new systems have seen the light of day, the adhering to 20 years were peppered with a variety of highlights.

Gamer anniversary
This short article belongs to our anniversary week on the celebration of the 20th Gamer birthday celebration. You can discover extra short articles in our review.

Yet some years from this duration we have born in mind especially well or intensively in the pc gaming context. For instance, since of the release of a console, a specific game or due to the fact that we had specifically wonderful multiplayer experiences during this moment or composed hits. We’ll tell you which years that are for us directly.

RAE: 2020, The Year of Multiplayer Games

Yes, I understand it’s a bit weird to call a year that has actually not been as long ago and also that has actually left totally various traces of everybody. As soon as I didn’t want to name years that have actually currently been discussed right here as well as on the other hand, in 2020 I simply changed so much about my video game actions that I have to highlight it. Because in 2020 the moment of the multiplayer video games damaged down for me. Do not get me wrong, I usually had fun with close friends this year, but my heart and also my nights nearly constantly belonged to the solitary player titles. This has actually transformed because of the Lockdowns 2020 and a couple of decisive game releases such as Animal Crossing as well as War zone.

It has ended up being a kind of electronic hangout or coffee, even if not all play the same video game. I always liked the genre, but I never ever truly had the inspiration and incentive to spend a lot of time beforehand. This changed in 2020 and at the same time made sure that I have actually made or deepened lots of new friendships.

Linda: 2013, a year complete of blockbusters

Each, I still recognize effectively: In 2013 I was still researching sociology gladly in the second semester as well as to my pleasure there were lots of fantastic games that might sidetrack me from my stringent educational program. GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, The Last of Us, Bios hock Infinite, City: Last Light, Rayman Legends, and many other titles were captured in the computer game world at the time, and many of them are still my outright favorites today.

Black Flag remains in my opinion the finest Assassin’s Creed in any way, as well as I do not actually need to say words concerning The Last of the United States. I have currently ended Naughty Dogs Activity Journey over 10 times and still enjoy it. As well as I also composed my bachelor’s operate in sociology when it comes to gender duties in the Last people!

Eleven: 2005 when I met the PS2

Appropriately, I spent quite much every free minute with the partner said, after school I could barely wait to turn on the bike to ultimately locate out exactly how to continue. Later on, video games like Kingdom Hearts 2 or FF12, with which I had as much enjoyable.

Okay, I can no longer claim that precisely whether the year 2005 or 2006 was, I only understand that the PlayStation 2 can be acquired on for around 100 euros. This is precisely what a friend of mine and also Final Dream 10 obtained. Because I was not permitted to have a console apart from my Video game Boy Shade, the almost photo-realistic graphic was a tiny discovery for me at the time. Not just that when my initial RPG has Last Dream 10 additionally showed me what stories in computer game are feasible whatsoever, and I was practically obsessed with it. Where else can I spend 60 to 100 hrs with personalities that I like?

Dennis: 2011, The Year of Change

Devil’s Hearts was the start of a lasting love for the spirit style and the trigger to actually check out the video gaming, to research wikis, to be familiar with the extremely specific niche soul scene, to cover the video games as well as to create videos. Yet not only that, the idea of working as an editor in the Gaming location likewise became much more as well as extra genuine. Real that after my researches I used to the Gamer and also are currently writing these lines for the 20th anniversary right here. Thank you End, thanks Satanic force’s Spirits, thank you Frost!

For me, pc gaming was always a pure pastime for me, in which I would never have actually come up with the suggestion of doing my work later on in the time of my occupation selection. This dark action video game from this programmer, which is fairly unidentified in the West, just looked so trendy, I had to have that!

Toby: 2006, The Year of Halo-2-Lans

At the very same time, in 2006 the year of my initial sniffing was also an extremely unique one in the Gamer editor as well as a result of that in my individual gaming past. In a half-year internship, I obtained the launch of the Wii there at the end of 2006, as well as right here as well, multiplayer sessions were showing up until late-especially with Wii Sports. It was a year that I still such as to bear in mind today.

I can select out a number of years from these 20 years, but in 2006 I really felt the most intense. These sessions only had an erratic impact on my researches at the time, which is why this time must have been appreciated positively.


Chris: 2007, as a result of eSports as well as songs

This ought to additionally have an effect on my time in Gears Export. I owe the music video game as lots of attractive memories as Gears of War itself.

Primarily, a title dominated my whole year 2007: Equipments of Battle. The visuals of the shooter, which was still suggested at the time, wiped the ground with the entire competition, but inevitably I really took me the intensive gameplay, which for me is still the gold standard in the style. I can hardly solve myself from the multiplayer setting for a night, made countless relationships and also discovered the means right into the eSport. Throughout the year I determined myself with various other gamers as well as was likewise able to get a couple of profits.

Markus: 2005, the year in which we contact us

Possibly appears foolish, however in 2005 it began for the modern-day of the video game. It wasn’t that much about multiplayer matches (I was a bit as well slow-moving at the time) than more concerning the other elements of the solution. This begins with the Accomplishments, which have altered my video game behavior for a while-and not always for the far better-(whole lots of gamer score = excellent video game!).

Certain, the results of this transformation were truly felt in the years later on and afterwards on various other platforms. In 2005 the structure stone was laid for this growth with the Xbox 360, so it is my most vital video game year of the past 2 decades.

As well as talking of the UN: The arrival of the Xbox 360 marks the arrival of the indie games in the console world. That was excellent for the studios, however much far better for us players since we all of a sudden obtained access to completely new game concepts and also suggestions.

KAI: 2004 or 2005-The decision is challenging

In 2005 on the various other hand, 3 excellent things brought right into my life: God of War, Person Combat: Shaolin Monks as well as the Xbox 360. I located it fascinating what Sony got out of the equipment, which has currently been really elderly. And certainly the attraction was not detrimental that it was extremely harsh. The MK branch Shaolin Monks informed the story of my favored Temporal Combat (part 2!) As a scrolling brawler and is still worth a round today-it is except nothing that the fans still yell after a sequel or a remake. After that the Xbox 360 came onto the market in the direction of the end of the year as well as opened a check-out the future with their HD graphics. I still don’t think I loved a console as a lot as Microsoft’s white box, which when reviewing the DVDs with the insane loud drive sound constantly seemed to be reduced.

It is extremely tough to commit on your own to a year. The latter in certain interested me incredibly, due to the fact that not only an awesome tale with cool game mechanics was practically perfectly informed below, but it was likewise a movie implementation-at the time it was usually a warranty for electronic haul waste. Rather a lot of top-class players in a year.

Bast: 2017 since there were actually a lot of great video games

Since while every person talked about the Tale of Zelda: Breath of bush, I fell under the ruined globe of Near: Automata. I only knew the precursor periodically, today I truly wanted to try the video game because it was developed by Platinum Gaming. I was amused effectively in regard to play, however it was eventually the environment as well as the tale that completely convinced me. The philosophical methods, the melancholy as well as the lots of interpretation choices have actually guaranteed that the game has a location in the follower heart also after years. If I can duplicate a game year without memories again, it would be clear in 2017.

Somebody needs to choose the right year-at least from the perspective of the releases. In 2017, at least one video game appeared practically every month that either comes from the spearhead of the category or is very high in my own understanding. I can now discuss titles like Super Mario Odyssey, Perspective: Zero Dawn, Static, Golf Tale and also others, yet there is one that formed me one of the most and constantly comes with me-especially via the ingenious soundtrack.

Max: 2018 my love for Dark Souls burst out

Quickly after that Dark Hearts had to comply with. Then there was comfortably Blood borne at PS Plus, as well as in fact there was Dark Spirits 3 in the sale right away later on. Fate possibly wished to provide me an indicator. I provided myself the whole FromSoftware drenching throughout the year. When I didn’t play, I rummaged via hrs of Lore video clips, Obscure Reddit conversations or guides-and I ultimately devoted my thesis to this topic at the university. My life was Dark Souls as well as it was a great life.

The reality that my preferred year 2018 is actually absolutely nothing to do with the video games that appeared during that time. However, my individual Prime-time show is really around the duration from 2003 to 2010. In 2018 there was something extraordinary: Throughout my internship on an ominous site called, I lived temporarily with a buddy. As well as this pal released me a day for 3 months, day it was full just how terrific this Dark is. Using it, he also gave me the ready my birthday celebration as well as began an avalanche. I was actually tough at initially, to stimulate jumped over. After a number of efforts, I absorbed the RPG intact.

Samara: 2016, the year of my very first Soulsbornes

At the same time, however, I totally fell for the fight system, and also after the first invigorating experiences of achievement there was no stopping: Dark Spirits 3 was dominated numerous times, after that Blood borne was his turn, which was still a lot with his Lovecraft assault and also the high fundamental speed was much better. In enhancement to having fun, I likewise started looking at Souls borne Speed runs on Twitch as well as found totally new neighborhoods. My soft place for these heavy video games and also the passion that turned up when pc gaming made certain that I concentrated a lot more on gaming and ultimately finished up right here.

Initially I came to mind in 2022, because right now I experience video gaming more intensely than ever. This is accountable for the combination of my benefit Gamer and also the launch of Elden Ring, which completely took me expertly and also independently. The structure rock for the love for From software-and as a whole for the reality that I am so deeply rooted in the pc gaming today-but was laid in 2016. During that time I got into my very first spirit adventure with Dark Spirits 3 and at the start I have bitten my teeth fairly a little.

Annika: 2018 I entirely transformed my life upside down with gaming

I experienced numerous excellent open world experiences in this early days: Red Dead Redemption 2, Wonder’s Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey or Kingdom Come: Delivery. In 2018, however, numerous more top titles such as God of War, Hitman 2, Detroit: End Up Being Human and also Fora Perspective 4 supplied us to call simply a few. I really did not actually understand where to start. All the great video games in combination with the specialist access and the resulting experiences make it an actually unforgettable game year for me in 2018.

When I assumed concerning my video game year, only in 2018 entered question. Various other years might have even much better titles occasionally, for me in 2018 it is spirited however additionally very crucial at a specialist level. After I left the biology behind in 2017, moved as well as ventured into video game journalism in 2017, the 2018 trip actually started: I reported on my favorite leisure activity on the radio, experienced my very first games com as an expert visitor, worked at occasions such as the German Computer Video game Reward And also lastly laid the structure for my arrival at Gamer.

As well as currently you get on: which has been your favored gaming year in the previous 20 years?

As soon as I didn’t want to call years that have currently been pointed out right here as well as on the other hand, in 2020 I simply altered so much regarding my game actions that I have to highlight it. The truth that my favored year 2018 is in fact nothing to do with the games that came out at that time. When I thought regarding my video game year, just in 2018 came into inquiry. After I left the biology behind in 2017, ventured and relocated right into video clip game journalism in 2017, the 2018 trip actually started: I reported on my favored leisure activity on the radio, experienced my very first games com as a specialist visitor, worked at occasions such as the German Computer Video game Reward As well as lastly laid the structure for my arrival at Gamer.

All the good video games in mix with the expert entrance as well as the resulting experiences make it a really remarkable game year for me in 2018.

Proper and then like to compose to us in the comments why your choice fell for a details’ year. What did you specifically like, which games you particularly such as to consider or what else occurred in your life gaming-technology that you have actually worked with as you have actually elected? We’re left regarding your solutions!

Elon Musk informs why he does not wish to develop a console that rival PlayStation or Xbox

Elon Musk is a person that does not need any presentation, yet what we do understand is that suches as computer game as well as that has actually talked marvels of Elden Ring. In a current podcast of Full Send they asked Musk if he had an interest in to obtain a console to the market and also his feedback was fairly blunt regarding it.

Elon Musk does not intend to develop a console due to the fact that he would not add any type of added value his feedback is a no unquestionable , as well as moments later on he discusses that he is unsure that a new console include worth included to the market . The chief executive officer of Tesla has actually offered his viewpoint regarding the consoles considering them as generally PC **, so he does not see a big difference between them. It can be seen in 2:22:00 that Musk responds to the concern they ask him.

At the moment, what Elon Musk wants is to make the Tesla a game location, Steam is his next step. The development of this function goes well as well as may quickly be a demo ** to examine its operation.

Even so, in 2015 a first Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay might already be signed in a Tesla throughout the presentation of the Design S Plaid whose attendees were able to play the title. Musk said that automobiles will certainly have a degree of home entertainment and also power comparable to that a 5 PlayStation can offer.

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Elden Ring: Game without a single damage ended

Youtuber and Streamer _ “Seki” _ really did it!
He has played Elden Ring, without even suffering only one time.
Thus, this is the first recorded no-hit / No-Damage-Run in Elden Ring!
To record this run, Seki needed about three hours, but the preparation was a lot more intense.

He assumes that he has practiced over 130 hours and had to restart the recording again and again because of a malfunction.

Can You Beat Elden Ring WITHOUT Attacking? (Pacifist Run)
But now it has finally worked on how to see it in the following video:

Elden Ring fan commits the greatest of all mistakes and honestly, so what could happen to me

Wir sind uns sicher alle einig, dass Elden Ring ein ziemlich großes Spiel ist. Das Zwischenland ist vollgepackt mit Geheimnissen, Feinden, NPCs und Spielmechaniken und vermutlich hat so ziemlich jeder Fan beim ersten Durchlauf irgendetwas übersehen. Das Versäumnis, das ein Reddit-User geteilt hat, ist besonders lustig – aber ich will gar nicht behaupten, dass mir so was niemals passieren könnte.

Ohne (richtige) Karte durchs Zwischenland

Darum geht es: Auf Reddit hat Elden Ring-Fan indiebryan eine Entdeckung geteilt, die ihn stutzig gemacht hat. Der Fan berichtet:

Also… Ich habe gerade eine “Karte” gefunden. Dumme Frage, aber sollte die ganze Welt nicht dunkelbraun sein?

Darunter ist ein Bild zu sehen, das große Abschnitte von Limgrave, Caelid und Liurnia zeigt. Sämtliche Gnaden sind aktiviert, aber nur ganz oben in Liurnia ist die Karte aufgedeckt. Der Rest der vom Fan bereisten Welt ist tatsächlich dunkelbraun.

Hier könnt ihr euch selbst ein Bild davon machen:

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Indiebryan hat es also geschafft, alle Kartenfragmente auf dem Weg zu übersehen und die Mechanik komplett zu ignorieren. Das macht die Orientierung im Zwischenland natürlich ziemlich schwierig, denn auf der Map sind dann keinerlei Landmarken wie Gebäudestrukturen oder Seen erkennbar.

More about Elden Ring:

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  • Ihr könnt Elden Ring ohne eigene Angriffe beenden – klingt unmöglich, geht aber wirklich
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Ziemlich verpeilt, oder?

Die Community amüsiert sich natürlich prächtig. Barely_fits stellt fest:

I streamed until I beat Elden Ring. It was a mistake.

Ich bin ehrlich gesagt einfach beeindruckt, dass du so weit gespielt hast, ohne jemals eine Gebietskarte einzusammeln. Aufgabe erfolgreich fehlgeschlagen.

Gamebuster mutmaßt:

Ich kann mir nur vorstellen, dass das so ging: Renn! Oh verdammt, oh verdammt, o verdammt, renn! AAAA

Andere Community-Mitglieder können sich aber sehr gut mit dem Post identifizieren. WeastBeast69 gesteht:

Das war buchstäblich ich, nur dass ich eine Karte fürs Startgebiet und dann für nichts anderes als die Hauptstadt hatte.

Auch wenn ich nicht in diese Falle getappt bin und mein erstes Kartenfragment schon im Netzwerktest gefunden habe, kann ich mir gut vorstellen, einen ähnlichen Fehler zu machen. Ich neige nämlich dazu, es mir in meinem Eifer ab und an schwerer zu machen als ich eigentlich müsste und das erst später zu merken.

Außerdem ist Elden Ring, wie bereits eingangs erwähnt, ein riesiges und vor allem für Neulinge ziemlich unübersichtliches Spiel. Beim Austausch mit den Kolleg*innen fielen uns in den ersten Stunden ständig Dinge auf, die der eine oder die andere zunächst völlig übersehen hatte.

Könnt ihr mit dem Fan mitfühlen? Ihr dürft uns außerdem gerne eure dümmsten Elden Ring-Fehler in den Kommentaren beichten. Aber bitte seid nett zueinander. Nobody is perfect.

Location of Elden Ring Uchigatana: Where to get an early Katana

There are all kinds of different equipment weapons and sets to equip your character within Elden Ring, many of which are inspired by the medieval aesthetics of our own world. That includes the Japanese feudal period, and if you are a fan of samurai warriors but for some reason you did not opt for starting with the kind of samurai warriors, then there is a particular sword that you want to find. Here is Location of Uchigatana in Elden Ring If you are asking you.

Uchigatana location in Elden Ring

The Uchigatana sword is located within the catacombs touched by death, a dungeon that is east of the Stormveil Castle and a place to which you will have access from the beginning of your adventure through The Lands Between.

As with many of the dungeons in Elden Ring, the goal of this dungeon is to clear the area and locate a lever that will open a closed door for a minijefe fight. But you do not really need to do anything about this to get the Uchigatana.

Instead, simply lower the stairs from the entrance to the dungeon and continue forward and then lower another stairs section (in the image above) before turning right and passing through a small door to the left.

Continue through this little corridor, turn left again and then you will find the Uchigatana on a corpse hanging over the edge of the platform (in the photo above).

The Uchigatana is a powerful sword for the initial game, and can also be updated to follow the pace of progress of your character. It is also possible to apply Ashes of War to the sheet to get an additional magical ability. Scale D with skill and strength as standard.

That should give you everything you need to know about the location of Uchigatana in Elden Ring . Be sure to search for Ring Mod or check our Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and information about the game.

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Elden Ring: This build makes the PVP totally broken

Players of Elden Ring are at the moment of some opponents in PVP mode a bit annoyed. Namely, a particular build was discovered against which one is almost chanceless in direct duel. It is the so-called Deathblight Build , which is just about in the community. Every now and then it can even happen that you will be forced to end the game during the PVP fight.

What does the PVP build look like in Elden Ring?

The focus of the builds are two special objects. This includes the sword “Eclipse Shotel” and the summon “Death sin” . Decisive here are the skills of the two things. With the weapon art of the sword, your opponents can miss the condition “death” . As with a poisoning, an ad is always filling up here. If she is full, the affected character is eliminated immediately.

Actually, death sake summon should only set the player themselves and everything in the area. For unknown reasons, however, the sword also gets the advantages of the summon. In combination this build is thus quasi unstoppable . In videos players shared their experiences. Partly they are held in a duel for minutes without being able to move only once.

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PC Games 04/22 with big tests for Elex 2 & Elden Ring, preview to Baldur’s Gate 3, Dune: Spice Wars u. V. M.

The PC Games 04/22 is here! Look forward to u. A. On tests to Elex 2, Elden Ring, Lost Ark and Previews to Dune: Spice Wars, Baldur’s Gate 3 PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

ELDEN RING: That’s the best weapon of each category

In our Elden Ring Guide we present you the best weapon of every category: There is something for every game of play, whether Katana, bow or spear!

What can you do against the Deathblight Build?

In another clip in the Reddit Forum, a user introduces a way to arrive against this stitch. For this you have to use the summon “inescapable frenzy” . But this should not be an option for you, do not stay too many possibilities currently. Developer from Software has not yet been expressed about the topic. So it is unclear whether something is done against this build in the near future.

From Dominik Zwingmann

⚔️ Elden Ring | This BROKEN PVP Build ONE SHOTS anyone
15.03.2022 at 13:20

How to defeat the valiant ridge in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has many complex battles with bosses. With more than 80 bosses in the game, even experienced players will definitely be delivered to some of them. TOT Valorous Gargoyle The battle can catch the players by surprise, because in fact there are two bosses that will attack at the same time.

Best Strategies for Battle With Boss Valiant Gargoyle

Entering into battle with this boss, players should know that they will attack two bosses, Valorous Gargoyle as well as Valland Gargoyle (TwinBlade) . The battle will begin with the presence of only the valiant Gargoyle, and then after a few seconds they will join the valiant Gargoyle (double blade).

The best strategy for this battle with the boss is to enter the arena with a strong appeal of the Spirit (a great choice – a deck of the Mimica, the Knight of the Red Harry of the Oya and the ashes of the spirit of a black knife). This is vital, since a strong call may distract one of the bosses while the player focuses on the other. Another tactic would be united with one of the bosses together with the appeal of the Spirit to destroy it, and then go to the second together together.

The first Gargoyle will use a massive ax, and when she remains half of health, the second Gargoyle will appear (with a double blade). Both of these bosses apply a huge damage in the near battle, so players should be kept at a distance and avoid attacks. at any price. Gorguli will also have an attack of a far-battle poison that you should avoid. Since the first Gorgral will have little health by the time when the second will enter the game, it is recommended to finish it before switching to a double blade. This will prevent the overload of the players.

The EASIEST way to beat the Valiant Gargoyles - Elden Ring Boss Guide

What falls out of the valiant Gargoyle when victory over it?

Together with 80,000 runes, Valiant Gargoyle bosses will leave their weapons after death. This weapon is quite useful and has some good skills that players can use when they are equipped.

Interested in bosses in Elden Ring and want to know more? Check out all the main bosses in Elden Ring in professional manuals!

11,000 RUNAS in Elden Ring with a single assault: this technique enables you to rise without danger degree

This time the councils are not committed to the first compasses of the video game, we are sure that you can come very well to all those who are seeing you get over in your progress by the middlelands. There are numerous formulas for obtain a great handful of runes with those that level up in Elden Ring, yet this has seemed one of the safer and lucrative that we have actually discovered.

It appears that Elden Ring is a difficulty , both for amateur players and for the most experts. The last Hidetaka Work Miyazaki is not being softer with us when it pertains to splitting the back and for that factor we intended to toss you a cord to those you just got here and you have actually come across with the first barriers to overcome.

How to level up at Elden Ring? These are our suggestions for the circulation of attributes

We owe it to additional life associates, and also we can get to obtain tens of thousands of runes for minutes without seeing us subjected to get a solitary blow. Although to find this fantastic Water fountain of Runes, we will certainly first have to access the Mohgwyn Palace . It is a concealed location and also to reach it up until it will have to do it through a goal in Liurnia **, northeast of Necrolimbo.

He just continues to be to return to the church of the rose and also speak with Varre to get the Knight’s medal of pure blood. As we utilize it, She will carry us to the Mohgwyn Palace . This is a pretty hazardous location, it is likewise one of the ideal of the video game to collect runes, you can finish up with various basic opponents that will be coopered as well as will certainly give you big quantities of runes, although there is a particularly efficient approach and where not We will certainly run any type of threat.

Leading the Church of Rosa in Liurnia, northeast of Necrolimbo You will have to head towards The Church of Rosa , that will certainly find it on your trip towards the Academy of Raya Lucaria, in one of the islets To the south that you find in the marshy location bordering the Academy. You will certainly find a personality called VARRE when you get here at this ruiny church. After speaking to him as well as support the viewpoints of Him, you will certainly receive several bleeding fingers infested, with whom other gamers invade.

You will certainly find the Zone of Farmeo next to the 2nd place of grace as you strike the bird, this will be thrown in vacuum, approving 11,000 runes . That is why we do not recommend that you abuse it .

After finishing the goal of Varre we will have accessibility to the Mohgwyn Palace We will certainly have to do so to continue our objective and also after 3 invasions, Varre will certainly suggest an additional bloody target. The closest we find it north of Liurna, near the Great Lift, at Church of Inhibition , and as we touch the body of it, the fabric will be dyed red.

Leading the Church of Rosa in Liurnia, northeast of Necrolimbo You will have to head towards The Church of Rosa , who will certainly find it on your trip in the direction of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, in one of the islands To the south that you find in the boggy location surrounding the Academy. Once you show up at this ruiny church, you will certainly find a character called VARRE . You will have to go to the southeast of the area, there you will certainly find the second place of grace . You will certainly have a Great Rock next to this place of grace to which you should post to shoot an arrowhead to a substantial bird that is at the bottom, after the trees on the high cliff. You will find the Zone of Farmeo next to the 2nd place of grace as you strike the bird, this will certainly be thrown in vacuum cleaner, giving 11,000 runes **.

If you do not understand just how to face the rise of features of your personality, in 3DGames we have given some recommendations for a good circulation of features, and if you need to know more concerning the masterpiece of fromSoftware , have our Analysis of Elden Ring.

You will certainly need to go to the southeast of the location, there you will find the 2nd place of grace . You will have a Great Rock alongside this place of grace to which you must post to fire an arrow to a big bird ** that is at the bottom, after the trees on the cliff. It is essential to assault from this concrete point, since it will certainly not function from the high cliff beside the rock.

Elden Ring is updated to version 1.02.1 in PS5 and PC: Patch and improvement notes

Elden Ring hBandai Namco received the patch 1.02.1 for PC and consoles PlayStation 5 . After completing your first weekend, the title of fromSoftware and Bandai Namco continues to win adepts, players who little by little enter the exciting middlelands and have identified some corrected problems through updates. However, some of these inconveniences have now been solved.

Patch notes of version 1.02.1 from Elden Ring

Update 1.02.1 of Elden Ring is now available in PlayStation 5 and PC consoles; The latter specially criticized by the players for certain problems of stuttering (momentary brusque parons in the rate of images for seconds). The Japanese study will continue to investigate all these commitments. Meanwhile, these are the improvements applied with the arrival of the new patch, published this February 26:

Improvements for Elden Ring on PC

  • Corrected start-up problems related to EBandai Namcoy Anti Cheat (EAC).
  • Improvements in the game with mouse (PC), now optimized.
  • Reduced the amount of files needed to load a new area.

Improvements for Elden Ring on PS5

  • Fixed an error that closed the game unexpectedly on some occBandai Namcoions.

On the other hand, ELDEN Ring’s official Twitter account confirms that the connection problems of the Xbox version should be perfectly solved, although this patch does not correct anything from the above on Xbox One or Xbox Series platforms.

Elden Ring, which hBandai Namco debuted with record figures of players in Steam and with spectacular Twitch audience numbers, is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. In Meristation we have qualified it in our analysis Like a mBandai Namcoterpiece.

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